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, and in the Morning-light, shall dispel the Darkshadow of death, to ness of Ignorance, Errour and Wickguide our feet into edness; and guide Men in the plain the way of peace.

and direct way to Life and Happiness.

80 And the child 80. I Thus Zacharias expressed his grew, and waxed Joy, in Hymns and Thanksgivings. strong in spirit, and

And the Child continued to grow, was in the deserts and to give every Day more and till the day of his more evident Signs of his being highhewing unto Ifrael.

ly favoured of God, and designed to be an extraordinary Prophet. And he dwelt privately in the Wilderness, till the time that the Divine Wisdom had appointed to send him forth to preach.


Auguftus's Taxing the Empire, the Occasion of Jesus's being

born at Bethlehem, according to the Prophecy, ver. 1. The Birth of Jesus, ver. 7. Made known to the Shepherds, ver . 8. Jesus circumcised, ver. 21. and presented in the Temple, ver. 22. Old Simeon prophefies of Christ, ver. 25. and Anna, ver. 36. Jefus disputes with the Doctors, ver. 43.



" AND it came to

1 & 2.

HESE were the great pass in those

and strange Events, days, that there went which accompany'd the Birth of John

a decree from the Baptist, the Fore-runner of Christ. Cesar Augustus, that all the world should The Birth of Christ himself, as it was be taxed.

in it self a more wonderful Miracle ( 2 And this tax

than the Birth of John, so it was aling was first made so attended with more extraordinary, when Cyrenius was and miraculous Circumstances. And governour of Syria. ), the manner of it was this. In the

fame Year wherein John the Baptist was born, and Chriit conceived

(* 25

B 3

(* at which time Quirinius was Prefect
of Syria ;) the Emperour Auguftus, to
know the Number, Families, and,
Wealth of all his Subjects through the
Roman Empire, caused an Edict to be
publithed, commanding a Note to be
taken of every Person; and an Enroll-
ment to be made of them according to
their Families.

3. Upon account of which Ediet, 3 And all went to
every Man that happened to be so- be taxed, every one
journing in a strange place, return- into his own city.
ed home immediately to the City of
his Fathers; that his Name might be
enrolled in his own Family, and his Pe-
digree continued with that of his An-

4 And Joseph also 4 & 5. Many therefore were obli- went up from Galiged to take fudden Journies : And a- lee, out of the city mong the rest, Jofeph the Husband of of Nazareth, into JuMary; Who being by Birth of the Fa. dea, unto the city

of David, which is mily of David, but dweiling at that

called Bethlehem, time in Nazareth, a City of Galilee, (because he was of went up into Fudæa with Mary his ef- the house and linage poufed Wife, who was then great with of David) Child, to be enrolled at Beihlehem the 5 To be taxed City of Devid, amongst those of the with Mary his effame Family.

poused wife, being 6. Now by this means, the Wif- great with child. dom of God wonderfully brought that while they were

6 And so it was, about the Accomplishment of that there, the days were + Micah. Prophecy, † that Christ should be accomplished that she

born at Beiblehem, For while Jo- should be delivered.

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* The Words of this Second Verse being very ambiguous, and Prophane History not affording suficient Light in the matter, there is great difficulty in interpreting this Paflage. For the Words may signify, eiiher that Quirinus was then appointed to make the Inrollment in Syria ; or that the Inrollment was first begun under Quirinius, and then renewed and continued afterward ; or that the Inrollment was made before Quirinius was Governour of Syria, the Phrase sporu iyeusovévola Kupaviou, being the fame as mpãrós per John i. 1; & 30. Cenfum populi ter egit Augulus. Sucton. cap. 27.

7 And


seph and Mary continued there upon this accidental occasion of the Enrollment, the time came for Mary to be

delivered. 7 And she brought 7. And she brought forth her Only forth her first-born Son, and wrapped him in such Clothes fon,and wrapped him

as she could there procure. And bein swadling clothes, caufe the Town was at that time full and laid him in a

of People, so that there was no room manger, because there was no room for them to be had in the Inn, she with great in the inn.

Humility, and contented Relignation to the Will of Providence, laid him in

a Manger. 8 And there were 8. 9 At the fame time, there were in the same country Sliepherds in the neighbouring Fields, shepherds abiding in watching their Sheep all Night in their the field, keeping watch


turns, according to the Custom of the

Country. flock by night. 9 And lo, the an

9. And suddenly in the Night, gel of the Lord came there appeared to these Men a great upon them, and the and unusual Light ; and therewith an glory of the Lord Angel of God in a visible Form, bright ihone round about and glorious ; at which wonderful them; and they were Sight, the Shepherds were greatly affore afraid.

frighted. 10 And the angel 10. But the Angel with a chearful said unto them, Fear Countenance spake comfortably to not : for behold, I them, and faid, Be not afraid; I come bring you good tidings of great joy,

not to terrify you; but to bring you which shall be to all great and happy News, matter of great people.

