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admit of any Doubt ; and carries in it a Reflection, for at much to the disadvantage of Religion, that, could it posibly be conceald, I should think my self oblig'd to pass it over in Silence. How mußt it affli&t good Men, to consider, that our unbappy Disputes, about Rights and in Privileges, should spread themselves into Points, of ! a Foreign Nature, and of the most Sacred Importance ; and be perfu'd to the very Horns of the Altar, without any regard to the Interests of our Common Christianity ! Wbat! can we not differ about Adjournnients, with it out differing also about the Evidences of a Future State ; and managing our Contests on that Head, int such a manner, as even to take part with, and make Sport for Unbelievers ? Are these the blessed Effects of that Moderation and Temper, of which we have beard so much in fome Men's Writings, and feen so little in their Practices ? How long mall the bell Words in the World be tbus perversly applied to the worst Purpofes; and made use of to cover, and advance Designs, widely diftant from our specious Pretensions! Can we look upon it, as one Instance of that most amiable Viro tue, To stand by cool and unconcern'd for the great Truths of Religion? neither to defend them our Selves, nor yet suffer i bem to be defended by Others and, when we chance to spy an Egyptian Imiting an Hebrew, one of our Brethren, to be so far from avenging the Wrong, as to encourage and at the Doer of it? What is this, but to imitate the wicked Policy of our 2007 ft Enemy, which we have so often complain d of ? For how Eloquent have some Men been in their izvea Stives against & Neighbouring Prince (the fubjcet of their Panegyricks on some other Occasions) for making scandalous Leagues with Mahometans, and attacking Christians in Conjunction with the great Enemies o


Chriftendome? And is Their Conduet lefs liable to Reproacb,' who are not afhand to espouse the cause ven of Infidelity it self, rather than miss an opportwity of expressing their Refentments against Men they de nos like, and of keeping up their Little Party-Inte. velts. and Quarrels ? When Popery was at our Doors ma'late Reign; did we take This way of keeping it out? And are Atheism and Deifm less dreadful in themselves ? or are We now in less Danger of being on verrun with them? In God's Name, if we cannot agree in other things, let us unite at leap in an equal Żeal for those Capital Do&rines, which we all equally embrace and are alike concery'd to maintain : Nor let our Personal Views, and Prejudices (if we will not be persuaded to part with them) ever lead was to do any ibing, that may expose Religion it self to the Laughter and Scern of Profane Men, wbo Shoot out the Lip, and shake the Head, saying, Aha! So we would have it.


St. Luke xvi. 31. If they hear not Moses and -

the Prophets, neither will they be perswaded, -

though one rose from the Deado P.327 ,
SERM. XIL. A Sermon preach'd at the Fu. -

neral of Mr. Thomas Bennet.

1 Cor. xv. 19. If in this Life only we have

hope in Christ, we are of all men most miser. I



SERM. XIII. A Sermon Preach'd at the E-

lection of the Lord-Mayor.

Job xxix. 14. I put on Righteousness, and it

clothed me; my Judgment was as á Robe

and a Diadem. . . , p. 401

SERM. XIV. A Sermon Preach'd before the

Lord-Mayor, on a Day of Publick Hu.

Psal. xxx. 6, 7, 8. In my Prosperity I said,

Ishall never be moved : Lord, by thy favour

Thou hast made my Mountain to stand

Strong. Thou didft hide thy Face, and I

WAS troubled, I cryed unto Thee, O Lord,

and unto the Lord I made my Supplication.

p. 429


REF. p. xxiv. at the bottom, lin, si for pendinuíce
I undqulao . .

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