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ver, I.

Life, ver. 19. That God has given Men all reasonable Evi

dence of the Certainty of a future State, ver. 29, 31. CHAP. XVII. The heincus guilt of drawing others into Sin,

That Men ought to be ready to forgive, ver. 3. Of Faith, ver. 5. and that Men ought not io value themselves upon the Gifts wherewith God has endued them, ver 7. Jesus healeth ten leprous Perlons, ver. 11.

11. Of the Nature of Christ's Kingdom ; And a Prediction of the Destruction of

the Jews, ver. 20. CHA P. XVIII. Of importanate Prayer, ver, 1. Of Humility

and Pride, ver. 9. Jesus encourages little Children to be
brought to him, ver. 15. Of the young Man that would not
ferfake his Polesions for Christ, ver. 18. Of the Danger of
Riches, ver. 24. The Blessedness of Suffering for Religion,
ver. 28. Jesus foretels his Death, ver. 31. and heals a blind

Man, ver. 35.
CHAP. XIX. The Conversion of Zacchæus, ver. 1. The Pa-

rable of the King going into a far Country, ver. 11. Grace
encreased by Improvement, ver. 26. Jesus rides into Jerufa-
lem, ver. 28. Foretels its Destruction, ver. 41. and clears

the Court of the Temple, ver, 45. CHAP. XX. Jesus filences the chief Priests with a Question

about John's Baptism, ver. 1. The Parable of the Vineyard, ver. 9. Of Obedience to Civil Powers, ver. 27. The Resurrection proved against the Sadducees, ver. 27. Of Christ's

being David's Son, ver. 41. Of Hypocrisy, ver. 45. CHAP. XXI. Charity and Piety to be esteemed, not by the

Measure of the outward Work, but by the Zeal of the Heart,
ver. 1. . Prediction of the Destruction of Jerusalem, ver. 5.

Of Watchfulness, ver. 34.
CHAP.XXII. Judas agrees to betray Jesus, ver. 1. Jesus eats

the Passover, ver. 7. Institutes the Lord's Supper, ver. 19.
Of Ambition, ver. 24. Jesus's Agony, ver. 39. Peter's Den

nial, ver. 54. Jesus is tried and mocked, ver. 63. CHAP. XXIII. Jesus's Trial before Pilate, ver. 1. and before

Herod, ver. 6. and before Pilate again, ver. 13. His Crucifixion, ver. 26. One Malefactor reproaches, and another acknowledges him, ver. 39. Prodigies attending Jesus's Death,

ver. 44. Joseph of Arimathæa buries him, ver. 50. CHA P. XXIV. Jesus's Resurrection declared to the Women,

ver.i. He appears himself to Two Disciples, ver. 13. and to the rest, ver. 36. He instructs them about their Ministry, ver. 44. His Ascenston, ver. 50.


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CH A P. I. The Preface, ver. 1. John the Baptist's Conception, ver. 5,

and Office, ver. 15. The Conception of Christ, ver. 26. His Office, ver. 32. The Blessed Virgin's Hymn of Thanksgiving, ver. 46. The Birth and Naming of Jolin, ver. 57. Zacharias's Hymn, ver. 68.


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many have

Orasmuch as
1 & 2.

Hereas several have

written Historical Actaken in hand to set

counts of the Life and forth in order a de- Doctrine of Christ, and of those great claration of those and celebrated Transactions, upon things which are

which the Proof of our Religion demost surely believed

pends, and of the Truth whereof we among us,

2 Even as they de- are most fully persuaded; they being livered them unto us,

delivered to us by Persons of unqueswhich from the be- tionable Sincerity, and such as were ginning were eye- themselves Eye-witnesies of all the Matwitnesses, and mini ters of Fact, and constantly accompaIters of the word :

nied Jesus in all his Travels during his whole Ministration.

A 4

3 & 4

of it.

5-9 A

3 & 4. It seemed good to me also, 3 It seemed good having had full and perfect information to me also, having of all these things, to write to you,

had perfect undermost excellent Theophilus, a short yet from the very firit,

standing of all things particular and exact Account of the

to write unto thee in principal Actions and Discourses of our order, most excellent Lord, from his Birth till his Ascension; Theophilus, that you might see in one view, the 4 That thou mightDoctrine of that Religion wherein you est know the certainhave been instructed, and the Evidence ty, of those things

wherein thou haft

been instructed. ND because there happened 5.9 THere was in

the days of Birth of Christ, relating to his Hi- Herod the king of story, useful and necessary to be known; Judea, a certain priest

named Zacharias, of I will therefore begin with a brief ac

the course of Abia : count of his Fore-runner John the and his wife was of Baptift. The manner of whose Concep- the daughters of tion and Birth, was this. There was Aaron, and her name in the Time of Herod the Great, a was Elisabeth. Priest whose Name was Zacharias, of the Family of Abia, and consequently one of them whose Lot was to serve in the eighth of the 24 Courses of the Prieits, which were appointed to minister in the Temple by Turns ; 1 Chron. xxiv. 10 & 19. And his Wife's Name was Elisabeth, a Woman of the Family of Aaron.

