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the world, the Chriftian ever refts fatisfied that justice and judgement are the habitation of his throne, and that mercy and truth, ever go before his face.

Verfe 21ft.-The grace of our Lord Jefus Christ be with you all. Amen.

With this apoftolic benediction and prayer. John clofes this book, and with it the canon of infpired fcripture. With it the apostle Paul clofes the greatest part of his epiftles. It is the most comprehenfive prayer which can be conceived. The grace of Chrift fignifies the free favour of Chrift; and confequently comprehends under it all thofe gracious divine bleffings, which are conveyed to men in the gofpel of Jefus from God, through the mediation of Chrift and the influence of the Holy Spirit. He prays for all these free and inestimable bleffings to them all; to all the feven churches then in Afia, to all the churches of Chrift in every country and age, and especially to every true Christian as an individual. Amen. So let it be. By this word he clofes his prayer, and expreffes his affent to the truth of it, and his fincere defire that its requeft may be. granted by the Hearer of



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