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firmity of his Body, to do something that might argue fome Distrust in his Mind concerning the Providence of God, assaulted him with the firft of these greatest and most memorable Temptations, saying, What need you suffer thus for Hunger ? If you are indeed the Son of God, command now these Stones to be turned into Bread; for afsuredly God will not deny to work fo small a Miracle for your Relief, in this

time of Distress. 4 And Jesus an- 4. But Jefus, knowing his malicifwered him, saying, ous Subtilty, answered: The Life of It is written, That Man (as the Scripture faith, Deut. viii. man fhal} not live by bread alone, but 3.) is not so much sustained by the naby every word of tural Nourishment of Bread, as by the God.

Blessing and Protection of God; Neither ought Men to be so much concerned to provide Food for the prefervation of this mortal Life, as they ought to be careful to keep up in their Minds a rational and religious Trust and Reliance upon the Goodness and

Providence of God. 5 And the devil 5. Finding therefore that Jesus taking him up into could not be overcome by the Tempan high mountain, tation of Hunger, to satisfy the Apshewed unto him all the kingdoms of the petites of his Body, in any way conworld in a moment trary to that pious Resolution of his of time.

Mind, whereby he firmly determined never to distrust God's Providence ; the t Devil carried him from the Place where he first tempted him, to the top of an exceeding high Mountain ; and representing to him from thence the great Glory and Splendour of the Kingdoms of the World, endea

+ The Order of the Temptations, not being material in the History, is neglected either here, or Matth. iv.

voured to seduce him with this new Temptation, saying,

6 & 7. See you the Power, Wealth, 6 And the devil and Glory, that the Princes of the said unto him, All Earth enjoy? All these things are at

this power will I my Disposal; I bestow them on whom- give thee, and the foever I please ; And if you will but that'is delivered un

glory of them : for pay me so small an Acknowledgment, to me, and to whomas only to kneel down and worship me, soever I will, I give all the things that the greatest Princes it. possess, shall be heaped together upon 7 If thou there

fore wilt worship me, you. vain Offers of the Father of Lies, re- fwered and said unto 8. But Jefus despising these false and all shall be thine.

8 And Jesus anplied with Indignation : Depart from him, Get the behind me, thou wicked Spirit; for the Scrip- me, Satan : for it is ture faith, (Deut. vi. 13.) Thou shalt wor- written, Thou shalt ship the Lord thy God, and him only worship the Lord thy Jhalt thou ferve.

God, and him only 9. Again, the Devil finding that halt thou serve.

9 And he brought Jefus could no more be overcoine by the Temptation of Ambition, than and fet him on

him to Jerusalem, he had been by that of Hunger ; he pinnacle of the temcarries him next into Jerusalem, and ple, and said unto setting him upon the Edge of the Bat- him, If thou be the tlements of the Temple, assaults him Son of God; cast with one Temptation more; saying, thy self down from If you be the Son of God, give an e

hence. vident Proof now of your Power, and throw your self down from this high place.

10 & 11. For if you are the Son 10 For it is writ: of God, you liave a Promise in Scrip- ten, He shall give his ture, that God will miraculously pre- angels charge over serve you; Psal. xci. 11. He shall give thee, to keep thee. kis Angels charge over thee to keep thee, hands they fhall bear

11 And in their and in their Hands they fall bear thee thee up, left at any up, left at any time thou dash thy Foot time thou dash thy against a stone.

foot against a stone. 12. But Jesus answered again; The 12 And Jesus anScripture faith, (Deut. vi, 16.) Thou swering, faid unto, Jhalt not tempt the Lord thy God. In him, Iç is said, Thou all Dangers, which either the Duties



fhalt not tempt the of Religion, or the Business or Ne-
Lord thy God.

ceflities of Life lead us into, we may
depend upon the Providence of God
for Preservation ; But if we tempt
him by unnecessary and presumptuous
Hazards, and where we have no Pro-
mise, we forfeit our Title to that Di-

vine Protection. 13 And when the

13. Thus Jefus absolutely vanquishdevil had ended all ed all the Temptations of the Devil. the temptation, he And the Devil despairing to obtain any departed from him

Advantage against him, left him for for a season.

this time ; designing afterwards to
raise up other Instruments, and to use
other Means of opposing Him and his

Doctrine, 14 ŞAnd Jesus

14 Then Jefus, under the powerful returned in the pow- Guidance of the Holy Ghost, returned er of the spirit into into Galilee; and there he * began to * Mark i. Galilee : and there went out a fame of preach, and † to work Miracles; fo that 14. him through all the his Fame quickly spread over all the + John ii. region round about.

