If You Want To Understand Addiction...

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Are You or Anyone You Know Suffering from Addiction? 

This enigmatic thing called addiction, for lack of a better term, is responsible for ravaging through our population, killing and destroying anything in its way that can be destroyed. 

If You Want to Understand Addiction... provides readers with the experiences and knowledge gained by a senior addictions professional over a course of three decades. The book is written in easy to read language without laborious statistics and technical jargon. People who suffer from addiction, their families, behavioral health professionals, criminal justice professionals, students and any others wanting to gain insight into the phenomenon of addiction and recovery, will find this book to be useful for their understanding.

About the author (2021)

Steve VanGelder has worked as a therapist and administrator in addiction treatment settings for more than twenty-five years. he is a person in recovery, holding two master's degrees from Universities in New York and Virginia. He earned his doctorate in addictive disorders fro the Breining Institute in California. Steve is licensed as a mental health counselor and certified in addictions counseling in Florida and internationally. Originally from Western New York, he lives with his wife Kathy in their beach condo in Ormond Beach, Florida.

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