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Page Mr. R. Moon's Remarks on the Analytical Principles of Hydrodynamics, in Reply to Professor Challis

143 Dr. Helmholtz on Galvanic Polarization in Liquids free from Gas

145 Notices respecting New Books :

Mr. W. T. Pierce's Treatise on Practical Solid or Descrip

tive Geometry: embracing Orthographic Projection and
Perspective or Radial Projection

153 Prof. M. Yarnall's Catalogue of Stars observed at the

United States Naval Observatory during the years 1845
to 1871 .

155 On a new Determination of the Mechanical Equivalent of Heat, by H. Serrano y Fatigati ..

155 On the Expansibility of Ebonite by Heat, by F. Kohlrausch.. 156 On the Discharge of Electrified Conductors, by J. Moutier .. 157



The Earl of Rosse on the Electric Resistance of Selenium .. 161
Mr. J. A. Phillips on the Composition of certain Mine Waters. 164
Mr. J. Croll on the Physical Cause of Ocean-currents. (With
a Plate.)....

168 M. H. Herwig on the Number and Weight of the Molecules of Æther contained in Electric Conductors

190 Lord Rayleigh on the Manufacture and Theory of Diffractiongratings.

193 M. J. L. Soret on some Phenomena of Polarization by Diffusion of Light

205 M. A. Terquem on the Transformation of the Vibroscope into

a Tonometer, and its employment for the Determination of

the Absolute Number of Vibrations Notices respecting New Books :

The Rev. S. Hawtrey's Introduction to the Elements of

215 Proceedings of the Royal Society:

Lieut. Sale on the Action of Light on the Electrical Re-
sistance of Selenium

216 Mr. D. M‘Kichan’s Determination of the Number of

Electrostatic Units in the Electromagnetic Unit 218 Messrs. Stewart and Tait on the Heating of a Disk by rapid Rotation in vacuo.

219 Mr. F. Chambers on the Diurnal Variations of the Wind and Barometric Pressure at Bombay

228 Proceedings of the Geological Society :

Dr. J. Bryce on the Jurassic Rocks of Skye and Raasay. 229
Mr. D. Mackintosh on the more remarkable Boulders of

the North-west of England and the Welsh Borders 230

Mr. T. Davidson on some Brachiopoda collected by Mr.

Judd from the Jurassic Deposits of the East Coast of
Scotland ...

Prof. D. T. Ansted on Solfataras and deposits of Sulphur
at Kalamaki

230 Mr. J. Lucas on the Origin of Clay-Ironstone

231 Dr. Dawson on Leptophloeum rhombicum and Lepidodendron gaspianum ..

231 Capt. F. W. Hutton on the younger formations of New Zealand

232 Mr. W. Carruthers on the Tree Ferns of the Coal-mea

233 Mr. A. H. Schindler on the Geology of Kazirùn

233 The Rev. T. G. Bonney on the Lakes of the North-eastern Alps

234 Signor B. Gastaldi on the Effects of Glacier-erosion in Alpine Valleys

235 On the Limits of the effective Power of Microscopes, by Professor Helmholtz

236 Experimental Researches on Newton's Coloured Rings, by P. Desains

236 On extraordinary developments of Light in the grinding of hard Stones, by Dr. Jacob Nöggerath





Prof. J. P. Cooke on the Vermiculites; their Crystallographic

and Chemical Relations to the Micas; together with a discussion of the Cause of the Variation of the Optical Angle in these Minerals (With a Plate.)

241 M. H. Vogel on the Sensibility to Light of Bromide of Silver

with respect to the so-called Chemically Inert Colours .... 273 Prof. Challis on the Effects produced by Fog and Vapour in the Atmosphere on the Intensity of Sound ..

277 M. G. Lippmann on the Connexion between Capillary and Electrical Phenomena. (With a Plate.)

281 Mr. R. Moon on the Measure of Work in the Theory of Energy. 291 M. F. Kohlrausch on the Determination of the Absolute Value of the Siemens Mercury Unit of Electrical Resistance

294 Proceedings of the Royal Society :

Sir B. C. Brodie on the Electric Decomposition of Car-
bonic-Acid Gas

309 Messrs. Lockyer and Roberts on the Quantitative Ana

lysis of certain Alloys by means of the Spectroscope .. 311 Mr. J. A. Broun on the Period of Hemispherical Excess

of Sun-spots, and the 26-day Period of Terrestrial


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