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THE joint standing committee on the State Prison, to which were referred the reports of the Warden and Inspectors of that institution, having had the same under consideration, ask leave to


That, pursuant to a joint resolution of the Legislature of the first of February, authorizing and requesting a quorum of the committee to visit said prison and make such personal examinations of the premises, as would enable the Legislature to act understandingly upon the propositions for appropriations in said reports; and also empowering the committee to examine the books of accounts of the Warden, in all matters touching the interest of the State; the committee waited on the Warden, at the prison, on the tenth instant, who very politely received them, and extended to them every possible facility for prosecuting the object of their visit,

The committee spent the afternoon in examining the new prison, erected by the Warden under resolves of the last Legislature, the old prison cells and the various departments of labor embraced in the institution; and the evening in the consideration of that part of the resolve, which authorizes the committee to examine the Warden's books of account.

The books are kept on the system of double entry, by a competent clerk of the institution, under oath, and exhibit the appearance of a care, neatness and precision in the clerk, highly satisfactory to the committee, and the operations of the prison, the last year, to be identical with that shown in the reports of the Warden and Inspectors, now in print, before the Legislature.

Knowing the great solicitude felt by the public with regard to the question whether the prison can ever be made to support itself,

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