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so that they began to 8. Then Peter, seeing this great Misink.

racle, and judging thereby that Jesus 8 And when Si

was some extraordinary Prophet, fell mon Peter saw it, he down on his Knees before him, and fell down at Jesus said, I beseech you, depart from me ;


for I ami a finful Man, and part from me, for I

my Unam a sinful man, 0 worthiness makes me uncapable of Lord.

bearing your Presence. 9 For he was a 9. These Words Peter uttered with ftonished, and all great Fear and Astonishment: For both that were with him, he and all that were in the Boat with at the draught of the him, were exceedingly amazed at the fishes which they had

vast number of Fishes which they had taken :

so miraculously caught. 10 And so was 10. James also and John, the two also James and John Sons of Zebedee, who were Partners the fons of Zebedee, with Peter in the other Boat, were which were partners surprized in like manner with great with Simon. And

Admiration and Fear. But Jesus said Jesus said unto Si. mon, Fear not; from to Peter, Be not afraid ; Follow me, henceforth thou shalt and I will teach you a much nobler catch men.

Employment; From henceforward you shall catch Men; that is, you shall draw them out of the ways of Ignorance, Wickedness and Misery; and instruct them in the way of Righteous

ness, Happiness and Life. 11 And when they 11. Hereupon; both Péter and his had brought their Brother Andrew, that was with him fhips to land, they in the Boat ; and also fames and forlook all, and fol- John, who were in the other Boat lowed him.

forfaking their Employment and all that they had, followed Yesus, and became from that time forward his con

ftant Disciples and Attendants. 12 And it came

12: I With these Men Jefus trato pass, when he velled all over Galilee; preaching in was in a certain city; their Synagogues, and healing the Sick. behold, a man full of And one Day, as he was going to leprofie : who seeing Capernaunt, there met him near the face; and befought City a leprous Man, who as soon as him, saying, Lord, he faw him, came and kneeled down if thou wilt, thou before him, and intreated him, saying tanit make me clean, VOL. II. D2


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Lord, if you think fit, I know you
have Power to deliver me from this
noisom Disease.
13. Jesus said unto him, I will de-

13 And he put liver you from it; Go, and be clean forth his hand, and from this very inftant. And laying his touched him, saying

I will ; be thou Hand upon him, the Leprosy imme- clean. And immediately disappeared.

diately the leprofie 14. And Jesus commanded him, not departed from him. to go presently and report this thing 14 And he chargpublickly among the People : But go, ed him to tell no faith he, and present your self regular- man : but go, and ly to the Priest, and let him judge of thew thy self to the your being clean, and then offer what priest, and offer for

thy cleansing, acthe Law requires for your Purification ;

cording Moses That the most obstinate



commanded, Jews may be convinced of the cer- testimony unto them. tainty of the Cure; and yet not be able to find any Pretence for calumniating


for a


15. But the Man was so overjoyed 15 But so much

the more went there at the greatness and suddenness of his Cure, that notwithstanding, Jesus's him: and great mul

a fame abroad of Command to the contrary, he went titudes came

togeimmediately and published it everyther to hear and to where. And the Fame of this Thing, be healed by him of brought together a vast Multitude of their infirmities. People after Fefus, to hear him, and to be healed by him of all manner of Diseases : 16. Insomuch, that he was obliged

16 And he withto retire frequently out of the Town drew himself into into the Wilderness and Places of So

the wilderness, and

prayed. litude, to refresh himself, and to find time for Prayer and his private Meditations.

17. At another time, as Jesus 17 And it came was preaching in his House at Caper- to pass on a certain naum, where were prefent many of day, the principal Men among the Fews, teaching, that there Pharisees and Expounders of the Law, doctors of the law

were Pharisees and fome dwelling in Galilee, others that fitting by, which came from Judæa, and some even as




come out of


every town of Gali, far as from Jerufalem ; Jesus confirmed lee, and Judea, and his Doctrine, and proved his Divine Jerusalem : and the Power before all these Witnesses, by power of the Lord was prijent to heal many fignal Miracles of Healing. them

18. Particularly, among others that 18 And behold, came to be healed by him, there was men brought in á brought one ill of a Palfie, and fo very bed a man which weak, that he was forced to be carried was taken with a pal- upon Mens Shoulders in his Bed. fe: and they fought 19. And because when they came means to bring him

at the House where Jesus was, they in, and to lay him found it so crowded and full of People, before him. 19 And when they that it was impossible to carry the fick could not find by

Man upon his Bed in at the Door; what way

they they went up to the Top of the House, might bring him in, and uncovered the Roof, and let him because of the multi- down through the Ceiling, and set him tude, they went up- before Jesus. on the house top ;

