This Head of Security Wears High Heels

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Balboa Press, Mar 4, 2016 - Self-Help - 128 pages

How has it been possible for Rose Catalano to thrive with grace and power in a mans world? Wherever you are located in the world, the Security Industry sees few women at the top, and this author has reached that pinnacle through determination and plain hard work. She has developed her own strategies for success, unorthodox as they might sometimes be, and she has made them work.

In this book Rose paves the way for more women to join her at the top by telling, in her own inimitable style, the story of her uncommon choice of lifestyle and how she made it. She shows you a way: Roses way.

For anyone who enjoys the extraordinary, this is a must read.

From dealing with the personal problems of her mostly male staff, to challenging incompetent tax auditors and dishonest suppliers, Rose tells it like it is. Her stories will provoke laughter, and sometimes tears, as she outlines her philosophy and strategy, and builds her blueprint for you through a kaleidoscope of daily events.

If you are curious to find out how you, too, could grow your fledgling security business from a handful of employees, to hundreds then join Rose in this journey of courage and perseverance. She is a true pioneer in a lifestyle as unique as her story.


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About the author (2016)

My name is Rose Catalano, and I do business in the Greater Toronto area and surrounding cities. My early childhood was very sheltered; I grew up on a farm in Italy with very traditional parents. My father was always the boss and the breadwinner, and my mother took care of our home, deferring to my father for all decisions. We immigrated to Canada from Italy when I was a very young girl, and while my father attempted to learn enough of the English language for his work in construction, we spoke very limited English at home. My mother worked in a factory until she suffered a heart attack at the age of fifty-five. She did not need to speak English for her work, and so she was not much interested in improving her knowledge of the language.

My parents were old fashioned when it came to education, and they did not see the necessity for girls to spend many years attending school, so I was never encouraged in my studies. However, ever since I was a child, I have been interested in numbers, and in high school I attained a perfect 100 percent score in my mathematics exam. While I was still in my teens, I saved my money and invested in some property in Arizona so, some years later, it was not a huge leap for me over to my own business.

I have two siblings; one could not realize his dream due to a work injury, and my youngest brother, through his own drive and ambition, is now associate psychiatrist-in-chief at Toronto’s Sick Children’s Hospital. My parents do not have a clear understanding of his profession and therefore cannot share much interest in his work. As far as my own business is concerned, few of the family understand why I am here; but I am happy, and I love the life I have chosen for myself.

A series of unexpected events headed me toward the security business, and that was the beginning of my unconventional life and my accomplishments in this unconventional business.

My mother still looks on in bewilderment and often reminds me that I take after my grandmother. I remember she was a spirited woman who made her own decisions and was very involved in many different activities during her lifetime.

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