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thers, shall grow brighter in Proportion to Your Pow er and Opportunities : for the Path of the full is as the Shining Light, that shineth more and more unto a perfect Day.

The great Honours and Revenues, still annex'd to some few Stations in the Church, are the chief Mark which Impiety, Envy, and Sacrilege aim at; and much they have to say, why Religion should be stripp'd of these fuperfluous and unprofitable Ornaments. But Malice it self is disarm’d, and all Objections are filenc'd, when those Rewards are be


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stow'd on Men, who by their Birth, and Virtues, and Experience, are every way qualify'd for them ; whose Hereditary Fortunes, and Noble Natures set them above all mean Designs of diverting the Patrimony of the Church to improper Ufes; and who are ready,therefore, to reflect back upon Religion the Advantages they derive from thence, and to abound in all the Offices of Hospitality and Charity, in proportion to what they enjoy. I need not say, how far thefe Excellent Qualities belong to Your LORDSHIP,


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and are a confess'd


of Your Character.

When we compare the Good which

You have done, MY LORD, with that which You have receiv'd, it brings to mind the Apposite Passage of the Prophet : The Liberal deviseth Liberal things, and by Liberal things shall be be established. Your LORDSHIP is an Illustrious Instance of this Truth ; for the Blessings, You have so plentifully scatter'd on those beneath You, have been multiply'd on Your own Head from above; and You have reap'd the Benefits of a most generous


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and firm Friendship, in like manner as You sow'd them. i You have given, my Lord, and it hath been given unto You ; good Measure, pressed down, Jhaken togetber, and running over: for with the same MeaJure, which You meted withal, hath it been (and may it ever be) measured to you again.

Your Happiness My LORD, is now as compleat as all the Prosperous Circumstances of Life can make it ; and Your Private Domestick Felicities (a Cafe rarely known) ways inferiour to those of a more Publick and Splendid Nature.


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For You are happy in the best of Ladies, as She is in the Tendereft of Husbands You have the best of Brothers, and the best of Children; those Arrows in the Hand of the Mighty Man, which are both his Ornament, and Defence : God be thanked, Your Qyiver is full of them! And He amongst them, who is to inherit Your Ample Fortunes, doth, by his Early Love of Learning, and most Vertuous Disposition, promise, that he will one day do Honour even to that Honourable Stock from which he springs.

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