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Biblical Chronology.




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34 years,

1048 David, after Ishbosheth's murder, Tyre flourishes. Hiram, successor of

king over all Israel. Jebus (Jeru. his father Abibal, reigns as king
salem) taken, becomes the seat of
government. Wars with the Edom- Aram-Zobah in Syria becomes pow-
ites, Moabites, Syrians, Ammon- erful. Hadadezer king. (The 21st
ites, etc.

or Tanitic Dynasty in Egypt.)

1015 David*. Solomon king.

1012 Temple begun on Moriah. Independent kingdom of Syria-Da1006 | Temple completed and dedicated.

Reson king: Other splendid edifices built in and Hiram of Tyre in friendship with out of Jerusalem.


Solomon 975 Solomon*. His son Rehoboam king. King Shishak (Sesonchis) reigns in

Egypt, of 22d (Bubast.) Dynasty.


B.C. Kingdom of Judah. Kingdom of Israel.
975 Rehoboam acknowledg. The Ten tribes choose

ed as king only by Jeroboam king. Mo.
Judah and Benjamin. abites subject to the
Ammonites and E- kingdom of Israel.
domites subject to Ju-

970 Invasion of Judah by

the Egyptian king

Shishak. 957 Abijah king.

Jeroboam engages in 955 Asa king

war against Abijah.
Zerah the Cushite (O. 954. Nadab king.
sorchon of the 22d
Dynasty?)invades Ju-
dah, but is defeated.

Tabrimmon reigns in


953. Baashah king. Judah in league with War between Judah and Benhadad I. reigns in Syria-Damascus. Israel.

930. Elah king.
928. Elah killed. Zimri

and Omri contend for
the throne. Omri
king. Tibni rival king.



Kingdom of Juduh. Kingdom of Israel.

924. Tibni*. Omri only,

king (in Tirzah). Sa-
maria, as a royal resi.

dence, built, in 923.
914 Jehoshaphat king.

of 918. Ahab king. Jeze-
Judah and Israel with bel a Phoenician prin-

Syria-Damascus. cess, his queen.
Ammonites and Mo- The prophet Elijah.

abites, invading Ju-

Philistines made trib. 897. Ahaziah king.

The Moabites refuse to

In Sidon (and Tyre)

Ethbaal (Ithobal) reigns, whose daugh.

ter is married to Ahab. Benhadad II, reigns in



pay tribute.

896. Joram king.

Israel and Judah at

tempt to subdue the
Moabites without suc-

889 Jehoram king.

Jehoram marries Atha.

liah,daugh. of Jezebel,
and thus comes into
connection with the
Israelitish court. The
Edomites become in-
dependent. Philistines
and Arabians plunder

Jerusalem. 885 | Ahaziah king.

Expedition of Judah Hazael reigns in Syria

and Israel against Sy- Damascus.


The prophet Elisha. 884 Athaliah, mother of A. Jehu king, after the Lycurgus in Sparta.

haziah, after his mur- death of Joram.
der, usurps the throne. TheDamascene-Syrians

seize on the country

east of the Jordan. 878 Athaliah killed. Joash,

In Tyre, Pygmalion her grandson, raised

reigns 47 years. In to the throne by the

the 7th of his reign, priests.

his sister Dido is said to have escaped to Africa and founded Carthage. Jos. Apion.1.18, 143 yrs after the build.

ing of Solomon's tem860 Prophet Joel.

ple. 856. Jehoahaz king.

The land hard pressed 340 The Syrians appear be. by the Syrians.

fore Jerusalem and 840. Joash king.

exact a tribute. War with the Syrians. Benhadad III. reigns in 838 Joash murdered. Am

aziah king.

The Moabites attack Is.
Amaziah makes war on rael.

Edom and takes Se- War betw.Israel&Judah.

Israelites plund.Jerus.

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772. Zachariah, son of

Jeroboam, king.
771. Zachariah murder- Pul reigns in Assyria.

ed. Shallum king.
Shallum, in 1 month,
murdered. Menahem

king. Israel tributary 758 Jotham king.

to Assyria. Isaiah prophesies un- 760. Pekahiah king. 753. Rome founded. der this and the two 758. Pekahiahmurdered. following kings. Pekah king.

747. Nabonassar, king of 741 Ahaz king.

Babylon. Era of NaAhaz, attacked by Israel

bonassar commences. and Syria, purchases

Rezin king in Syriaaid of Assyria.

Damascus; TiglathThe Assyrians conquer

Pileser, in Assyria. Edomites revolt? The the country E. of the The first, in a

Philistines seize on a Jordan, and N. Pales- with the last, loses his part of the west of Ju- tine, and take captive

crown and life. dah. Judah depend- the people.

In Egypt, 3 dynasties, ent on Assyria. 738. Pekah murdered

contemporary--a Ta. Anarchy ?

nitic, a Saïtic, and an

Ethiopian(in UpperE.) 729. Hoshea king, trib- In Assyria, (Me

utary to Assyria. dia and Babylo 725 Hezekiah king, fights

nia), Shalmanezer successfully with the

reigns ; marches into Philistines.

Hither Asia, subdues The prophet Micah. 722. Hoshea, relying on a part of Phenicia.

the aid of Egypt, at- Elulaeus is king of tempts to throw off Tyre.(Jos. Ant.9.14.2.) the Assyrian yoke, oc- So, i.e. Sevechus of the casions an Assyrian 25th (Ethiop.) dynas

invasion. Samaria ty, reigns in Egypt. Alliance with Egypt, as besieged.

