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because thereby alone I shall obtain my chiefest good. Oh ! teach me to enjoy the good things, which thou hast blessed me with, as with temperance, so with thankfulness and charity, and readily to part with them, rather than to forsake thy truth, or to make shipwreck of a good conscience towards God or man. And this I beg in the name, and through the merics of thy Son Jesus Christ

our Lord. Amen. A Prayer for temporal Bleshngs, and Contentedness in any



Lessed Lord, who knowest that, while we are in this

life, we stand in need of its supplies, and hast promised to such as seek thy kingdom, and the righteousness thereof, the addition of all other necessaries; and also haft commanded us to ask of thee our daily bread, and to cast our care upon thee for all the things we have need of for our comfort and support: grant to me such a child's portion, as thy wisdom sees to be convenient for me: give me such health and wealth, as Thall be for my good, and that while I have life to be nourished, vouchsafe to grant, that I may not want the necessary blessings thereof: but enable me to provide honestly for myself, and add thy blessing to my labours; which if not fufficient to supply all my own necessities, do thou raise up friends and means to help me, that I may never be destitute of food and raiment; and give me grace to be content with that provision thy divine providence sees most convenient for me. Let neither prosperity be a means of my forgetting thee, nor adversity cause me to murmur against thy wife distributions tothe sons of men. Keep me from all unnecessary cares, and unprofitable dejections of spirit: teach me how to want, as well as how to live in plenty: sanctify all the comforts, thou hast, or shalt please to bestow upon me, that I may use them to thy glory, and that they may raise in me that due praise, which I offer to thee my God, for all thy benefits to me, and all the world, through Jesus Christ our Lord. A

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A Prayer to be used on our Birth-Day.
God! the Creator and Preserver of all mankind, and

by whose blessed will I was fearfully and wonderfully made in my mother's womb, and under whose blessed providence I have been kept up ever since I was born ; I praise and magnify thy glorious name for thy great goodness towards me; humbly beseeching thee, that I may be caught to number my days, so as to apply my heart to heavenly wifdom ; that I

that I may know that I was born to serve thee the living God; that I may bewail my past sins, and spend the rest of my days in a godly, righteous and sober life; that I may finish the remainder of my days in ihy fear and to thy glory; and that as thou didit (as on this day) take me out of my mother's womb to live here a little time, fo thou mayst at the last day take me out of my grave, the womb of the earth, to live with thee for ever, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

A Prayer to be used by one tempied to prefumption.

Hou O righteous Lord, who renderest to every one ac,

cording to his doings, have compassion on me a guilty finner, and fuffer me not to presumę upon thy mercy whilftí retain any affection for any kind of lin and iniquity, which I fear have made too great a separation between thee and me, thy poor creature, for me to hope any longer for thy favour and grace, did not thy word assure me that thouartalways ready to embrace a returning prodigal; I cannot therefore doubt of thy pardon, were I duly qualified and prepared for it. Therefore I humbly pray thee to discover me truely to myself; and if there be any way or wickedness yet remaining in me, make me sensible thereof and truly penitent; and purge it away, that Imay be a real and proper object of thy fatherly compassion; suffer me not to encourage myself in a groundless reliance upon thy favour, whilst in the mean time I am really unfit to receive thy Holy Spirit. Neither let thy patience and forbear, ance hitherto with me work an expectation of my future



happiness, upon any other terms than those of the gospel; that so I may chiefly study how most effectually to make my calling and election sure ; and to this end may set myself conscientiously to observe thy commands the remainder of

my days, that I may make such a progress in holiness as that I may safely depend upon thy mercy and protection in this world, and thy promise of eternal happiness in the world to come,

merits or works of

my own, but purely thro' the merits of Jesus Christ my Redeemer ; Amen.

