The Game Untold

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Amazon Digital Services LLC - Kdp Print Us, Sep 11, 2014 - 166 pages
"The Game Untold" By Tyrus R. Brown (Tucker) also known as Tuck, My goal is to reach different people of all colors giving them a different prospective on relationships from a single parent to a person with both parents and the struggles and challenges they will face when they build their own personal relationship. In my book "The Game Untold" I'm giving insight of both perspectives of the game we are all familiar with, either you Play or get played. The book goes into depth explaining that every person has similar problems and similar situations yet every person is different in their own unique way. Two individuals can share the same story but handle situations differently. The gold digger, the naive good girl, and the good girl gone bad girl are the characters in the book but there is more depth to each character than their names imply. A person reading this may be able to relate to one character more than another or maybe they share bits and pieces of each. That's why I simply gave them titles instead of names. The Game Untold is a powerful uplifting read. It breaks down the struggles of a variety of real life situations and topics every person will face as a male and female. For example, a woman that has been hurt multiple times will have challenges trying to trust and reveal dark memories in her past. A male will have hard times trying to commit to just, one woman, when he knows deep within he will forever be lonely and have this emptiness if he stays on this path. The book is a story yet it's a self-help guide breaking down each challenge they will face in the story line. It also gives the reader great advice highlighting points that people deal with on a regular day to day basis. Go get the Game Untold. The title says everything you need to know.

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