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for thy mercies fake, in the same thy Son our Lord, who livethandreigneth with thee and the Holy Ghost, ever one God, world without end. Amen,

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A Prayer on fending for the Physician. desirous to make use of such means as thou haft

appointed, in order to a recovery from my present weak and languising condition, that I may not seem to flight that life, which thou hast condescended to bestow upon me ; fo, forasmuch as thou hast ordained the physician, for the benefit of those who languish under any bodily distemper, I have resolved to try his skill

, in order to the fame, yet my chief hope is in thee; O be thou my help; for, without thee, vain is the help of man and all his skill. Therefore, I beseech thee, direct thy servant to what may be proper for me ; and let thy blessing accompany his prescriptions, and give success there.

For tho' the most efficacious methods of cure are nothing of themselves, yet if thou speakest the word thy servant shall be healed; it isthou that art the greatphysician, who alone canft effectually remove all my maladies; and all other helps are but instruments in thy hands, that work according to thy good pleasure: be thou with me, to guide and assist, to bless and prosper them, to thine own glory, and to the welfare of me thine unworthy servant, who here most humbly sues to thee for pity, through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Amen.


A Prayer to be used on taking Phyfick.


Ive thy blefling, O Lord, to the means now used for

recovery, for without thee all our endeavours are but yain, and (if it be thy blessed will) make them so effectual for that end, that I may live to promote thy glory, and to make a better preparation for the coming of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

A Prayer


A Prayer on want of Sleep.
Lmighty God, I seek sleep, to ease my pains, and to

recruit my spirits, but I find it not; let it not always Ay away from me;consider my weariness, which calls aloud for rest, and my weakness, which greatly needs refreshment, and let my wearied eyes at length lay hold thereof. O grant me thatcomfort, that whilst thou keepest me awake, I may be able to commune with mine own heart, and search out my spirit; let me remember thee on my bed, and meditate on thee in the night-watches; let the consideration of thy tender mercies be my comfort, till thy goodness sees fit to give sleep to my eyes, and refreshment to my sorrows, through the merits of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Amen. .


A Prayer to be used when labouring under bodily Pain.

Lmighty God, our strength, refuge, and present help

in time of trouble: I most earnestly beseech thee, if it be thy blessed will, ease my pain and comfort me in this time of my affliction. Not but I acknowledge the justice of thy dealings towards me, and that I have deserved much greater pains than I now endure, therefore grant me patience, that I may never murmur nor repine under the rod of thy justice; but that with a meek and quiet submission to thy will, I may wait till thou seest fit to deliver me from my distress. Oh! suffer not the extremity of my pains to force me into any rash or unbecomingexpressions, or cause me to entertain a hard thought of thy goodness; but wha:ever evils or forrows I may feel in my body, let me still love thee, and believe thee to be a kind and merciful Father, even whilst thou art smiting and correcting me for my transgressions. To which end, O Lord, be pleafed, in thy great mercy to strengthen and support me, and lay not more upon me, than thou wilt enable me to bear by the aflistance of thy Holy Spirit, and fanctify this affliction to me, that it may produce in me the fruits of a true and lively faith, and sincere repentance of all my sins: all which I beg at the throne of thy mercy, through the merits and in the name of thy beloved Son Jesus Christ our Saviour. Amen.


A Prayer

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A Prayer against the Fear of Death.
Oft gracious God, since I am hasting on to the end of

my life, remember not against me the great and ma-
nifold errors thereof; let them all be done away by thy mer-
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faith and repentance thro' the merits of Christ. Take from me all guilt, remove all fear, and give me patience during the rest of my life, that I may always stand ready to give a good account of my life unto thee; and that I may fight the good fight of faith, with constancy and perseverance, and finish my course with joy, and never fleep in fin, nor lie down in forrow and misery. Since the sentence of death is paft upon me, and my soul is now summoned to meet the bridegroom; dress it, O Lord, in a wedding-garment,

in his train; give me oil in my lamp, and grace to keep it always burning, that when the door opens, I may be ready to enter in with my Lord. Strip my soul of all fleshly affections, before it leaves my body; and dispose it to be of like mind and disposition with the holy angels, and beatified spirits; neither let me forget, that as this is like to be the last trial, which thou wilt afford me, of renouncing my own will and resigning myself to thine, and of thewing forth devotion of spirit, and all holy obedience, and patience, and faith, and humble confidence in thee; make me therefore watch for all opportunities of exercising the same, a:id do them diligently, as my last labour for immortality, and for securing thy everlasting mercy, through the merits of Jesus Christ, who died for meand all mankind. Amen.

