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the daughter expiring under the My neighbour stood aghast while cruel agonies which brutal soldiers I spoke; and as I ended, he imhave inflicted, first by violating plored the divine Being to save us her chastity, and then by stabbing as a nation and people from the her bosom with their bayonets. He sins and calamities of war. He must learn, that the young children then hastened on to his labour, and are fled with their distracted mo- I proceeded forward towards a disther into the concealment of some tant cottage, where one of my neighbouring wood, while all this people lay patiently waiting the tale of sorrow is told by the for- hour which would soon arrive, and lorn, and wretched, helpless old dismiss the happy soul from a grandsire, whom he finds weeping pained and dying body. The subamidst the blood, the desolation, ject of war, however, kept posand the mangled corpses of his session of my thoughts, and many family. When any man has sur- more of its evils passed and reveyed the scene thus far, let him passed before the mind, until I felt hasten to the late field of battle, most powerfully the truth of that and see at one view what horrid Scripture, “ Madness is in the havoc, what inexpressible misery, heart of man while he lives, and what Satanic effects are produced after that he goes down to the by war. There all the varieties of dead." its general carnage will exhibit Surely, among all the unha!themselves to all his senses; lowed practices which our pretendwounded dying men and wounded ed Christian nations tolerate and dying horses mingling their groans, approve, none so completely prove and pouring out their life-blood the unchristian state of those nainto the same channel; friends tions as that of war. Whatever and enemies, swords, muskets, may be advanced in justification of helmets, fallen in one indiscrimi- positive self-defence against the nate heap; some with their faces on actual violence of bloody and unthe earth, biting the ground in the principled invaders, there can be agonies of death, and others roll- none produced, on the authority of ing their convulsed eyes for the last Scripture, to justify or even paltime towards that sun which they liate one out of a hundred of all the are to behold no more for ever. As wars that have ever, been waged in the work of slaughter ends for the the world. We are not surprised day, let him follow the mangled, at any thing which men and nations wounded multitudes, as they are may think or do, so long as they carried to some rude building, or know not God, or so long as they laid in rows beneath the shelter of reject his holy word. Whether we a hedge, until the surgeon can am- survey the ambitious, bloodthirsty putate the limbs of some and bind spirit and practice of ancient, polishup the wounds of others. Then ed, heathen Greece or Rome, or hour after hour let him mark the whether we contemplate the brutal sufferings of those wounded sol- passions, the tiger-like disposition diers, and count

up the deaths that and depredations of northern saday after day thìn their ranks. vages or of Oriental idolaters, all is When he has done this, he will be one piece of consistency; because enabled to realize in part what are man in a savage as well as in a polishthe sad and cruel effects of war; ed but heathen state, is, as has been he will feel convinced, that its long truly styled, “ half a beast and horrors and evils are intinitely more half a devil.” But that men and deplorable than those produced by nations professing to fear God and eruptive volcanos and destructive to believe the Holy Scriptures, earthquakes.”

that men and nations professing

to be looking to the Lord Jesus that thou wouldest hasten the time Christ, for wisdom, righteousness, when men should love one another, sanctifications, and redemption, and nations learn war no more! should maintain such fayourable, When, with the Gospel of this opinions of war-should see so blessed Saviour in our hands, andi little of its abominations, and feel the subjects of death, judgment, so little compunction at entering on and eternity, on our. minds, we sit. all its dire and dismal operations, down and read the history of those and that too on, the slightest pre- bloody wars, those ambitious purtence, and often with no pretence suits, those diabolical sentiments, at all, is most astonishing. That and desolating practices which our men professing to believe in a fu- own and other nations, called Christure state and a just judgment, tian, have maintained, one is should, from no other real motives, struck with amazement that the than those of a selfish nature, sweeping judgments, and; righteous “ wade as far as they can through indignation of Heaven have not slaughter to a throne,” nay to a been again and again poured out: very pitiful pre-eminence above on these portions of the earth. The their neighbours;, and for these evils attendant on, war, which I poor, dying, distinctions, willingly mentioned to my neighbour John,, shut the gates of mercy on man- form but a part of those which are kind-surely this is mockery of re- seen and felt on earth. A long, ligion, and the height of profanation train, of, heart-rending calamities and contempt of God. 0°thou meek might be added to what was there. and lowly Saviour! thou Prince only hinted at; these, however,,we of peace! thou God, of love and will now pass over, and for one mercy ! how long shall, thy name, moment direct our thoughts to that, thy word, and thy religion be thus, eternal state which awaits the dying mocked and blasphemed.? What warrior,, in: common with dying claim, what authority, can kings men of every other description.. and princes challenge to style them: Were warriors to die like the horses selves “ most, Christian *!” while, which, bear them into the rage of war is held up by them in higli and battle, were there no existence honourable esteem, and practised: aften the present life, no account to. in all its horrors on every trifling be given in at, a future tribunal, no occasion, and its deeds of blood heaven to be lost or gained, no reand darkness are made the straight gion of unspeakable and.eternal miand sure way to riches, titles,, and sery to be avoided or partaken, of, honours among, men ? Blessed $a- then would the soldier's folly in. viour! at the birth the host of hea throwing away his life be less conven proclaimed “ peace on earth, spicuous, and the prince's crimi- . and good will towards men!". It nalityin, urging his subjects on to was peace which thou thyself didst their destruction be less heinous.. preach and command, which thou But the case is not so. After death, didst bequeath to thy followers: as. comes the judgment;, after time is their duty and solace across the concluded, comes, eternity; after waste, howling wilderness of a the day.of probationis.ended, comes. distracted world. Yet, alas! there heaven.or hell, as, the unalterables have been but few. among thy pro- the eternal residence of every man.. fessed followers who have valued. To die is at all times, and under alli the boon,, or endeavoured to pro- circumstances, a, solemn matter. mote its extension in the world. O. To depart hence, unpardoned, un

