The Judgment of Peter and Paul on Olympus: A Poem in Prose

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Little, Brown, 1900 - 46 mga pahina

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Pahina 8 - A moment of silence came. Peter raised his eyes toward the stars. Paul placed his hands on his swordhilt, rested his forehead on them, and for a time fell into deep thought. At last he rose, made the sign of the cross calmly above the radiant head of the god, and said: " Let Song live !" Apollo sat down with his lute at the feet of the Apostle.
Pahina 11 - But Peter looked at the goddess with compassion, and placed his aged palm on her golden hair, while Paul, bending toward a cluster of white field-lilies, broke off one blossom, and touching her with it, said: "Joy, be henceforth like this flower, and live thou for mankind.
Pahina 7 - Protect me, lord ; for shouldst thou slay me, thou wouldst have to restore me to life again. I am the blossom of the soul of humanity; I am its gladness; I am light; I am the yearning for God. Thou knowest best that the song of earth will not reach heaven if thou break its wings. Hence I implore thee, O saint, not to smite down Song.
Pahina 11 - ... that fears cruel punishment. She fell at their feet, and stretching forth her divine arms, cried in fear and humility : "I am sinful, I deserve blame, but I am Joy. Have mercy, forgive; I am the one happiness of mankind.
Pahina 3 - Apostles were encircled by halos, which illumi aun Ýiattl nated their gray hair, stern brows, and severe eyes. Below, in the deep shade of beeches, stood the assembly of gods, abandoned and in dread, awaiting their sentence. Peter motioned with his hand, and at the sign Zeus stepped forth first from the assembly and approached the Apostles. The Goud-Compeller was still mighty, and as huge as if cut out of marble by Phidias, but weakened and gloomy.
Pahina 3 - IJnul stiffening right hand of the former father of gods and men. But when he stood before the Apostles the feeling of ancient supremacy filled his broad breast. He raised his head haughtily, and fixed on the face of the aged fisherman of Galilee his proud and glittering eyes, which were as...
Pahina 7 - When Poseidon heard this he screamed, as if pierced with sudden pain, and turned into vanishing mist. Next rose Apollo, the Silverbowed, with a hollow lute in his hand, and walked toward the holy men. Behind him moved slowly .?)u´jflmcnt of iJrtcr anH 4Jaui the nine Muses, looking like nine white pillars.
Pahina 2 - ... music of flutes, filling the night ; they fell like a pouring rain, and rushed on like rivers. At moments they ceased ; then such silence followed that one might almost hear the snow thawing on the heights under the warm breath of May. It was an ambrosial night.
Pahina 10 - They of amr rushed on madly, with shouts of despair, and fell into the bottomless pit. Then before the Apostles stood a lofty, proud, sarcastic divinity, who, without waiting for question or sentence, spoke first. On her lips was a smile of derision. "I am Pallas Athene. I do not beg life of you. I am an illusion, nothing more. Odysseus honored and obeyed me only when he had become senile.
Pahina 4 - Olympus, accustomed to tremble before its ruler, shook to its foundations. The beeches quivered with fear, the song of the nightingales ceased, and the moon sailing above the snows grew as white as the linen web of Arachne. The eagle screamed through his crooked beak for the last time, and the...

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