Arians of the Fourth Century

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Longmans, Green and Company, 1890 - Arianism - 474 pages

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Page 50 - in question have never been learned merely from Scripture. Surely the Sacred Volume was never . ." ,> intended, and is not adapted, to teach us our creed ; however certain it is that we can prove our creed from ,. it, when it has once been taught us 4 , and in spite of
Page 50 - individual producible exceptions to the general rule. From the very first, that rule has been, as a matter of fact, that the Church should teach the truth, and then should appeal to Scripture in vindication of its own teaching. And from the first, it has been the ,'• error of heretics to neglect the information thus
Page 64 - 4The same method of interpretation was used for another purpose, which is more open to censure. When Christian controversialists were urged by objections to various passages in the history of the Old Testament, as derogatory to the Divine Perfections or to the Jewish saints, they had recourse to an allegorical explanation by way of answer. Thus
Page 160 - Athanasius and Chrysostom repel the profane inquiry argumentatively. " Such speculators," the former says, " might as well investigate, where God is, and how God is, and of what nature the Father is. But as such questions are irreligious, and argue ignorance of God, so is it also unlawful to venture such thoughts about the generation of the
Page 36 - those whom it invested with the office of teaching. If I avow my belief, that freedom from symbols and articles is abstractedly the highest state of Christian communion, and the peculiar privilege of the primitive Church
Page 435 - act of the same character. They had not yet got it deeply fixed into their minds, as a sort of first principle, that to abandon the formula was to betray the faith. 3. This disinclination on the part of Catholics to dogmatic definitions was not confined to the instance of the
Page 457 - deed, and although it exhibits the remains of ancient superstition, yet it is sufficient to show the odium which the Arian faction had incurred in this city. Lucius was far from imitating the mildness of Eunomius, and he persuaded the heads of the government to exile most of the clergy.
Page 440 - The word hypostasis stands neither for Person nor for Essence exclusively; but it means the one Personal God of natural theology, the notion of whom the Catholic corrects and completes as often as he views him as a Trinity; of which correction Nazianzen's language (Oral, xxviii. 9) contrasted with his usual formula (vid.

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