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The Interceffon.
Oftgracious God! who art loving untoevery man, and

whose mercy is overall thy works, y beseech thee to extend thy pity and compassion to the whole race of mankind; let the bright beams of thy gospel shine into the corners of all the earth, thatthosethat fit in darkness may come to the knowledge and practice of thy laws, and their souls be sayed in the great day, when thy Son Christ Jesus shall come to judge the earth. Andy most humbly pray, that thou wilt pardon the great and crying fins of this nation, and turn from us the evils which we have most justly deserved; stop all prophaneness, irreligion, and impiety, and compose all our unhappy animofities in church and state, so that truth and justice, brotherly love and charity, may ever flourish and abound. Defend thy holy catholick church, and that partespecially of the communion of faints, which thou hastplanted in these kingdoms; heal the breaches and divisions thereof; and for the sake of us all, preserve thy servant GEORGE, our king; protect his person, direct his counsels, profper his government, and make him an instrument in thy hand, of great good to these kingdoms and all his subjects. Direct the pastorsand governoursofthy church, with a spirit of true religion and goodness, and make them zealous and diligent to promote it in all those whom thou haft committed to their care. Adorn the nobility, the magistrates and gentry, and commons of these realıns, with wifdom, grace and good understanding, that they may all study to serve thee, and to discharge the duties of their several ftations, always remembering the great account, which they must one day give at the judgment-seat of Christ. Relieve all that


affliction or distress; that labour under poverty or persecution, under bodily pains or diseases, or under temptation or trouble of mind, and in thy good time deliver them out of all their trouble and distress. Bless with the choicest of thy graces all my friends and relations [particularly my father and mother, my brothers and sisters, my dear wife and children (if you have any such near relations) ] pardon all our fins, unite our hearts in a mutual love of each other; and vouchsafe to every one of us, and to all others that either pray




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for me, or desire my prayers, whatever thy infinite wisdom knows to be most expedient for us. Requite all those who have been any ways inftrumental to my good, according to their works; and forgive those that have done or wished me evil, and


them repentance and better inclinations. All which hofferupunto thee, and humbly beseech thee to grant for the fake, and through the merits of thy dearly beloved Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

The Thanksgiving: Lmighty God, Father of all mercies, y offer up unto thy

divine majesty my unteigned praises, in return for all those numberless mercies and benefits, which thou haft vouchsafed unto me; but more particularly blessthy holy name for the mercies y have received, for my deliverance from finand the temptations which have been conquered by me, and for all the good that have done; for preserving me in health and safety; for the plentiful provision which y enjoy by thy goodness; and for the continuing to me the enjoyment of so many comforts; as also for delivering me from the evils which y have most justly deserved, and to which y am continually exposed by the weakness of my nature, and the power of the enemy. Yet above all laud and magnify thy glorious name for the Incarnation, birth, life, passion, death, resurrection and ascenfion of our Saviour, thy Son Jesus Christ, who is the foundation of allthy mercies, and the author and finisher of our faith, in whose name alone we have a right to pray to thee,and to fum up all our prayers and praises, saying, Our Father, &c.

The Morning Prayer for Sunday:
Lord, the Creator of heaven and earth, thy infinite wif-

dom and power is the daily subject of my praise and adoration, who acknowledge my dependance upon thee; and am thankful for thy great goodness towards me and all thy works; but more particularly for our redemption, the work of thy divine love, thro' thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord, who was deliver'd for our offences, and raised again for our justification. y bless thee also for the appointment of one day in se

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ven for our rest, and thy more peculiar worship, and grant that may observe it according to thy commandment, as a means to promote a holy and virtuous life, and to prepare our souls for the enjoyment of the most glorious and delightful praises, which is the happiness and employment of angels and the souls of just men made perfect. And altho' y have offended thee by my negligent performance of those holy duties, which fought to perform on this thy holy-day, be not provoked to withdraw the assistance of thy Holy Spirit from

