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7. As He is a King, the Christian must submit to his authority, and acknowledge it in the persons of all earthly kings his representatives. Prov. viii. 15. John xviii. 37. Dan. ii. 21. 1 Pet. ii. 17. Col. ii. 10. Rom. xiii. 1. Tit. iii. 1.

which he renounced at his baptism. Rom. i. 18.

7. Here the Christian differs from those who hold it lawful to depose kings, by virtue either of the Pope's or the People's power : from those who are traitors, heady and high-minded; who while they plead for rebellion under the name of liberty, are the servants of corruption, and obnoxious to the penalty of damnation. Matt. xxvi. 52. 2 Pet. ii. 10, &c. to ver. 20. 2 Tim. iii. 4. Rom. xii. 2.

8. His practices in these respects distinguish him from all those who are conformed to this world; from the friends of lukewarmness and latitudinarianism ; from the drowsy and the indifferent; the covetous, the impatient, the proud, and the unmerciful. John viii. 23. Luke xxiii. 12. Acts xviii. 17. Rev. iii. 16. Gal. i. 10. James ii. 13. Luke xvi. 14. 1 Cor. vi.

8. As he is an EXAMPLE or pattern, the Christian is to follow his steps, by doing good to the souls and bodies of men; maintaining a spirit of Zeal for the House of God, his truth, and his Religion ; and patient suffering of contempt, reproach, and persecution, for righteousness sake. 1 Pet. ii. 21. John xüïi. 15. Acts x. 38. Matt. xxi. 12. John xviii. 17. and vii. 7. 1 Pet. ii. 23. Matt. v. 10, &c. 1 Pet. ii. 18, &c. and chap. iv. 12, &c.

9, &c.

Such was the Christianity of Apostles and Martyrs: and he who hath thus learned Christ, is a CHRISTIAN, not in word only but in deed and in truth.

BLESSED is He, whosoever shall not be OFFENDED in ME. Matt. xi. 6.

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I FIND that you are one of the Predestinarians of these latter days. You are assured of your own salvation, and look with pity on us poor, unlearned, Christians, who are left behind, and dare not think so highly of ourselves as you do. We take the whole word of God, as the rule of our faith and obedience: you take a part of it; and that part you interpret, in such a way of your own, as to endanger all the rest. We are taught, as plainly as words can teach us, to make our calling and election sure. But why should we do so, if our election, like your's, is sure already? If you can once bring yourself to think that you stand, you are safe; whereas the Apostle lets me know, that I am, from that moment, in danger; and accordingly bids me take heed lest I fall. But no sins can make you fall; because God is so partial, that, in favour to you and some others, he distinguishes between the sin and the sinner, and sees not the one for the sake of the other: whereas I am told, that the soul that sinneth, it shall die ; and that there is tribulation and anguish upon every soul of man that doeth evil, without distinction of persons. How strange is it, that you and I

should find in the same Scripture two such different religions! What will unbelievers say? Will they not say, that we are both mad? I am as well assured that I shall be saved as you are; but I am not assured on your principles. You will be saved in preference to others : I humbly hope to be saved even as others. I am no where taught in the Scripture, nor have I any private revelation of it, that my Christian baptism gave me any privilege, which baptism does not give to other Christians. I am assured, and I believe it, that God is no respecter of persons ; whereas, with you, he is nothing else. So the Jews thought; and that they themselves were the persons respected. As such, they justified themselves, and despised all others, as sinners of the Gentiles; which opinion led them to their ruin. I never met with any persuasion which comes nearer to theirs than yours doth. But here you will say you are no Jew. The Jews hated Jesus Christ; but you love him. And I believe what you say. But do you love him in sincerity? Have you no reserves ? Perhaps you have neither seen nor heard, and will not believe me, but will rather be angry with me, when I tell you, that the contempt, which was formerly shown to the person of Jesus Christ, is now shown to his Church, which is his body; and that, as his own death was the beginning of Christianity, so the death of his Church will be the end of it. When I speak of his Church, I mean that ark which is now on the waves of this troublesome world, towards a new heaven and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness; I mean that Church in the wilderness which is now travelling to the Land of Promise; containing many enemies within the camp, and having many more without, who are all waiting for its destruction, and boasting that it is near at hand.

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