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66 in season

own selves. I proceed, therefore, sible way, to stifle conviction, and now to show in how many ways to silence the voice of conscience. you also may oppose or hinder the

15. Some harden their hearts success of the Gospel.

against God, and scoff at warnings 1. Many are so ignorant of the and the voice of mercy. nature of God and of their own 16. Some would even rather die souls, that they live without thought in sin, than repent, be converted, or concern, “ like the bea that and be saved. perish."

With men of such cast of mind, 2. Many desire not the know- and spirit, and conduct, who can ledge of God, lest they should lose be surprised, that “the word the gain of the world and the preached does not profit them?" pleasures of sin.

What zeal is necessary for the 3. Some are wholly indifferent to work of the ministry; what earnestinstruction, or too wise in their ness and unremitting care; what own opinion to be instructed. incessant and unwearied prayer;

4. Some are prejudiced against what unconquerable patience and the truth, and will neither hear it perseverance; what careful and in love, nor receive it with simpli- observant watchfulness for opporcity of affection.

tunities, providencés, 5. Many are so engaged in the and out of season,” to warn, recares and concerns of this world, buke, exhort, and teach every that their hearts are too full of the man, that we may present every gains and pleasures of this life to man, by the blessing and grace of admit the entrance and abiding in- God, perfect in Christ Jesus!” fuence of the word.

What close and strict examina6. Many prefer sin, and the tion, my brethren, is required of ways and wages

of it, to the sal- you; what distrust, and holy jeavation of God.

lousy of yourselves; what atten7. Many never once think se- tion to the word; what prayer for riously of themselves, as to their its success on your souls; what state and character before God. holy resolution, by the grace of

8. Some seldom hear the word, God, to live so as to comfort the neglect all opportunity for instruc- heart of your minister, adorn the tion, profane the sabbath, and Gospel, honour Christ, and glodespise the worship of God. rify the God of


salvation ! 9. Many are hearers only, and What a loud call have we, benever desire to be doers of the loved, for mutual forbearance, love, word.

and patience with each other! 10. Many never pray for a bless- What need have we of mutual ing on the word, or on their own prayer for one another! that we souls.

may preach and you may hear, 11. Some never reflect or medi- with more profit and greater blesstate on what they hear, that it may ing; that both minister and people become the food and support of may become more truly devoted to the soul.

the glory of God, more humble, 12. Many seldom search the more holy; and that, edifying Scriptures to be made wise unto one another in love," we may be salvation, through faith in Christ “ builded together for a habitaJesus.

tion of God through the Spirit,” 13. Some rest satisfied with head founded on “ the Apostles and knowledge and profession, without Prophets, Jesus Christ himself grace in the heart.

being the chief corner stone."14. Many try, by every pos- Amen.


often say,

every word of


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She now requested to have her character of the unrighteous; which
favourite chapter read to her, the bears sufficient evidence of its di-
fourteenth of St. John's Gospel; vine origin."
she was also desirous of uniting in As soon as she awoke in the
prayer. Prayer,” she would morning, she expressed her un-

“ is the food of the soul feigned thankfulness to her heaI could live on prayer. It is every venly Father, for his great goodthing. Nothing does me so much

ness to her in suffering her to good-affords me so much solid pass so quiet and undisturbed a comfort. I feel as if I could eat night. After thanking, in her usual


I am never manner, those who waited upon so happy as when I am praying, her, she said, " What mercies, or engaged in prayer;

what innumerable mercies do I re* It makes the Christian's armour bright.” and prayed for. Her whole soul

ceive!She was then read to, After this, she fell into a gentle seemed to be engaged in imploring slumber. When she awoke, I support and strength, only to be desaid to her, “ My dearest Emma, I rived from above. She repeated have been thinking your uncle is our blessed Saviour's prayer with gone to be married but you, I great fervency and devotion. After trust, are going to be clothed in a short time, she said, she felt the wedding garment of your Re- herself so great a sinner, that deemer's righteousness." She ex- she was sure she did not declaimed, with ecstacy and holy serve to enter heaven; and exjoy, “ Mamma, mine is the wed- pressed some doubt whether she ding! mine is the wedding! O that should ever reach the happy world. it is that it is! Is it not, mam- Here the great adversary of souls ma? O yes; O yes; that it is! I threw in his artful suggestions, and would not exchange situations for her mind was evidently much disthe world.” She here seemed quite tressed about the safety of her soul. overpowered with delight and joy; Her papa read to her immediately and herinteresting countenance was a part of the fifth chapter of St. unusually animated. Her dear Matthew's Gospel ; and as he read, papà now read to her the 103d he remarked to her, “ My dearest Psalm, which she was particularly child, you are convinced, are you partial to, as also the 25th; “ So not, that I am reading to you?" adapted,” she would say, “ Yes,” she said, “ certainly." spiritual wants, as well as full of “ Then, my dear, these very words supplication. They exactly suit are true in a more eminent degree, my situation under all circum- because they proceeded from the istances. I have heard it said, lips of Him who is truth itself.” mamma, that there are some people After this, she never expressed anin the world so dreadfully wicked other doubt; and her mind instantas to dare

to say, they do not be- ly recovered its former tranquillity. lieve the Bible. But I find it to She then requested me to repeat to be a book most precious; and her that sweet hymn which had that in an hour which, of all others, often afforded her so much comis the most important." She had fort ; also frequently remarked, when in

