Information Storage and Management: Storing, Managing, and Protecting Digital Information (Google eBook)

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EMC Education Services
John Wiley & Sons, Ene 6, 2010 - 480 mga pahina
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The spiraling growth of digital information makes the ISM book a"must have" addition to your IT reference library. This exponentialgrowth has driven information management technology to new levelsof sophistication and complexity, exposing a skills gap thatchallenge IT managers and professionals alike. The ISM book,written by storage professionals from EMC Corporation, takes an‘open’ approach to teaching information storageand management, focusing on concepts and principles – ratherthat product specifics – that can be applied in all ITenvironments

The book enables existing and aspiring IT professionals,students, faculty, and those simply wishing to gain deeper insightto this emerging pillar of IT infrastructure to achieve acomprehensive understanding of all segments of information storagetechnology.

Sixteen chapters are organized into four sections. Advancedtopics build upon the topics learned in previous chapters.

Section 1, "Information Storage and Management forToday’s World": Four chapters cover information growthand challenges, define a storage system and its environment, reviewthe evolution of storage technology, and introduce intelligentstorage systems.

Section 2, "Storage Options and Protocols": Six chapterscover the SCSI and Fibre channel architecture, direct-attachedstorage (DAS), storage area networks (SANs), network-attachedstorage (NAS), Internet Protocol SAN (IP-SAN), content-addressedstorage (CAS), and storage virtualization.

Section 3, "Business Continuity and Replication": Fourchapters introduce business continuity, backup and recovery, localdata replication, and remote data replication.

Section 4, "Security and Administration": Two chapterscover storage security and storage infrastructure monitoring andmanagement.

The book’s supplementary web site provides up-to-dateinformation on additional learning aids and storage certificationopportunities.


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Storing Managing and Protecting Digital Information Part I Storage System
Storing Managing and Protecting Digital Information Part II Storage Networking Technologies and Virtualization
Storing Managing and Protecting Digital Information Part III Business Continuity
Storing Managing and Protecting Digital Information Part IV Storage Security and Management
Storing Managing and Protecting Digital Information Appendix Acronyms and Abbreviations
Storing Managing and Protecting Digital Information Glossary
Storing Managing and Protecting Digital Information Index

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