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15 Matthew and 6. Bartholomew. Thomas, James the

7. Matthew. son of Alpheus, and 8. Thomas.

[phæus. Simon called Zelotes, 16 And Judas the

9. Another James, the Son of Albrother of James, and

ro. Simon Zelotes, or the Canaanite. Judas Iscariot, which

11. Jude, Brother of James. also was the traitor. 12. Judas Iscariot, the Betrayer.

17 And he came 17. Having chosen these Twelve down with them, Apostles, Jesus came down from the and stood in the Hill; and stood with them, and with plain, and the company of his disciples, And there focked together about them

the rest of his Difciples, in the Plain. tude of people out of a vast Multitude of People, out of yeall Judea and Jeru- rufalem and all Judæa, and from the falem, and from the Sea-coast of Tyre and Sidon ; fome to sea-coast of Tyre and hear Jesus preach, and more to have Sidon, which came their Diseases cured. to hear him, and to

18. Particularly, many that were be healed of their diseases ;

possessed and tormented by Evil Spi18 And they that rits, were brought to him from all

vexed with Parts ; and he healed them instantunclean spirits : and ly. they were healed. 19. And all the People crowded a

19 And the whole bout him, and strove to touch him. multitude fought to For so extraordinary was the Efficacy touch him: for there of his Divine Power, that whosoever went vertue out of

touched but so much as the Skirt of him, and healed them all.

his Coat, was presently freed from

whatsoever Disease he had. 20 And he lifted 20. Jesus therefore being pressed up his eyes on his with the great Multitude of People, disciples, and said, retired from them again * to the Top Blessed be ye poor: of the Hill. And his Disciples, and for yours is the king

as many others, as desired to hear his dom of God.

Doctrine, followed him: And he fat


Grotius supposes that the tórą rédivès ver. 17, was not a Valley, but a Plain upon the Hill. But there is no necessity to fuppose That róa médvòs, to be the place where Jesus delivered the following Sermon. The Conjecture Here used, seems more agreeable to Matt. v.


down, and directing himself to his
Disciples, said; Blessed are ye that are
Poor, Meek, Modest and Humble ;
who set not your Hearts upon

Riches and Pleasures of this present
World, but prefer Righteousness before
Wealth and Honour, and can cheer-
fully part with all temporal Enjoyments
for the sake of true Religion, and the
Service of God.

21. Blessed are ye, who contentedly 21 Blessed are ye

suffer Hardships in this present Life, that hunger now *Mat. V. * and are follicitous for nothing so much for ye shall be filled. 6. as to be truly virtuous and religious

Blessed are ye that your selves, and to persuade others to weep now : for ye

shall laugh.
become so too : Whose Portion upon
Earth, is not vain Mirth and Voluptu-
ousness; but to lament seriously the
Sins and Follies; and to endure patient-
ly, upon the Account of Religion, the
Afflictions and Troubles of this mortal
State. Blessed, I say, are ye : For
the time will come, when the prefent
Scene of Things shall be changed ;
when your pious Delires shall be fully
satisfied, and all your Sorrows shall be
turned into Joy.
22. Blessed are ye, when Men Thall

22 Blessed are ye hate and persecute you for your con- when men shall hate ftant and unshaken Profession of the you, and when they Truth: Yea, doubly blessed shall ye

shall separate you be, when Men fhall curse you, and from their company,

and shall reproach cast you out of all their Societies; when

you, and cast they shall revile and reproach you; your name , as evil, when they shall defame and slander for the Son of mans you, and do all manner of Injuries to fake. you unjustly, for your professing of my true Religion, and living answerably to the Precepts thereof.

23. Rejoyce therefore, when these 23 Rejoice ye in things come upon you ; Yea, triumph, for joy?' for behold

that day, and leap and be exceeding glad; because very your reward is great great shall be your Reward in Hea- in heaven: for in



the like manner did ven; For thus likewise did wicked
their fathers unto the Men in former Ages persecute the Pro-
prophets :

phets and Holy Men of God: After
whose Example, if ye suffer unjuitly
and patiently here upon Earth, ye shall
also partake of their extraordinary Re-

ward in Heaven.

wo unto 24. But Wo unto those, who * have * See you that are rich: received their Portion of good Things Chap. xvi. for ye have received in this Life ; Who live in Delicacy ver. 19, your consolation,

886 and Voluptuousness; and placing their Happiness in the Enjoyments of the present World, rest contented without making preparation for that which is to

come. 25 Wo unto you

25. Wo unto those who live in Pleathat are full : for


fure and Jollity here, and never think Thall hunger. Wo of what is to come hereafter: For unto you that laugh their present Plenty and Mirth, wherenow : for ye shall in they now esteem themselves so very moumn and weep.

happy, will miferably deceive them,
when, by the momentary Pleasure of
Sin, they shall find themselves betrayed
into eternal Misery.