6. Now Zacharias and his Wife, 6 And they were were both of them eminent for their both righteous before singular Piety and Integrity ; Persons God, walking in all fincere and upright in the sight of the commandments God, and of unspotted Reputation in and ordinances of the Judgment of Men; living in the the Lord, blameless. strict practice of all inward Holiness, and in an exact observance of all outward and positive Laws.

7 And they had 7. And happy they were in all no child, because

that Elifabeth things, excepting only that they barren, wanted the Blesling of Children, Eli- both were now well

and they fabeth having been always barren ; ftricken in years.

8 And


And moreover they were now both of them old, and in the course of Nature past having Children. But at length, the Wisdom of Providence designing by the miraculous Birth of youn the Baptist to prepare Men for the belief of that more wonderful Miracle, the Birth of Christ; God gave Elisabeth a Son, not without wonderful Prefages even before his Conception, that he should be a great and extraordinary

Man. 8 And it came to 8, 9, 10 S 11. For at the time pals, that while he when the Priests of the Family of Abia, executed the priests office before God in were ministring in the Order of their the order

of his Course; and when, according to the course,

usual Custom of appointing to every one 9 According to by Lot in what part of the Service he the custom of the should officiate, it happened to be priests office, his lot Zacharias's Lotto offer Incense : was to burn incense As he was performing this Office awhen he were into lone within the Sanctuary at the acthe temple of the customed Hour, and all the Congregat Lord.

10 And the whole tion of the People stood praying withmultitude of the out; there appeared to him an Anpeople were praying gel of God, in a glorious Form, standwithout, at the time ing on the right side of the Incenseof incense.

Altar. 11 And there ap 12. And assoon as Zacharias saw peared unto him an

the Angel, he began to be afraid and angel of the Lord, standing

on the right greatly concerned, not knowing what side of the altar of the Vision should mean. incense.

13. But the Angel spake Comfort12 And when Za- ably to him, and incouraged him charias faw him, he saying : Be not afraid, Zacharias; was troubled, and For I am fent to bring you glad Tifear fell


dings of great Joy. The Prayers which 13 But the angel said unto him, Fear

you offer for the People, are heard ; not, Zacharias : for and God will speedily send them thy prayer is heard; their Saviour and Deliverer, the Meffias. and thy wife Elifa. The Prayers alfo which you have often beth shall bear thee put up in your own Behalf, are heard ; a fon, and thou shalt and your Wise Elisabeth Thall bear Gall his name John.


you a Son, and you shall call his Name

14. His Birth shall be cause of great 14 And thou shalt
Joy and Gladness to your self and your have joy and glad.
Family; and not to you only, but ness, and many Thall
to all others also who wait for the rejoice at his birth.
coming of the Meffias, and are wil-
ling to prepare themselves to receive

15. For this Child shall be the im 15 For he shall be mediate Fore-runner of Christ, and great in the fight of shall from his very Infancy give evi- the Lord, and shall dent Tokens of his being designed for drink neither wine

such an extraordinary Office. He shall and he shall be filled • 77). all his Life, * as

a person peculiarly with the holy Ghost, set apart for the Service of God, ab- even from his mostain from Wine and all other strong thers womb. Drinks; and by inward Piety and real Holiness of Life, shall fully answer the true intent and signification of such Abstinen e.

16. He shall preach Repentance and 16 And many of Holiness of Life, to the People of the the children of Israel

Jews : And many of them all he shall he turn to the prevail upon, by the Efficacy of his Ex- Lord their God. hortations and by the Example of his Life, to return sincerely to the Obedience of God's Commands, and to prepare without Prejudice for the belief of his Gospel.

17. In a word; he shall make all 17 And he shall things ready for the appearance of go before him in the the Messiah; preaching with the fame spirit and power of Zeal and Courage, with the same Spirit hearts of the fathers

Elias, to turn the and Authority, as Elijah in old time

to the children, and did; exhorting People to amend their the disobedient to Lives, and to follow after true and the wisdoin of the real Holiness; and earnestly persuading just, to make ready them, that, forsaking the vain and a people prepared for contentious Doctrines of their several

the Lord.
Sects about external and indifferent
things, they would all with one Mind
give themselves up to attend the ne.

+8 And

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