20. Jesus therefore, being pleased and let him down

with the great Faith both of the sick through the tiling with his couch, into Man and of his Friends that brought the midft before Jesus. him ; said unto him ; Son, your Sins,

20 And when he which are the Cause of all Diseases and faw their faith, he Calamities, are forgiven you, said unto him, Man, 21. Upon this, the Scribes and Phathy fins are forgiven risees began to be highly offended, and thee.

reasoned within themselves, saying, 21 And the scribes Whom does this Man pretend to make and the Pharisees be

him felf? And what a horrid Blafphemy gan to reason, saying, Who is this which is this that he hath spoken! For, to speaketh blafphemies? forgive Sins, is evidently the incommu

forgive nicable Property of God Almighty; fins but God alone? and no mortal Man was ever thus ab

solutely impowered to do it. 22 But when Je- 22. But Jesus seeing their Whisfus perceived their pering, and perceiving their Thoughts, thoughts, he answering said unto them, without Cause? And why do you ar

said ; Why are ye fo offended at me What reason ye in your hearts? gue thus vainly and perversely in your

Minds ?

Who can

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23. For, what reason is there that 23 Whether

is you should call it more Blasphemy for easier to say, Thy me to asume to my self a Power of fins be forgiven thee, forgiving the Man's Sins; than to un

or to say, Rise up

and walk ? dertake to heal this difficult Disease in an instant, without any Means ? Seeing it must be evidently the Effect of the fame Power, to do the one, as the other. 2.4. But I chose rather to express

24 But that ye myself in this manner, because I would may know that the declare that the Mefliah has Power

Son of man hath here upon Earth to forgive Sins ; And power upon earth to

forgive sins, (he faid I will demonstrate to you the Validity unto the sick of the of this my Sentence of Absolution, by pallie) I say unto the immediate and visible Effect of thee, Arise, and take healing the Man's Disease. Whereupon up thy couch, and turning himself to the sick Man, 'he go into thine house. said, Rife, take up your Bed, and go honie.

25. At which words, the Man's 25 And immediStrength and the Use of his Limbs re- ately he rose up be. turned to him in an instant. And he fore them, and took and went home rejoycing and praising his own house, glotook up his Bed before all the People, up that whereon he God.

rifying God. 26. And all the People that were 26 And they were present, were seized with great Won- all amazed , and der, and gave Thanks to God for send- they glorified God, ing Jejus amongst them. And particu- and were filled with larly, they were filled with great Fear fear, faying, We and Reverence, at the undeniable Proof have seen ftrange which Jesus had given of his Power of

things to day. Forgiving Sins.

27. After this, as Jefus departed out 27 And after of Capernaum, and was walking to

these things he went ward the Lake, he saw a Publican or

forth, and saw a Collector of the Tax, whose Name

publican named Lewas Matthew, fitting at the Tax-ga- ceit of custom : and

vi, fitting at the retherers Stall, collecting the usual Tri- he said unto him, bute : And Jesus called him, saying, Follow me. Follow me, and I will let you about a nobler Work.

28 And


there was

28 And he left all, 28. And without delay, the Man rose up, and follow- rose up; and forsaking both the Gains ed him.

and the Temptations of that profitable Employment, he became from that time a Follower and Disciple of

Jesus, 29 And Levi made 29. And he invited Jesus to his him a great feast in House, where he made a great Enterhis own house ; and tainment for him; and


Publia great cans and others of ill Repute among company of public the Jews, Matthew's former Compacans, and of others that fat down with nions and Acquaintance, were likewise

invited to it. them.

30 But their scribes 30. Which when some of the Phaand Pharisees mur

risees and Jewish Doctors, Pretenders mured against his to great Piety and Strictness, observed; disciples, saying, they reproached Jesus's Disciples, sayWhy do ye eat and ing ; If your Mafter be indeed, as he drink with publicans would be thought to be, a Person of and finners?

extraordinary Holiness, why does he not separate himself from the Company of profane and profligate Men ? And why does he fuffer you, not only to converse, but also to eat and drink familiarly with the most infamous fort of Persons, with Publicans and noto

rious Sinners ? 31 And Jesus an- 31 & 32. But Jesus replyed, We fwering, faid unto converse with this sort of Men, not them. They that are to encourage them in their Sins, but whole need not a in order to convert them from them. physician : but they And for doing this you have no more that are fick. 32 I came not to

reason to blame me, than you have to call the righteous, blame a Physician for conversing with but finners to repen. fick People, in order to restore them tance.

to their Health. The principal Design of my coming into the World, was to invite, not so much righteous and good Men, as Sinners, to Repentance. And if ye were truly and fincerely righteous, ye would not envy but rejoice at the Conversion of such Persons : Whereas indeed on the con

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