26. Wo unto those, who by propa. when all men shall gating such Doctrines as encourage or {peak well of you : indulge Men in Sin, gain to themselves for so did their fa- the Applause and Flattery of the Genethers to the false pro- rality of Men: For

thus in old Time, phets.

false Prophets and Deceivers, who ac-
commodated their Doctrines to the
Lusts and Passions of Men, were more
courted, and better received, than the

true Prophets of God.
27 But I say un 27. J And now, ye that desire to
to you which hear, receive my Doctrine, and to obey my
Love your enemies, Instructions in Sincerity and Truth,
do good to them attend to what I say, and remember it.

If ye will be my Disciples indeed, and
live as become the true Children of
God; raise your Virtue above the
common Practise of Men, and extend
your Charity universally, in Imitatio.2

26 Wo unto you

which hate you :

of the Divine Goodness. Love, not
only your Friends, but even your Ene-
mies also; and return Good to those
who perfecute and revile you.

28. Express your Good-will to all 28 Bless them that
Mankind, by praying for, and wishing curse you, and pray
well even to them that curse and speak for them which de-
ill of you ; and pray even for such as spitefully use you.
moft unjustly and maliciously injure you,
that God would grant them Repentance
and Pardon,

29. So far be it from you to return 29 And unto him Evil for Evil, that on the contrary, that' finiteth thee on if a Man abuses you by Violence, or the one cheek, offer wrongs you by Extortion, and you also the other : and cannot be relieved by just and Chrif- him that taketh away tian Authority, according to the

thy cloak, forbid not Rules, and in the Bounds of Peace

to take thy coat also. and Charity ; Chuse to let him injure you still, and rather yield even more to him, than endeavour to right your self in the Heat of private Revenge, or enter into the Spirit of Contention with him.

30. Let it be the main Endeavour 30 Give to every of your Life, to do good to all Men, at man that asketh of all times, and by all the just Ways you thee ; and of him can. To him that begs any thing of that taketh away thy you, give freely ; and to him, whose goods, ask them not Wants oblige him to borrow, be al- again. ways ready to lend, and never rigorous to exact it of him again.

31. In all things be sure to observe 31. And as ye the fame Rules of Equity and Charity,

would that and to do all the same good Offices to

should do io you, do others, that you in the like Cases could ye also to them like

wise. in Reason expect they should do tor you. 32 & 33. And do not think it 32 For if ye love

them which love ver. 27. strange, that I have commanded


what thank have you to love, and to do good, not

ye? for finners also only to your Friends, but even to love those that love your Enemics also.

For if ye love them,



33 And if ye do only those who love you ; what exgood to them which traordinary matter is that? And if ye do good to you, what do Good only to those, who do Good thank have ye? for finners also do even

to you; what great Reward does this

deserve? This is no more than what the same.

is generally done, even by Heathens, and Sinners, and the very meanest of

•Men. 34 And if ye lend

34. Again : if ye lend, not to the to them of whom Poor and Needy, but to those only ye hope to receive, from whom ye expect a' Return of what thank have ye? for finners also lend equal Value ; what extraordinary Excelto finners to receive lency is this? This is r.o more than what as much again.

is commonly practised by the most covetous and worldly Men, for temporal

Advantages. 35 But love ye 35. Ye therefore on the contrary, if your enemies, and do ye will be my true Disciples, must good, and lend, ho- do all Offices of Kindness; not to ping for nothing a those only, from whom ye expect a gain : and your reward shall be great, also, who never will return you any

temporal Recompense ; but to those and ye shall be the children of the high- Kindness, as being Enemies and Pereft : for he is kind secutors; and to those most especially unto the unthank!ul, who never can make you any Recomand to the evil. pente, as being Poor and Needy. And

by this means, the less hore of Reward you have from Men, the greater and niore certain will be

your Title to the Favour of God, whofe Example you will imitate by such an extendive

Charity. 35 Be ye there 36. For God bestows the Benefit of fore merciful, as your his Sun and Rain upon all Men proFather also is merci- miscuously, both Good and Bad : And

ye, in imitation of this Divine Goodness, ought to extend your Charity universally to all Mankind; that, being by fuch an excellent Disposition of Mind made Partakers of the Divine Nature here, ye may be entitled to a greater Proportion of his eternal Happiness

hereafter. VOL. II.


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