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A Prayer,
To be used by one troubled in mind or tempted to despair;


approach unto thee with confusion of face, to think that I thould in any wise seem to distrust thy goudness and mercy, after I have so abundantly experienced thy great favours, and haye thy promise that thou wilt hear the prayers of those that ask any thing in thy Son's name. Oh my God! pardon me this thought, and give me thy grace to prevent its growth; and to conquer the temptation that oppresses my heart with a fear and horrid dread, left my Portion is decreed among the Reprobates: For, O mighty Lord! I know thou art able and willing to save me a repenting finner, therefore speak peace to my oppressed soul, and give me assurance that thou art reconciled to me in the Son of thy Love; and that thou art my sword and my shield at present, and wilt hereafter be my exceeding great reward. Oh! lay not these doubts and fears to my charge; and so dispose my mind, and confirm my trust and confidence in thee, as that a remembrance of my sins may neverdrive meto despair of thy mercy, but on the other hand force me to flee to my Saviour, to fue for his intercession on my behalf; and may put me upon an unwearied attendance on my duty, thereby to fit me for a sureconfidence in his all-fufficient merits. And, most gracious Lord! do not only pardon all my tranfgressions, for his fake, but convince me, before I go hence and be no more seen, that thou hast done it, for my satisfaction and comfort, that so I may here rejoice in thy favour, before I


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am taken into the joy of my Lord, for Jesus Christ's sake. A.

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in time of need, I flee unto thee for succour against the face of my enemy, whose strength is mighty, and his malice great, and I, alas ! am weak and unable to withstand his affaults by my own strength: but, thou, O God! who art greater than all things, send down thy help from above, and save me out of the jaws of the devouring lion; deliver me from the temptations that now attack me; and as I put my trust in thee, O let me never be put to confusion, nor suffer me to be tempted above that I am able to bear; but make me a way to escape, that I may not sin against thy divine majesty. I believe that thy grace is sufficient for me; oh! deny it not to thy fervant, who now wants it, and most earnestly desires it. Make me feriously to consider the great folly and danger of fin; that its pleasures are short, but that its punishments are endless and intolerable; that no fatisfaction can compare with the joys of a good conscience, nor any trouble like that of a wounded spirit

. Give me a sure token of the terrible state of those who fall under the rod of thy displeasure. Convince my conscience of the finfulness of what I am now tempted unto, and the v me its contradiction tothy will and my baptismal vous. Give me I pray thee the light of thy word, that I may not be deceived by this wicked world, but certainly know that how pleasant foever it may now appear, there will come a time, when this and all other enticements of this world will appear vain :nd contemptible; a time when all workers of iniquity shall be destroy'd; and when a crown of righteousness Thall be given to them, who have fought the good fight, and kept the faith unto the end. Grant therefore that the mighty power of thy grace may foraile my courage and strengthen my faith, that nothing may Nop me in my christian warfare; but that fighting manfully under Christ's banner, against the world, the flesh, and the devil, I may at last triumph with him in his heavenly kingdom; to whom withthee, O Father, and the Holy Spirit, be all honour and glory world without end. Amen.

A Prayer

A Prayer to be used by one engaged (or likely to be engaged)

in a Law-fuit.


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submit myself, in the cause wherein I am slikely to bel engaged: convince me, if I am under any mistake; direct and affist me under all the difficulties and incumbrances, which I am like to meet with; and in thy good time, put a happy and peaceable end to the business which I (am about to undertake, or] have begun. Oh! grant me that wisdom from above, which is peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated ; that laying aside all fondness and partiality, I may continually practise that christian law, of doing as we would that others should do to us. So that contending for right more than victory, nothing may be done through malice, ftrife, pride, or vain-glory; nor may I be prevailed upon to tranfgress the laws of justice and charity, for any worldly advantage ; and grant that during the whole course of law, I may preserve a friendly, peaceable, and equitable temper of spirit; fubmitting the event to thy fatherly wisdom and difposition. Let me never dare to commit any fraud or oppreffion, under the colour or pretence of law; nor venture to fupport myself in the most juft cause, by any unlawful mechod; and make me prudently to consider, that whatever injuries may happen to me, by the fraud or injustice of man, are by thy permission; as a trial of my patience, or a correction for my offences, or for some other wife and good end of thy providence : let the remembrance of thy mercies and forgiveness towards me, fill my heart with such a christian love and compassion, that I may never contend with my neighbour, to gratify my own corrupt nature, nor take delight in his sufferings : but let the sense of what thou haft done and suffered for me banith all covetous desires from my soul, and excite in me a compaffion towards thy distreffed members: for thy fake, forgiving my fellow-servants, as I hope myself to be forgiven, when thou shalt come to judge the quick and the dead at the last day. And this I most humbly beg for Jesus Christ's fake. Amen,

A Prayer

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