“ Jesu, lover of my soul,”' &c. comparative health, on hearing it read," How truly drawn is the and also a hymn entitled, “ The

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Lamentation of a Sinner;" in which feel as if I should.”—“ My dear,” she joined with great humility and he said, “ there can be no doubt of earnest supplication. Perceiving your happiness. Your life, as well that her moments were now fast as your death, compels us all to feel wasting away, the great importance satisfied upon this most important of spending time well, struck her point." _“O Sir, but think of my mind with much force; and led her superior advantages. What pato remark, what gratitude she rents I have been blessed with ! owed to parental care in guarding Yes, my dear Sir; dear mamma her youth from places of public

used often to say, we

were too amusement, and particularly those happy for earth-—though three nurseries of vice, the theatres, hearts, they were united in one: where the sacred name of God was and though this union here must be so awfully profaned.. And if her broken by death, yet I trust. we friends, especially those about her shall meet in another world, where own age, were present, she would we shall never part: and you, Sir, affectionately warn them, as well as I hope, will make one of that hapher strength permitted, against such py number, where no physician fatal delusions. She seemed de- will be needed: for the inhabitants sirous to mark the progress of there shall no more say, 'I am death in changing her countenance,

sick.' by viewing it in a mirror brought at After this interview, she seemed her request for that purpose; and to lie as if in deep thought; and then, with all the composure ima

the first sentence she uttered was, ginable, observed, What, is “ Papa, I have been trying to this poor Emma that once was ! review my past short life; and one you are altered very much; but action that I fear I have commitwhat does that signify? Mary, ted against you, is, I fear, very take it away: remember it is not

wicked-yes, very.

When I was pride that induces me to look at about seven years old, you told myself.” Her medical friend now me to take a halfpenny, and I took appeared. She said, “Sir, I am a penny; which has often, and very much obliged to you for all does even now, pain my mind. I you have done for me; and I am hope I shall be forgiven this great certain, as far as medical and kind sin.” Here she also most deeply attention could prove effectual, lamented, that she had been so deyou have exerted yourself to the ficient in reading the Scripturesutmost. I feel very, very grateful “I lament it bitterly now; but to you, indeed. Receive, Mr. M. really I have been so very weak my best and heartfelt thanks. I lately, that many

and love you very much, Sir.” She then I have had a strong desire and put out her hand to him.

“ O Mr. wish to read, but have not been M. I love you next to my dear able. O how wicked I am!” papa. I have frequently called Upon my saying to her, “ My you my second father, for such

you dear, what a mercy it is, that God have uniformly been to me. No- is so full of compassion to us, that thing has been wanting on your he has declared he will accept even part, as far as means went, to ad- the desires of the heart, when they -minister to my recovery *; but it are connected with a view to serve pleased God to order it otherwise. and glorify him : for instance, when I hope I shall be very happy; I David wished to build the temple,

though God did not permit him, yet * She had been under the daily attenů- he evidently approved of the deance of her medical friend for eighteen sire of his heart;" she said, “ How months.

happy am I to be blessed with pa

many a time

for me; pray

rents that can so suitably apply Saviour, purge away the dross that passages of Scripture so well remains, and make me fit! I long adapted to allay my fears! Now it is to be gone to my heavenly Father's that I feel the real value of religion. mansion! Yes, in his house are You have done your duty to me in many. The work, I trust, is fast every respect. Now you behold finishing; I am quite tired of earth. the happy effects of your instruc- But I would not be impatient. Is tions in your dying child. Look at this murmuring? O, I would not her! Here is your reward, and say one word to offend my

God. my unspeakable comfort; and what I would not repine, but patiently will yield you consolation during wait his time ; yet I long to be your pilgrimage on earth.”

gone : I cannot help here introducing a “ Jesu, lover of my soul, short remark upon an occurrence