sanctified; and, consequently unr * The kings of France are styled, saved, is the prelude to weeping « Most Christian Majesty,”.

and wailing, and gnashing of teeth


for ever:. Now,, when we consider misery,! We hean, indeed, much an army of one hundred thousand sophistry and many harangues: setz men marching on to a campaign, in ting forth to the world how that ex which they will slay perhaps, two pediency, necessity, and even posithirds of as numerous, an army of tive duty, call upon rulers to marshali their adversaries, and leave two the peaceable inhabitants of the thirds of their own number dead on: land, and to send them forth from the plain-when, we consider the time to time to slay and be slain.; but awful profaneness, which pervades if we look to the word of God for an such a collected host of men in explanation of motives which actu : their general manners, the rage, ate men on these occasions, we are: and; lusts

, and murder that operate informed, that.“ wars and fightings in the hour of battle and in the day come of men's lusts.” (James, iva of plunder--when we call to mind, 1.). And whoever reads, with a that in the very heat and full exer- mind open to conviction, through cise of all these unhallowed. pass the history of this or any other nar. sions and pursuits their souls are tion,, will infallibly be led to this dismissed to the righteous tribunal conclusion, that the most glaning of heaven, there to be judged by. ambition, the most pitiful envy, the Him who hath commanded all men broadest injustice, and the most to love each other as brethren- criminal disregard of human sufferwhen we read as from the very lips ings, have been the leading motives of this Judge himself, that there and actuating principles of by face is neither repentance, non reformas the greater part of all those who tion in the grave, that at death he have planned and proclaimed, the who is unholy must remain unholy many wars which have distracted: still, and he that is filthy, must de and polluted the earth. Expedimain filthy still,, that nothing which eney is a term most convenient and defileth, can enten into his kingdom. well suited to varnish over every

when, I say, we thus reflect ass wicked action which Jesuits at the we gaze on the heaps of slaughtenedi altan, and ambitious senators at the warriors,, Or what cam charity, it councillboard, have perpetrated. self furnish; to sooth our gripfi on al- Caiaphas, the infamous high priest. lay our fears as to the final state of argued on the ground of expediby far the gneater portion of all who ency, and Pontius Pilate, the timeare thus untimely cutoff? Whatisha serving governor, did the same, dow of a plea worthy one moments when the one adjudged the Sat hearing, can those princes and se- viour of the world to death; andi nators advance in justification of the othen gave him up to be erucitheir conduct, or in extenuation of fied. Were it not for the base all the accumulated and eternal passions of ambition, revenge, enmisery they have brought on so vy, and cowetousness actuating many of their follow-creatures, those who govern, the nations, we whose immortality is now their should hear little of the necessity greatest curse, because they have of war, and not once in an hundred passed away from this state of pro- years: would the plea of duty dare bation uncalled by their Maker, and to advance itself in justification of unprepared to give up their ac-drawing the sword.. count? They have closed their O how will those wholesale munperiod of time, but not repented. derers confronti a holy God and an finished their days, but not re- assembled world of pure and hap. formed. They have died in the py spirits? Fain would they pen. perpetration of acts which God has suade themselves that no sucht inforbidden, and sealedy, for ever seal terview will ever take place. Bub edi thaein unspeakable, their eternal the day: is hastening on, when they must stand forth, not to receive induced them to set at naught that the idle acclamations of a guilty in- praise which comes from God. fidel multitude of wicked men, but They will be ready to confess, and to tell out all the real, all the hid- that with truth, that they had no den springs of action, all the true particular wish to destroy their felmotives and actual principles that low-creatures, they felt no parurged them on in the praise and ticular enmity against any other practice of war. Then shall a col- tribe or class of men; but as they lected world hear them confess, had become soldiers, they were led in the bitterness of unavailing sor- to the war, and the business of war row and madness of unceasing de- was to slay and be slain. Othe spair, “We planned and carried madness of the heart of man! Well, on wars, that we might exalt our- of this blessed fact we are certain, selves on the ruin of others, that that as soon as our pretended Cbriswe might make us a name upon tian nations become in reality nathe earth. The miseries we brought tions of Christians, war will be on our people, the burdens with learnt no more. The past transacwhich we loaded our own country, tions of men will then be viewed as and the fetters we riveted on others; they ought to be, and acquire suitthe famine and pestilence we occa- able titles and appropriate definisioned in the earth, and the souls tions. Then the history of the warwe hurried into another world- rior will excite' only pity and surthese were circumstances consider- prise at the folly and wickedness ed light as the dust on the balance of such a profession as that of when weighed against the gratifi- arms. And the name of the concation of humbling our cotempora- queror's grave will be “ the grave ries, of extending our own power, of the destroyer of men.” Then will and augmenting our own fame. the ancient Briton, who offered his We thirsted for universal domi- own fellow-creatures in sacrifice to nion, and we desired to be re- his idol gods, and the more monowned above men. The fabric dern Briton, who trafficked in human of our fame was cemented with blood, and bartered the defenceblood; and when our names were less children of Africa for lucre of wafted to the ends of the earth, it gain, and their still more modern was in the shrill cry of suffering hu- descendants, who justified war, manity, in the curses and impre- and chose its profession as one most cations of those whom our swords high and honourable to man; then, had reduced to despair: but we I say, will all these be remembered sorrowed not at these lamentations, with an equal mixture of pity, surwe grieved not at the miseries we príse, and holy indignation. Yes, had produced in the earth, we the day is advancing when the were renowned among men, and world will bless God that such we disregarded the approbation of crimes no longer exist, but in the God.”

