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meet with a kind and hearty Reception, among Those, who fit in the Seat of the

But let us not Therefore be dejected, because there are Many, whom the World esteems, who' yet esteem not Us, and Our Holy and Undefiled Religion ! Neither let us suspect our selves, as being out of the way and inipos’d upon, because Men of a greater Reach, perhaps, and of a more improv'd Understanding than We, are not of Our Mind. Solomon, who was certainly a Man of Understanding, and who was of our Mind, doth, in a very few Words (which I cannot repeat too often) afford us a full and comfortable Solution of the Case; A Scorner (saith he) seeketh Wisdom, and findeth it not.

From the Account of Former Times it appears to us, that thus it always hath been; and from reflections on the Nature of Man, that thús it necessarily must be : and, therefore, let us possess our Souls in Patience and Peace; and go on in the plain Paths of Godliness and Honesty, without Turning to the Right, or to the Left, for whatever Men scornfully-Witty can say of us, or to us.

Let us beg of Him, who scorneth the Scorners, but giveth Grace unto the Lowly,


Prov. iii. 34.

xxiii. 4,

let us beg of him to Bestow on us, to Preserve, and Increase in us that serious and humble Frame of Spirit, which alone can qualifie us for a Right Apprehension of the Truths and Mysseries of the Gospel; and which is, therefore, certainly Preferable to all Other Endowments of Mind, however the World may have misplac'd the greatest part of it's Esteem upon them.

And let us, in order to this end, frequently take to our felves the humble Words of the Son of Syrach , and fay; O Lord, Father and God of my Ecclus. Life, give me not a proud Look; but turn away from Thy Servant always an haughty Mind! Turn away from me vain Hopes and Concupiscence, and thou shalt hold him up that is desirous always to serve thee ! Let not the Greediness of the Belly, nor Lust of the Flesh take hold of me ;

and give not over Me thy Servant to an Impudent Mind!

And as for Those, who contemn.Us, and Our Narrow Principles, and who makes us their Derision daily, let us (in the Words of the Apostle) not cease Eph. 1. 16, to make mention of them in our Prayers, 17, 18. that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ , the Father of Glory, may give unto them


5, 6.

the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation to the Acknowledgment of him : The Eyes of their Understanding being enlightned, that they may know, what is the Hope of his Calling, and what the Riches of the Glory of his Inheritance in the Saints,





Occafion'd by the


Of the Right Honourable

The Lady CUTTS.


ECCL E S. vii. 2.
It is better to go to the House of Mourn-

ing, than to go to the House of Feast-
ing: for that is the End of All men z

and the Living will lay it to heart. TI

HE first step towards Happiness

is, to correct our false Opinions concerning it, by learning to esteem every thing, not according to that Rate and Välue, which the World, or our own mistaken Imaginations may have plac'd upon it, but according to that which in it self, and in the accounts of right Reason and Religion, it really bears.

The Preacher therefore hath, in this Chapter, lay'd together a Set of Religious Paradoxes; which, however they may

startle and shock us a little, upon the first hearing, yet, when closely examin’d, will appear to be clear unquestionable Truths, by which the whole course of our Lives ought to be steerd and govern'd.

In the first Verse of this Chapter (the Verse before the Text) he tells us, that a Good Name is better than precious Ointment, and the Day of one's Death than the Day of one's Birth. A Good Name is better than precious Ointment; i. li rich Oils, and fweet Odors, (in the use of which the People of the East much delighted) are not half fo grateful, or valuable, as a good Reputation, well founded: This is more truly fragrant, more diffusive of its influence, more durable: it gives a man greater comfort and refreshment, while he is Living; and preserves him, when Dead, better than the most precious Embalmings.


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