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27 And

dows in Jerusalem and in all Judæa, of them was Elias yet to none of them was Elijah sent, sent, save unto Sabut to a poor Widow of Sarepta, in repta a city of Sidon, the Country of Sidon. So likewise in

a woman that the time of Elisha, though there were

was a widow.


leabundance of leprous Persons in the

pers were in Israel Kingdom of Israel, yet you do not in the time of Eliread that any of them were healed by seus the prophet : the Interceffion of that Prophet, but and none of them only Naaman a Stranger out of Syria. was cleansed, saving And in the fame manner Now; though Naaman the Syrian. ye expect, that God should make all his Revelations and Discoveries of Himself to you ; yet, because of


Unworthiness, He will remove these Blessings from you, and bestow them upon others who will use them better. 28. These things, Jesus speak plain

28 And all they ini ly and openly in the Synagogue ;

the synagogue, when

there Whereupon the People were incensed they heard against him, and fell into a great with wrath,

things, were filled rage ; 29. Insomuch, that they broke up

And rose up, the Congregation tumultuously ; and and thrust him out thrust him not only out of the Syna- of the city, and led gogue, but out of the City also ; and him unto the brow carried him to the Brow of the Hill of the hill (whereon on which the City stood, designing to that they might caft

their city was built) throw him down the Precipice and him down head-longdestroy him : And all this, without any Crime being so much as laid to his Charge: Whereby, they sufficiently discovered their own Unworthiness. 30. But Jesus, because his time of

30 But he passing Suffering was not yet come, miracu- through the mids of lously passed through the midst of them, went his way: them undiscovered, and escaped ; lcaving them to the Convictions of their own Consciences.

31. s And he went and dwelt at down to Capernaum, Capernaum, another Town of Galilee ;

a city of Galilee, and and there also he taught in their Syna- fabbath-days.

taught them on the gogue on the Sabbath Days,


31 And





32 And they were 32. And the People were lurprized astonished his with great Admiration of him," both doctrine: for his because of the Excellency of his Docword


trine, and of the Authority and Grapower.

vity with which he delivered it, and of the mighty Works wherewith he

confirmed it. 33 | And in the

33 & 34. For he worked many fynagogue there was Miracles amongit them. And partia man which had a cularly, one Sabbath Day as he was spirit of an unclean Teaching in the Synagogue, there devil, and cryed

was present a Man possessed and grieva out with loud

ously afflicted with an evil Spirit ; in voice, 34 Saying, Let us

whom the evil Spirit cried out aloud alone; what have we to Jefus, saying ; Let us alone, thou to do with thee, Jesus of Nazareth; I know that thou thou Jesus of Naza- art the Son of God; Wherefore art reth art thou come thou come to torment us, before the to destroy us?

I time appointed of God for our final know thee who thou

Judgment ? art, the holy one of God.

35. But Jesus rebuked the evil Spi35. And Jesus re

rit, commanding it to hold its peace, buked him, saying, and to come out of the Man. WhereHold thy peace, and upon convulsing him, and throwing come out of him. him in the midst of the Company as And when the devil dead, it came out without doing any had thrown him in real mischief to his Body ; so that the the mids, he came Man presently revived, and was perout of him, and hurt him not.

fectly well. 36 And they were

36. At which sudden and easy Cure, all amazed, and spake the People were ftrangely astonished, among themselves, and said one to another; This is a wonsaying, What a word derful thing, beyond all that ever was is' this ? for with seen or heard of before, that One authority and power should command the evil Spirits pehe commandeth the remptorily, with only a single Word, unclean fpirits, and they come out.

and they immediately submit to his Au

thority. 37

And the fame 37. And the Fame of Jesus's Power of him went out spread over all the Country of Galilee, into every place of and into all Judæa. the country round about.

38 Now

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38. Now when Jesus came out 38 And he arose of the Synagogue, * he went home to out of the synagogue, Peter's House; where he found Peter's and entred into siWife's Mother, lying dangerously ill of mons house : and Sia Fever, and they that were about her,

mons wives mother

was taken with a desired him to heal her.

great fever; and they 39. Then Jesus, standing by her befought him for her. Bed-side, commanded the Fever to de

39 And he stood
part from her. And the recovered, over her, and rebuked
not flowly and by degrees, as in the the fever, and it left
course of Nature or Medicine ; but her. And immedia-
immediately and at once the received tely fhe arose and

ministred unto them.
her full strength, so that she arose and
attended upon them at Supper.

40. And at Evening, as soon as 40 Now when
the Sun was set, and the Sabbath at

the sun was setting, an end; all sorts of diseased Persons, fick with divers dif

all they that had any whole Friends had seen or heard of the eases, brought thein Power of Jesus, were brought by their unto him : and he Friends and by the Multitude to Jesus; laid his hands on and he healed them all, by barely every one of them, laying his Hands upon them, without and healed them. using any means at all.