fit to appear

A Thanksgiving after recovery from Sickness.



Lmighty God, the Creator and Preserver of all

kind, I thy unworthy servant, whom thou hast raised from a dangerous fickness, do now present myself before thee, acknowledging it to be owing to thy goodness alone, that I am now alive, and have once more an opportunity of offering up my prayers and praises unto thee ; because, altho’thou þąst chastened me and corrected me, yet thou hast not given


me over unto death: therefore, blessed be that tender compassion, which in the midst of wrath remembered mercy; which made all my bed in my sickness, passed by my impatience and many infirmities, and inclined a willing ear unto my fupplications, when I cried unto thee in the time of my aft ction; and for ever blessed be the powerful influences of that grace, which disposed my heart to consideration and repentance; that power and goodness, which by sparing me, when I had deserved to be cut off, has now given me an opportunity of amending the errors of my past life, and reforming whatsoever I have done amiss

. Enable me to retaļn a thankiul remembrance of this goodness of thine, and give me power to put it in force, that I may always have my own ferious purposes of better obedience ; a constant tender sense of the great obligations Ilie under, of serving thee faithfully all my days; a greater and more fervent zeal to promote thy glory and the good of my brethren ; to study to please thee better than ever I have yet done; and to devote the remainder of that life which thou hast given me, to the service of thee, my God, defender and deliverer. I beseech thee take my

soul and body, which thou hast so mercifully preserved, under the shadow of thy wings, for which purpose I offer and present them unto thee; therefore grant me thy preventing and assisting grace, that the return of


health be accompanied with a return to my former fins, but so effectually convince me of the necessity of a good life ; fo pow: erfully persuade me to the practice of religion; that I may make it the great study and endeavour, the constant butiness and employment for the time to come, to love, adore, and serve thee and in all things to become such, as at last I may be admitted into thy presence for evermore. Thou, O God, to whom all hearts are open, all desires known, and from whom no secrets are hid, cleanse the thoughts of my heart by the inspiration of thy Holy Spirit, and cause thou the thoughts and expectations of death and judgment to be so constantly, so powerfully present to my soul, as effectually to work upon my mind, and to bring forth in me fruits of religion and virtue; make the pains and troubles I have lately felt, inspire me with a tender pity and compassion for the miseries and


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calamities of others, and upon all occasions to contribute readily what I can, to the wants and necessities of my brethren in distress, that whenever thou shalt call me to give an

account of my stewardship, I may not be condemned, as an f unprofitable servant; but grant, O merciful Father, thro?

the merits, and for the sake of thy dear Son Jesus Christ, that when my accounts are examined at the last day, I may

be found worthy to enter into the joy of my Lord: To whom with thee, and the ever-blessed Spirit, be ascribed, as is most due, by me, and every creature, all thanksgiving and praise, honour, glory, power, and dominion, both now and for e



A Prayer for asistance at the Hour of Death.

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me in my last agonies; and as my strength decays, let my pains decrease, and my faith be strengthened, so that I may not fall from thee for any pains of death, or stratagems of the devil in my last moments of life. Keep me in thy custody, and nothing can take me out of thy hands; send thy holy angels to guard and receive my poor soul at my departure, and to carry it to the blessed state of eternal rest. Thou, my God, knowest what is best for me; but if it be thy gracious will, make my pains short, and my death easy; or give me patience to bear them, and spiritual comforts under them, and at thine own time make my death my palfage to a joyful resurrection, through Jesus Chriftour Lord and Saviour. Amen.

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