Angels: The mythology of angels and their everyday presence among us

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Over 50 per cent of Americans and over one third of British people believe that we all have a guardian angel that protects us throughout our lives. More people believe in these divine bodyguards than in global warming. It is truly astonishing how many spiritually aware people have seen or sensed an angel’s presence at a time of contemplation or hardship. Angels have been protecting us for centuries. This book explores the cultural origins of the heavenly messengers that guide and heal every one of us and reveals compelling real-life encounters with angels. The result is a fascinating insight into the world of angels and their everyday presence among us.

Contents: Angels through the ages, angels in Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Kabbalism. Angel links with black magic, occultism and ancient astrology. Paganism. Angel healers: what your angel can do for you.  Angel encounters: real-life stories from people around the world.


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