41 And devils also 41. Many pofleffed Persons also were

came out of many cured by a word of his Mouth, and the crying out, and layevil Spirits cast out; crying aloud, the son of God. And

ing, Thou art Christ That he was the Messiah, the Son of he rebuking them, the most High God: But he command- fuffered them not to

ed them to hold their peace, and + not speak : for they + See declare who he was.

knew that he was Paraphr.

Christ. on Mark i.

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* St. Matthew, ch. viii. v. 14, relates this history, as if it happened immediately after the healing the Centurion's Servant, which yet St. Luke does not relate till ch. vii. But the true order seems to be this: Christ at his going into Capernaum heals the Centurion's Servant, then preaches in the Synagogue, and afterwards heals Peter's Mother. Only St. Luke, to put together Christ's preaching in the several 'Towns of Galilee, defers the Hiitory of the Centurion to ch. vii : And St. Matthew, omitting his preaching in the Synagogue, goes directly from the healing the Centurion's Servant, to a like History of healing St. Peter's Mother-in-law.


42 And

42 And when it

42. And the next morning early, was day, he departed he retired into a desart place, to be and went into a de- private for a while from the Multitude. sert place ; and the But they sought after him, and found people fought him, him out, and pressed him earnestly that and came unto him, and stayed him, that he would dwell with them, and not he should not depart depart out of their City. from them.

43. But he laid ; Ye are intent upon 43 And he faid the Cures which ye see me work, and unto them, I muft defire to detain me for the sake of these preach the kingdom temporal Advantages ; But the Business of God to other cities for which I am fent into the World, also: for therefore am I fent.

is, To preach the Gospel, and declare the Will of God to Men: And this I must do in other cities, as well as

yours. 44 And he preach 44. And he travelled through all the ed in the synagogues Towns of Galilee, preaching in their of Galilee.

Synagogues, and confirming his Doctrine by Miracles.

CH A P. V. Jesus calleth Peter, James and John; and by a miraculous

Draught of Fishes, prefigures the Success of their future Ministry, ver. 1. Heals a Leprafy, ver. 12. and a Palfy, ver: 17. whereby he proves his Power of forgiving Sins, ver. 21. He calleth Matthew, ver. 27. And gives the Reason of his converhing with Sinners, ver. 30. He vindicates his Disciples

in not fafting at this time, ver. 33: "AND it came to

·NOW as Jefus travelled through pass that as

Galilee, and the People prefthe people preffed fed after him to hear him preach, he upon him to hear the word of God,

came to the Shore of the Lake of


This coming to the Lake of Tiberias to chuse Disciples, must be fuppofed to have happened at Jesus's first entering into Galilee, according to St. Matthew, and St. Mark's account, and the reason of the thing; before the Histories related in the foregoing Chapter from ver 16, to the end. Vol. II.



Gennefareth, which is the Lake of He stood by the lake Tiberias.

of Gennesareth.

2 And saw two 2. And he saw


the Lake two Fishing boats; the Men that belonged the lake : but the

ships standing by to which, having been fishing a great fishermen were gone while unsuccessfully, were then giving out of them, and over, and washing their Nets.

were washing their 3. Jesus therefore, being thronged nets. by the Multitude, went into one of the 3 And he entred Boats, which was that belonging to Per into one of the ships,

which was Simons, ter, and desired him to thrust off a little way from the Shore; and Jesus he would thrust out

and prayed him that fat down in the Boat, and preached a little from the to the People standing along before him land, and he fat on the Shore,

down and taught the 4. And when he had finished his people out of the Sermon, he bad Peter row off further thip. into the Lake, and cast his Net into a

Now when he 4

had left speaking, deep Place for some Fish.

he said unto Simon, 5. But Peter said unto him ; Sir, we Launch out into the have been fishing already all this Night deep, and let down past, without any success, and have your nets for taken great Pains for nothing: How- draught. ever since you desire it, I will make 5 And Simon anone 'Trial more.

fwering, said unto 6. Then he and his Men cast out the

him, Master,

have toiled all the Net; and immediately, contrary to night, and have tatheir Expectation or Hope, they en- ken nothing : closed in the Net such a vast multi- vertheless thy tude of Fishes, that the Net began to word I will let down rend: Jefus designing by this visible Simi- the net. litude, to represent to Peter the great

6 And when they fuccess of his future Ministry.

had this done, they 7. Calling therefore to their Part- inclosed a great mul

titude of fishes; and ners which were in the other Boat, their net brake. they desired them to come and help to

7 And they beckdraw up the Net: Which when they ned unto tÞeir parthad done, they loaded Both the Boats ners, which were in with Fish, insomuch that they began the other ship, that

come to be in danger of finking by reason of they should the too great weight.

and help them, And they came, and filled both the ships,






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