Arnis: History and Development of the Filipino Martial Arts

Harapang Pabalat
Mark V. Wiley
Tuttle Pub., 2001 - 182 mga pahina
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The Filipino martial tradition, its history, cultural perspective and technique, makes for a rich and fascinating story. This is the first book to delve deeply into that legacy, examining the different schools of arnis and contributions made by leading arnisadores through history. This book examines training regimens, fighting techniques and innovations, and provides an exhaustive bibliography of all the books ever written on the subject. With 125 remarkable photographs, Mark Wiley’s groundbreaking study of arnis stands as an important source book for all serious practitioners of unarmed Filipino martial arts - as well as any serious student of martial arts as it is practiced worldwide.

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Dr. Mark Wiley is a doctor of both Oriental and alternative medicine, holds a masters in health care management, is a bestselling author, a martial art master and an international seminar instructor. No one does for wellness what he does. Dr. Mark's interest in holistic and natural health practices began when he sought long-lasting relief from the debilitating migraines and chronic pain that plagued him for nearly three decades. In search of a cure, he traveled extensively throughout the United States, Europe, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan to conduct field research and master the world's holistic healing practices, from the oldest to the most modern. In addition to his health consulting practice, Dr. Mark is a prolific writer and publisher. He has written over 500 articles and 12 books, most notably, "Natural Ways to Reverse and Prevent Hypertension" (Easy Health Options), "Outwitting Headaches" (Lyons Press), and "QiGong for Health and Well-Being" (Journey Editions). From 2003 to 2007, he was the Managing Director of Integrated Energy Medicine, LLC. He sits on the health advisory boards of several health and fitness institutes and associations, including The Healthy Back Institute and Easy Health Options, while focusing his attention on research, writing and helping people worldwide achieve healthy, balanced lives.

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