A Concise History of Afghanistan in 25 Volumes

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Trafford Publishing, 2013 - History - 952 pages
Afghanistan Literature is World's greatest and richest - without Afghan- Literature no European (German, French, Spanish or English) Literature would exist today The Vedas, Zoroastrian, and Buddhist, among the oldest known Literature of Afghanistan, originating from the Great capital of Bactria present day Balkh, and Aria present day Herat, Sanskrit is the reference to the original history of Afghanistan. The Saxon Europeans' influence during the Great Games of the mid nineteenth century affected the Afghan language, religion and Territories' size, which previously had extended from India to North Africa at 2.6 million square kilometers. The Great Games continued at any cost evolving into present-day conflicts of 2013.

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Book is wrong and misleading. Claiming Dari, (which is nothing more then a simple dialect of farsi) as bactrian is wrong and just not true. Farsi is a southwestern iranian language which comes from Palavi. And since when were the elamties from southwestern Afghanistan? They were a non-iranian people who were originally from southern Iran, nothing to do with Afghanistan at all. I feel like this whole book is biased and one sided, the author seems to have been payed by Persian nationalists inside Afghanistan to publish this misleading text to fool the masses, especially those who are not Afghan but are interested in the history of the country. I do NOT recommend this book. 

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great book, i read the history of peshawar way back to 1893.its heart touching how we separated from Greater Afghanistan is clearly understandable due to the two power USSR and british empire tussels ., though we separated more than century ago , so we have complex history as my grand father was Afgan as he born before 1893 , my father born during britsh india time so he was british indian pathan and then pakistani pathan. and i am born after independence so i am Pakistani Pathan . I have heared from my father we didnt migrate as i know my grand fatherb name till fitfth genration as they born in Nowhar(Nowshera) I am glad to be pakistani but my ancestor roots are in Afganistan and so is my tribe . I have always good feeling for Afganistan . i wish i will travel to Greater Afganistan in the future..........Long Live both Pakistan and Afganistan...................U.Khan,,..Nowshera.KP. Pakistan  

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