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AD I no other reafon for dedicating to Mr. GARRICK, but to embrace an opportunity of publicly teftifying my admiration of his talents, I might with propriety do myself the honour to prefix his name to any valuable book of which I endeavour to give a correct and elegant edition.

BUT an edition of SHAKESPEAR is infcribed to you with fuch peculiar propriety, that it cannot fail of meet

ing with univerfal approbation. You, Sir, by animating his characters on the ftage, have fhewn the British nation the astonishing treasures of the Father of their Drama: And I even question if ever his genius was fufficiently ac knowledged by the general voice till you appeared.

THIS edition claims your patronage in a particular manner, because it is exactly printed from the one published at Edinburgh in 1753, which I have heard you honour with your approbation.

AFTER fo many Poets and great men, in different departments, have exhausted almoft every vein of panegyric in your praife, it would be pre

presumption in me to attempt to of fer any thing. I fhall only fay, that all your panegyrists have not expreffed more than I feel; and that I am proud of this opportunity of fubfcribing myself,

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