Joy to you; and not to you only, but also to all the Nation of the Jews, and

to the whole World. 1 For unto you

. For He of whom all the ancient is born this day, in Prophets prophesied, and whom all the the city of David, a People of Ifrael, according to the Pro. Saviour, which is mise of God, have long and impatiently Christ the Lord.

expected; even the Mefliah your Saviour, is this Night born in Bethlehem,

the City of David. 12 And this fall 12. And by these Signs ye shall be a sign unto you ; know him · When you go into the Ye Thall find the




Town, ye shall find him in such a

babe wrapped in House, wrapped in Swaddling-clothes, swadling clothes, lylying in a Manger.

ing in a manger. 13. Scarcely had the Angel done

13 And suddenly there

was with the speaking, when immediately there ap- angela multitude peared a vast number together of those of the heavenly host glorious Spirits, rejoicing and singing praising God, and praises to God.

laying, 14. And they faid ; Great Glory 14 Glory to God and Honour be unto God in Heaven,

in the highest, and and great Peace and Happiness to Men on earth peace, good

will towards men. upon Earth; seeing it is the good pleasure of God, that a Saviour is now sent unto them, by whom they may be inftructed both to preserve Peace among themselves, and to obtain Reconciliation with God.

15. Thus it pleased God by an ap 15 And it came to parition of Angels, to give the first pass as the angels notice of the Birth of his Son, to

gone away Shepherds, plain, unprejudiced and from them into heaundesigning Men, who accordingly ven, the shepherds were afterwards unexceptionable Wit- said one to another,

Let us now go even nesses of all these things. For as soon

unto Bethlehem, and as the Angels disappeared, the Shep- see this thing which herds resolved to go to Bethlehem, that is come to pass, they might see and be Eye-witnesses of which the Lord hath what God had declared to them by his made known unto Angel 16. And they went immediately ac

16 And they came cording to the Angel's direction, and with hafte, and found found Joseph and Mary, and the Babe, the babe lying in a

Mary and Jofeph and as the Angel had described it, lying in

manger. a Manger.

17. And when they had seen him, 17 And when they and were fully fatisfied, they related the had seen it, they whole Story publickly, both how the made known abroad Angels had appeared to them, and how the saying which

was told them conthey had gone, and were themselves Eye-witnefles of what the Angel had cerning this child. before declared to them.

18. And all that heard there 18 And all they things, were greatly surprized at the that heard it, won



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dred at those things strangeness and wonderfulness of the
which were told account the Shepherds gave. For they
them by the shep- understood not yet fully what these

things meant; only they supposed, that
some great Event, or Revolution was

19 But Mary kept 19. But Mary herself observed every
all these things, and thing diligently, and kept it carefully
pondered them in her in mind, and meditated upon it; com-

paring things together, and studying to
understand the Will and Delign of
Providence in this whole miraculous

Transaction. 20 And the shep

20. And the Shepherds returned to herds returned, glo- their Employment, rejoicing and rifying God, for all praising God for the gracious Revethe things that they lation He had vouchsafed to grant had heard and seen,

them, and for the satisfaction of as it was told unto Mind which they had in finding all them.

things agree exactly to what the Angel.
had told them concerning the Birth of

21 And when eight 21. Now on the Eighth Day
days accom- after the Birth of the Child, his Pa-
plished for the cir- rents caused him to be circumcised ac-
cumcising of the

the cording to the Law, and they called child, his name was his Name Jesus, that is, the Saviour ; was foʻnamed of the as the Angel had expressly directed, angel before he was

both at his * appearance to Mary be- * Chap. i. conceived in the fore the Conception, and in a + Vi- 31. womb.

fion to Joseph before the Birth of the † Mat. i..

Child. 22 And when the

22. And as soon as the time which days of her purificati- the Law appointed for the Purification on, according to the of Women after Child-Birth, was fullaw of Mofes, were filled; they carried the Child Jesus to brought him to Jeru- Jerusalem, to present him in the Temfalem, to present bim ple before the Lord. to the Lord,

23. According as the Law directs, 23 (As it is writ- Exod. xiii. 2; That every First-born ten in the law of Male-child should be consecrated to the Lord, Every God, in remembrance of his delivermale that openething the Children of Israel, when




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