Sargon, king of Assyria, a defence against As- 721. Samaria takon. besieges Ashdod. syria.

Kingdom of Israel de- 715. um Pompilius stroyed. The inhabi- chosen king at Rome. tants carried into ex- Sennacherib, king of As

ilc. The land colo. syria, marches against 712 The Assyrians besiege nized by the Assyrians. Egypt; is met by Tir

Jerusalem, but sud- Moabites spread over hakah(Tarakos), king denly retreat.

the country E. of the of the 25th (Ethiop.) Jordan (earlier ?). Dynasty.


B.C. Kingdom of Judah. Kingdom of Israel. Synchronisms.
Isaiah counsellor of the

Media becomes indeking.

pendent of Assyria.

In Babylonia, Mcrodach A Babylonian embassy

Baladan (an indepen. at Jerusalem.

dent) king; then Ele

bus. He subdued by 696 Manasseh king.

Sennacherib. Carried captive,by the New Assyrian colonists Assyrians,to Babylon, transplanted 10 Israel Esarhaddon reigns in but set free? by Esarhaddon.

Assyria (after 696 ?) In Egypt, the Dodek

archy (after 671 ?) 641 Amon king.

15 years. Then Psam. 639 Amon murdered. Josi

metichus becomes sole ah king

sovereign (656). 627 Jeremiah appears as a

Scythian hosts march prophet, and prophe

through Palestine. sies down to the de

625. The Babylonian, struction ofJerusalem.


beProphets Zephaniah and

comes an independent Habakkuk.

king 622 Discovery of a copy of the book of the law,

Draco in Athens. in repairing the temple. Thorough reform Also in the cities of Is- 616. Tarquinius Priscus,

of the theocracy. rael, Josiah destroys king at Rome. Prophet Jeremiah be

the remains of idolagins to prophesy. try.

Pharaoh Necho marches 609 Josiah is slain in battle

against the Chaldeans with the Egyptians,

to the Euphrates. near Megiddo. Jeho

606. The Egyptians are ahaz king 3 months.

defeated, near CircesiAfter Jehoahaz is

um, by the Chaldeans. dethroned, Jehoiakim

Cyaxeres, the Median, placed by the Egyp.

takes Nineveh and tian king the

subdues Assyria. throne.




king of Babylon. 598 Jehoiakim*. Jehoiachin

reigns three months.

Events in Jewish History.

Jerusalein taken by the Chaldeans.

the temple plundered ; Jehoiachin
and many Jews carried captive

(among them Ezekiel).
Zedekiah king.

Psammuthis II. reigns in Egypt. 595 Ezekiel appears as a prophet in Bab


Daniel in the Chaldean court. 590 The inclination of Zedekiah to seek Vaphres or Hophra (after 590) reigns

aid from Egypt, occasions an inva- in Egypt.
sion by the Chaldeans. Jerusalem Solon in Athens.
besieged. Labors of the prophet

588 Jerusalem taken and destroyed.

Zedekiah put to death. The greater
part of the Jews carried to Babylon.


Biblical Chronology.


B.C. Events in Jewish History.

Gedaliah, appointed governor of Ju-

dea by the Babylonians, is mur- In 586 or 585, Nebuchadnezzar be-
dered, after two months. Many 'gins the siege of Tyre. The ruler
Jews fee into Egypt. Jeremiah in Tyre is Ethbaal II.

accompanies them. 584 Last deportation of the Jews to Bab



B.C. Events in Jewish History.


WEST 536 The exiled Jews receive Cyrus ascends the Medo- Pisistratus. Pythago

permission from Cy. Babylonian throne. ras. Croesus in Lydia.
rus to return to Pal-
estine. The first com.

534. Tarquinius Superpany, Jews and Le.

bus becomes king at vites, return. Zerub

Rome. babel. Jeshua. 534 Building of the temple


The Samaritans exclu- 529. Cyrus*. Camby

ded from taking part ses king of Persia.
in building the tem-
ple, malign at the Per-
sian court the Jews.

525. Egypt and the
The building of the neighboring countries

temple is interdicted conquered by the Per-
by a royal decree. sians.

522. Smerdis, a Magian,

ascends the Persian 520 The building of the tem- throne. Cambyses*.

ple proceeds. The 521. Smerdis is mur.
prophets Haggai and dered. Darius Hys.

taspes chosen king 516 The temple completed

510. Tarquin. Superand dedicated.

bus banished. Rome Xerxes king of Persia. a republic. 485. Esther, Mordecai. 492 seq. Wars of the

465. Xerxes murdered. Persians and Euro458 A second company of

Artabanus. ArtaJews under Ezra ar- xerxes Longimanus. rive in Palestine.

480. Xerxes and Leoni

das at Thermopylae.

Themistocles. 445 Nehemiah, royal viceroy

460 seq. Age of Pericles in Palestine. Con

at Athens. firms and arranges

451. Laws of XII Tables the civil and religious 424-3. Xerxes II., Sog. in Rome. affairs.

dianus, and Darius Sybaris in Italy peopled

Nothus, successively by a Greek colony.
Nehemiah comes the kings of Persia. Herodotus.

second time to Pales-
tine (not before 414 ?)

Alcibiades. Socrates.
and reforms abuses.
The prophet Malachi.

pean Greeks.

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