Nuts to Crack: Or, Quips, Quirks, Anecdote and Facete of Oxford and Cambridge Scholars

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E. L. Carey & A. Hart, 1835 - Anas - 204 pages

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Page 161 - Christ was the word that spake it; He took the bread and brake it ; And what the word did make it, That I believe and take it.
Page 92 - Mallard. Oh ! by the blood of King Edward, Oh ! by the blood of King Edward, It was a swapping, swapping Mallard.
Page 25 - Potter, while a tutor of Trinity college, I knew right well, whipt his pupil with his sword by his side, when he came to take his leave of him to go to the inns of court.
Page 80 - Caput apri defero," &c. The first dish that was brought up to the table on, Easter-day was a red herring riding away on horseback, ie a herring ordered by the cook something after the likeness of a man on horseback, set in a corn salad.
Page 59 - July 19, 1652. Agreed, then, That Dryden be put out of Comons, for a fortnight at least ; and that he goe not out of the colledg, during the time aforesaid, excepting to sermons, without express leave from the master, or vice-master ; and that, at the end of the fortnight, he read a confession of his crime in the hall, at dinner-time, at the three - - - - fellowes table. " His crime was, his disobedience to the vice-master, and his contumacy in taking his punishment inflicted by him.
Page 133 - no man if he be not of sound religion ; for he that is false to God can never be true to man...
Page 61 - ... time remarkable for the number of its Saxon scholars, one of the principal of whom was Mr. Thwaites, who so early as 1698 became a preceptor in the Saxon tongue there. The industry of his pupils was great, but they had few helps. In a letter to Wanley, dated March 24, 1698-9, he says, " We want Saxon Lexicons. I have fifteen young students in that language, and but one Somner for them all.
Page 115 - I lead : you could do every thing, and cannot afford it. I have had no sleep during the whole night, on account of these reflections ; and am now come solemnly to inform you, that if you persist in your indolence, I must renounce your society...
Page 165 - Ode came out, which was very poor, somebody being asked his opinion of it, said : — And when the Pye was open'd The birds began to sing. And was not this a dainty dish To set before the King ! Pye was brother to old Major Pye, and father to Mrs. Arnold, and uncle to a General Pye, all friends of Miss Kelly. Pye succeeded Thos.
Page 134 - But seven years' waiting will tire out the most patient temper; and all my ambition of this sort was long ago laid asleep. The sudden news of the vacant professorship put me in mind of poor Jacob, who, having served seven years in hopes of being rewarded with Rachel, awoke, and behold it was Leah. Such, Sir, I confess, were the first ideas that took possession of my mind. But after a little reflection, I resolved to refer a matter of this importance to my friends. This circumstance has caused the...

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