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No. XC.

JULY, 1824.



By Sir Morgan ODoherty, Bart. UNCHANGED amidst the petty mu- deipnosophism.-Above the rest, let tabilities of rank and station, I still THE BOTTLE, and all that pertains to claim it, dear North, as my peculiar it, be my proper concern. Here inprivilege, to review, in your work, all deed I am great. If Barrow, as being books allied in any way whatever to himself a practised traveller, is fitted the two great sister sciences of eat- more than any other of our tribe for ing and drinking. Blackwood's Maga- discussing the vagaries of the Parrys, zine is the place, and mine is the pen, the Vauxes, the Basil Halls, the Fanny imprimis, zar'içoxrv, and par excellence, Wrights, the Edward Daniell Clarkes, consecrated to the discussion of all and the John Rae Wilsons of our such delightful themes. Let the Quar- time-Surely I have at least as unterly rejoice in the noble art of boiling questionable a title for predominating down into a portable essence, the dif- over all that is connected with the cirfusive lucubrations of all voyagers by cumvolutions of the decanters. It is land or sea : let old Blue and Yellow recorded by Athenæus, that Darius, keep unpoached the jungles and juge the great Darius, commanded them gleries of political economy: let The to inscribe upon his tombstone these Writer Tam glorify himself in Jem memorable, and even sublime words: Smith's quaint little ditties, and his “ HAYNAMHN KAI OINON ITINEIN TOATN brother's quaint little criticisms on the KAI TOTTON OEPEIN KAANE:” which minora moralia of Harley Street, and signify, being interpreted : “ Here Gower Street: let the London Aourish lies Darius the King, who drank three on the misty dreams of the opium- bottles every day, and never had a eater, and lay down the law unques. headach in his life.” I flatter myself tioned as to the drinking up both of that my epitaph might tell a similar eisel and laudanum : sacred to the story, without any impeachment of its quackeries of the quack-doctors, be the veracity. pungent pages of the Scalpel : let John The volume now in my eye, then, Bull vibrate his hornsad libitum, among belongs in an especial manner to my the mercitul bowels of Mr Zachariah province. At first, on perceiving it to Macaulay: and let the Examiner be be a bulky quarto, you may be inclined great, as of old, in the region of seconds to hesitate as to this: but when you rate players, and fifth-rate painters. put on your spectacles, and discover Let each man buckle his own belt, ac- that the title is “ The History of cording to the adage, and that in his Wines, Ancient and Modern,"* your own way: but let me unbuckle mine, scruples will evanish as easily as do the and luxuriate in the dear, the dainty, cobwebs of a Jeffrey beneath the bethe delicate, paradisaical department of som of a Tickler. 'Turn over these

· The History of Ancient and Modern Wines. London : Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy. 1824. Vol. XVI.


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