Breaking the Cycle

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Marriage can and should be viewed as a unique venue, which works well when the -laws- of marriage are properly appled. This book sets a new standard for how marriage should be lived, in complete happiness and contentment.

There is a way the book is written which gives one the sense that all be well, that until reading it marriage was a mystery. But the mystery is unvieled in ways that are unexpected, and now, knowing the truth, all one must do is follow what becomes obvious.

The rave reviews do not go far enough. This book is not only the ultimate written marriage saver, it is also the beginning of a new age of marital awareness that has, until now, been missing.

Compared to the science of marriage, illustrated in this book, all other approaches pale in comparison.

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A friend told me about this book and how much it could transform one’s life. I was somewhat skeptical that it would help me at all because I am divorced. How could a book on marriage help me? To my surprise I found that as I read the book, I began to change and actually began to feel hope for me in a future relationship. I haven’t felt this way in 20 years! To me marriage had been nothing but pain and I saw no way out of that pain until now.
One of the don’ts was eye-opening for me. Whoever thought that over-familiarity could adversely affect ones relationships? But it does, it breeds excuses for unkind acts either subtle or in your face. Once I became conscious of my over-familiar actions, I then understood the importance of respecting one’s spouse in our thoughts, words and actions with loyalty, kindness, courtesy and being well-behaved, including not talking about your spouse behind their back!
This book also helped me understand about the unconscious drive to survive which is fear based and how to overcome this fear and replace it with loving thoughts and actions. Sometimes we even allow our fears to control our behaviors in regards to intimacy as well.
The book is not based on religion but has an underlining spiritual theme. It has a universal feel to it and a person from any religion would benefit.
For me probably the most important thing I learned was that each of us is a soul first and this soul is the one that controls our mind and in turn our body…not the other way around. We all think that we are what we think which for me is true but we don’t realize that we can change our thoughts! What a transformation for me! Instead of being a victim to my habit thoughts, I can transform myself. This is incredibly empowering.
We should have been taught these things in school – in a how to live class! This book is truly about educating us all in how to create a successful marriage.

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