15 And he taught 15. For such was the Excellency of
in their fynagogues, the Doctrine he taught, and such the
þeing glorified of all, Greatness of the Works by which he

confirmed it, that all Men were sur-
prized with Admiration, and looked

upon him as an extraordinary Prophet.
16 And he came 16. Now as he passed through
to Nazareth, where Galilee, he came among other Places
he had been brought to Nazareth, the Place of his own Con-
up : and, as his cuf- ception and Education ; and there, as
tom was, he went
into the synagogue

he had done in other Places, he went on the fabbath-day, into their Synagogue on the Sabbath and stood up for to Day, and stood up to read and expound read :

the Scripture. 17 And there was 17. The Book that was That Day delivered unto him appointed to have a Portion of it read the book of the pro; and expounded, was the Prophecy of phet Efaias ; and when he had

Isaiah. And when Jesus opened it

opened the book," he to read, the Wisdom of Providence

directed him to a most remarkable the found Passage, wherein Himself was clearly




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prophesied of, and his Office empha- where it was writ-
tically described. The Place was, Ifa. ten,
vi. 1. where Jesus read these Words.

18 & 19. The Spirit of the Lord is 118 The spirit of upon me, because he has anointed me to the Lord is upon preach the Gospel to the poor, he hath sent me, because he has me to heal the broken-hearted, to preach

anointed deliverance to the captives, and recovery the poor, he hath

preach the gospel to of fight to the blind, to set at liberty them fent me to heal the that are bruised, to preach the acceptable broken-hearted , year of the Lord, &c.

preach deliverance to 20. Which Paslage as soon as Jesus the captives, and rehad read, he shut up the Book, and covering of fight to gave it back to the Reader that brought the blind, to set at it; and sat down. And all the People liberty them that are

, were very attentive, expecting to hear his Exposition of the Passage.

19 To preach the

acceptable year of the 21. Then Jesus said; The Passage Lord. that I have now read to you, is fulfilled 20 And he cloin me at this very time ; I am this sed the book, and Day fent of God with full Power and he gave it again to Authority, to preach the glad Tidings the minister, and fat of Salvation to all that are willing and

and the prepared to receive it; And this is the eyes of all them that

were in the synaacceptable time, wherein ye ought to embrace with all Thankfulness God's ed on him.

gogue were faitengracious Offers of Reconciliation and 21 And he began Mercy.

to say unto them, 22. And all the People in the Syna- This day is this gogue were astonished at the Wisdom scripture fulfilled in and Authority with which he spake;

your ears.

22 And all bare and at the Excellency of his Doctrine. him witness, and Nevertheless, because they knew his wondred at the graRelations dwelling in the fame City, cious words which they were offended at the Meanness of proceeded out of his Parentage and Education; and this his mouth. And Prejudice prevailed against the Convic- they said, Is not this tion of their Reason, so that they be- Josephs son ? lieved him not. 23. Jesus therefore said unto them;

23 And he said I know you are prejudiced against me;

unto them, Ye will and though ye are convinced in your

surely say unto me


down :

this proverb, Phy- own Consciences of the Goodness and fician, heal thy self : Excellency of my Doctrine, yet ye whatsoever we have will pretend ye cannot believe me, heard done in Caper- unless I work more Miracles to satisnanum, do also here fie your Curiosity. And ye will

say to in thy country.

me; Surely, what * you have done in Capernaum and other places, much more ought you to do here in your own Country, for the satisfaction of your Re

lations and Friends. 24 And he said, 24. But assuredly, though I should Verily I say unto work more Miracles amongst you, yet you, No prophet is would you not believe me. For so long accepted in his own

as ye will judge of things by outward country.

and temporal Considerations, no Conviction can be strong enough to conquer your unreasonable Prejudices. No Prophet was ever esteemed so much in his own Country, where either the Meanness of his Family, or some other such worldly Respect, prejudiced People against him; as among Strangers, who judged of him only by his Doctrine and Works. And therefore, tho' I have done many mighty Works in other Places, yet it does not seem agreeable to the Divine Wisdom that I

should do so many here. 25 But I tell

you 25, 26, & 27. For most justly does of a truth, many God deny to fome, those extraordiwidows were in Il- nary Means of Grace, and Opportunirael in the days of ties of Conviction, which he grants to Elias, when the hea- Others who are more humble and moven was fhut up deft, and more prepared to receive Inthree years and fix months, when great

struction. Thus in the Days of Elifamine was through- jah, when there was a great Famine out all the land : in the Land for above three Years to26 But unto none gether; though there were many


* Hence it seems probable, that St. Luke relates this History, before the true order of time ; upon the occasion of Jesus's being now at Nazareth,


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