me, and to leave me to the folly and vanity of my own will, but forgive me all my past offences, and mercifully hear my prayers, and let my cry come unto thee in the day of my necessity. Grant that y may neither think, say, nor do any thing on this day, but what may best serve to promote the end for which thou haftinstituted the same; and make me diligent, not only to save my own soul, but, as much as in me lies, the souls of others also, by my advice and example. Preserve the universal church, and bless every christian assembly with thy gracious presence, hear the prayers they shallthis day put up, and make the word effectual to the pulling down the kingdom of satan, and to the building up of the church of Christ in found faith and real virtue; that so thy word, coming with conscience, may have a due and saving effect upon the minds of all that hear and read the same. Give a plentiful portion of thy good Spirit upon all who by sickness, imprisonment, or any other impediment, are detained from partaking of the means of grace y enjoy; and mercifully relieve and help them in their straits and afflictions. Direct the sorrowful heart to proper means of comfort; and send from thy holy place awakening convictions to all that forget God, make a mock at fin,and flight the dangers they are in, and the miseries they are exposed to, that they may escape the punishmentof there. probate. And, O most gracious Father ! pardon my fins and imperfections, and relieve all my necessities, for the sake of Jefus Christ, who hath taught me thus to pray: Our Father, &c.

Directions. Here, iftime will permit, must be added the prayers of general Intercession, Thank giving, and the concluding Prayer, as you will find them in p. 6, 7 and 8, of these


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Directions and Prayers for the Evening.

Directions. At night

spare some time before thou goeft to bed for thy devotions, and laying aside all business and company, retire to thy closet, when begin with


The Preparatory Preyer.
God! send into my soul thy Holy Spirit to help my in-

firmities; and fo dispose my mind, and prepare my heart, that my prayers and praises may be acceptable in thy light, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Directions. To this add the prayer in page 4, for a right use of the holy scriptures, and then read some portion of holy scripture, and of this New Whole Duty of man, in the manner as directed in the morning, on page 4. And, having composed thy thoughts, pray to God to enlighten your memory in ihe examination of your past life, saying,

A Prayer for Sincerity in the Acknowledgment of our Sins

to God.

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Eternal God, who searchest the hearts and trieft the

reins of man, and knowest his thoughts long before, dispose me frequently to examine the state of my own mind, and to compare my actions with the rule of thy laws: raise in me an abhorrence of whatsoever offends thee, that may always turn my feet unto thy testimonies; and let neither selflove, loth, negligence, nor any other darling paffion soimpose upon or divert me from searching into the corruptions of ту own heart, as to escape my repentance; but vouchsafe me the assistance of thy Holy Spirit, that'y may so impartially judge and condemn myself, that ymay not be condemn’d at thy fearful judgment-seat; and that in a full discovery of myown vileness y may humble myself under the rod of thy divine justice, and, from my heart condemning all those follies whereby J have provoked thy wrath and indignation against me, I may earnestly solicit

thy pardon and forgiveness, thro' the merits of thy Son Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.


Then examine your conscience after the following Method


A short Form of Examination of Conscience.
HAT fin have y this day committed in thought, ,

word, or deed?
What opportunity of doing good have y neglected ?
Have y omitted or carelessly performed my religiousduties ?

Have y done any injustice to my neighbour in his body, family, goods or reputation?

Am I willing to make him restitution, as I am able ?

Am y ready, as God has forgiven me in Christ Jesus, to forgive such as have offended me?

Diređions. To the above may be added such other Questions as your particular Circumf ances may require, and then confess your own guiltini ss to Almighty God in this or some such form as follows:

A Form of Confeson.

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obstinate and rebellious finners, but of infinite mercy to such as truly repent, and turn unto thee; look upon me with the eyes of mercy, who now confess thaty am not worthy to lift up my hands to the throne of thy grace. Thou hast, by innumerable instances, manifested thyself to be a most kind and indulgent father ; but, alas! y have abused thy goodness, and made very ungrateful returns: therefore y lament and bewail the corruption of my nature, most sorrowfully confeffing beforethee, that'y have too great a desire after the things of this world, which have taken such hold of my affections, that y neither love thee, serve thee, nor obey thee as y ought to do. Oh! how cold are my devotions! How wandering, dead and distracted are my prayers! And how imperfect are all myreligious duties! Give me then, O God! an heart to humble my, self before thee, for I have greatly offended thee, by lust and intemperance; by peevishness, passion and anger ; These particuby covetousness and ambition; by pride and envy; lars may be by prejudice and ill-will towards my neighbour; by varied ac; murmuring and repining at the dispensationsofthy accusation of providence, and by an unwillingness to resign my- every one's self to thy all-wise disposal. Therefore my hope conscience.


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