records of past ages; that such Others, that is, the great mass doctrines are approved of only in of those who compose the ranks of hell. As yet, the earth groans slaughterers, will have in general while it drinks in the blood of its no better reason to give for becom- inhabitants, and the blood of man ing warriors and shedding the blood cries to heaven; and soon these of their fellow men, than that idle- cries and groans will receive a reness led them to prefer warfare to ply. Nay, that reply is now honest labour; vanity prompted given, and has been given through them to exchange a plain garment all the past sanguinary ages of the for a tawdry uniform; and a love of world-given in strains of righteous that praise which comes from man, indignation, and displays the retri

butive justice of Heaven. Thus men for whose salvation, for whose will the life of this world pass on present and eternal peace, the Son for an appointed season, and then of God came down from heaven, the change cometh when wars shall and suffered, and died. May the cease to the ends of the earth - Lord rebuke the madness of both when swords shall be beaten into princes and people, and command plowshares and spears into pruning- the jarring elements of a troubled hooks—when princes and senators

world into peace! shall no longer bid the hostile le- “O stretch thy reign, fair Peace, from gions slay each other, nor such a shore to shore, person as a warrior be found on the Till conquest cease, and slavery be no more, earth. Meanwhile, it is the duty Till the freed Indians in their native groves of the Christian, in whatever rank Reap their own fruits, and woo their sable

loves. he moves, to inculcate peace on Exild by thee from earth to deepest hell, earth and good will towards men; In brazen bonds, shall barbarous Discord to exhibit to all within his reach

dwell: the genuine spirit and true prin- And mad Ambition shall attend her there :

Gigantic Pride, pale. Terror, gloomy Care, ciples of the Gospel of Christ, and There purple Vengeance bath'd in gore reto show that those wars and con

tires, tentions that now again threaten Her weapons blunted, and extinct her fires; the repose of Europe, and bid fair There hateful Envy ber own snakes shall

feel, to deluge many countries with

And Persecution mourn her broken wheel ; blood, can have no warrant from

There Faction roar, Rebellion bite her Scripture, nor their princes any chain, pretensions to the title of “ Most And gasping Furies thirst for blood in rain.” Christian Majesty," while they so

ALIQUIS, wantonly spill the blood of those



REV. T. SCOTT'S LIFE. To the Editor of the Christian said, 'You are extremely ill.' He Guardian.

replied, 'Yes; but I shall not die SIR,

this time. I asked the ground of It is very probable, that several this extraordinary confidence, sayof your readers


be unac- ing, that I was persuaded he would quainted with the following passage not recover. To this he answered, in the Life of the late Rev. Thomas I have just dreamed that you, Scott.

with a very venerable looking per“ In this instance,” of the pre- son, came to me; he asked

you valence of an infectious disorder, what you thought of me: What “ which happened, I believe, be- kind of tree is it? Is there any fore those above related, an inci- fruit?' You said, “ No, but there dent occurred on which I never can are blossoms.'-' Well, then,' he reflect without astonishment; but said, 'I will spare it a little I venture my credit for veracity on longer. All reliance upon such the exact truth. A poor man, most dream I should, in other circumdangerously ill, of whose religious stances, have scouted as enthustate I entertained some hopes, siasm and presumption; but it so seemed to me in the agonies of exactly met my ideas as to the death. I sat by his bed for a con- man's state of mind, which, howsiderable time, expecting to see ever, I had never communicated him expire; but at length he awoke to him; and the event, much beas from sleep, and noticed me. I yond all expectation, so answered

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