Let me to thy bosom fly.on this last sabbath of her life, She repeated the whole hymn, and which marks the reverence in which then said, 66 O

pray she held that sacred day. Having for me! Nothing like prayer; it a box that contained some of her is all I want.” Soon after this, she private papers, she asked me if it fell into a most calm and gentle would be wicked to look into it on sleep, in which she continued six that day; and being assured by hours. me, after three urgent inquiries, it When she awoke in the morning, would not, under such peculiar she appeared much refreshed, and circumstances, she took out one of evidently better. This, however, the

papers, and wished the servant did not give her the least ground of to destroy it immediately. I was encouragement; as she was well anxious to ascertain the reason of her aware that her mortal powers were trying to conceal it from me, being fast giving way. She again wished a circumstance so contrary to her for the glass, that she might observe, uniform and most affectionate de- day by day, the gradual inroads of portment. She then gave it to me; the last enemy; and remarked and on perusing it, I found it to with a smile upon her countenance, contain a short account of the ex- You are looking worse to-day, ercise of her mind, under my own Emma. Mamma, I am changing recent affliction, in the sickness very fast; • this corruptible will and death of her infant sister, soon put on incorruption. Then which happened ten months before. shall be brought to pass the saying And she feared it might awaken in that is written, Death is swallowed my heart those tender feelings that up in victory. O death, where is she had so frequently witnessed. thy sting? O grave, where is thy

The evening passed very comfort- victory? The sting of death is sin, ably until about one in the morn- and the strength of sin is the law. ing (Monday), when her cough But thanks be to God which giveth was unusually troublesome. When us the victory through our Lord it became more quiet, she exclaim- Jesus Christ.” After this, she ed; Dear Lord, am I fit to dwell fell into a gentle doze, which conin thy heavenly courts, those bless- tinued at intervals till the evening. ed courts above? O my dearest . The next morning, noticing that

I was much distressed, and hear* During the time of her illness, she ing me say, of all the troubles I nerer would suffer me to keep from the had yet passed through-great as sanctuary on the sabbath. “Go to church, the loss of my parents had been, my dear mamma," she would invariably say, “ and pray for me. Remaining at home together with four sisters, a browith me, you would be out of your duty, ther, and two infant children-yet, and making me an idol."

none had so deeply touched and wounded my heart, as the thought Still, blessed be God! her mind that I must so soon part with my was perfectly calm and resigned; dearest and most beloved Emma; and frequently she seemed to be she replied in a moment, with much engaged in prayer and coma look which combined half a re- munion with her God. A heavenly buke with great affection, “How joy appeared to beam through her can you, my dear mamma, call countenance. She passed a quiet this a heavy trouble? It neither night. is nor ought to be, I am so very This morning, the day on which happy. I would not exchange my she expired, she evidently anticisituation for any in the world. pated the arrival of the final hour. What is this world but vanity and She said to the servant, Mary, wickedness ? I had rather die than my mamma will want nothing but live. Do not, my dear love, fret black for some time to come.” or grieve yourself about your poor And upon a cap being presented Emma. It will be very wicked to her to put on, she said, with a of you if you do. God is doing placid look, “ That will be wanted and has done every thing for me by and by, not just yet.” This that you can wish or desire. He morning she preferred washing heris going to take me to glory. It is self, which she had not done for not grievous for me to depart. some days past; and when her What I feel, and what I see, my hair was going to be put in order, dear mamma, is indescribable. I she said, “ No, thank you, my am so very happy. It is not pos- head is done with for ever; it will sible for earthly words to express never be touched any more. Take heavenly joys. My happiness is my combs, Mary, and brushes, unutterable." Her countenance and put them away as they ought seemed filled with holy transport. to be;" and gave her directions to Truly enviable, indeed, did her whom they were to be presented. state appear to all around her. She Having made this request, she lay again expressed a strong desire with a placid smile, sweetly comthat her friends could have wit- posed and tranquil, and appeared nessed the happiness she now felt to feel little or no pain. I said to as the result of those instructions her, “ My dear, I have lived to which they deemed unnecessary, witness in you, that. Jesus can,' inand bordering upon enthusiasm, deed, “ make a dying bed feel soft as and then said, “How true is it, downy pillows are, &c. She rethat the world will and do love plied, “ Yes, my dear mamma, their own! I have lived to expe- dying is nothing to what I thought rience this.”.

it would be. I have


God and On the morning of the following Saviour for my friend, and every day, seeing me weep on account of thing to make me happy. Blessed her cough appearing so much to be God! he does not suffer me to distress her, she said, “ You need feel any of the stings of death. I not be distressed, my dear mam- am only longing to be with my ma; I do not feel the pain you God!” suppose I do;" and expressed her She lay composed after this for gratitude to her heavenly Father, a considerable time, in earnest sewho dealt so tenderly with her as cret prayer. Her countenance was to suffer her to feel scarcely any beautiful to behold. She was so pain. “ O how good and merciful calm and collected, that it was is my God to me!” After this, difficult to realize the chilling hand she began to grow so feeble as to of death upon her. It was now be unable to converse much, though about five in the afternoon, and she she expressed a wish to do so. wished me to repeat to her some


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