The War in Bosnia: How to Succeed at Genocide

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Xlibris, Dec 5, 2016 - Political Science - 208 pages
Boston, November 5, 1995 The war in Bosnia and Herzegovina is an unheard-of tragedy. Before the eyes of the entire world, a state is being destroyed, and the people (population) of a nation are suffering the genocide and ethnic cleansing. All the principles of humanity, morals, and international rules have been trampled. The question most often asked is, how could that happen today when the genocide committed during World War II is so well known (the Holocaust) and when the international community had the will and the means to protect the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina? The international community has shown that it is not the enemy of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and that it accepts this state into its membership when it recognized the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina on April 7, 1992. With that act, the international community stood up against the Serbian nationalism, which only started to bloody its hands in Bosnia and Herzegovina. So how come that in the fall of 1995, after the innumerable atrocities committed by the Serbs revolted the world, the international community crossed over to the side of the war criminals, giving them 49 percent of Bosnia and Herzegovina with its Dayton peace proposals? Who was the mastermind who succeeded to change the world opinion and what methods did he use? This book answers some of those questions. The reading of this book has to be approached with having faith in no one but a common sense. Besides that, from the reader who comprehends what is truly happening in Bosnia, it is expected that he/she spreads the truth. The ultimate goal is to help in the fight against the forces of betrayal and the division of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Wishing to arm the Bosnian patriots as soon as possible with the knowledge of what is really happening, this book is being written in a hurry. I still hope that this book will reach Bosnians and friends of Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina all over the world before it is too late and while it is still possible to say no to the division of a member of the United Nations.

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