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a dexterous manner as to let the birds fly off by one at a time. When they were all gone, he got into the basket himself; but the basket falling with him before he had time to do as the partridges did, his bones were broken when he came to the ground.

A mischievous disposition is always inclined to persecution. There are minds, whose greatest pleasure it is to ride and teaze and whip the minds of other people. A late friend and neighbour of mine in the country kept a monkey, who took to riding his hogs, especially one of them, which he commonly singled out as fittest for his use; and leaping upon its back with his face toward the tail, he whipped it unmercifully upon the hind quarters, and drove it about, till it could run' no longer. The hogs lived under such continual terrors of mind, that when the monkey first came abroad in the morning, they used to set up a great cry at the sight of him. Swine are vile creatures for greediness and uncleanness, and so stubborn withal, that when they take an opinion (as the Quaker said of them) the di cannot get it out of their heads again; but they are as far below the monkey, as the stupid sot is below the sharper and the ruffian : and even an hog, at the mercy of a monkey, is an object of compassion.

A nobleman once well known upon the turf, had a wild horse whom nobody could ride. I know not what your lordship can do with him (said one) but to put the monkey upon his back. So they put on a pad to the horse, and set the monkey upon it with a switch in his hand, which he used upon the horse, and set him into a furious kicking and galloping : but Pug kept his seat, and exercised his switch. The horse lay down upon the ground; but when he threw himself on one side, the monkey was up upon the other :

he ran into a wood with him, to brush him off: but if a tree or a bush occurred on one side the monkey slipped to the other side : till at last the horse was so sickened and fatigued and broken spirited, that he ran home to the stable for protection: when the monkey was removed, and a boy mounted him, who managed the horse with care, and he never gave any trouble afterwards.

In all the actions of the monkey, there is no appearance of any thing good or useful, nor any species of evil that is wanting in them. They are indeed like to mankind; they can ride a pig as a man rides a horse, or better, and are most excellent jockeys; but after all, they are only like the worst of the human species, whom no education hath or can correct. If all the qualities of the monkey are put together, they constitute what is properly called ill-nature: and if any person would know what an ill-natured man is, he must find one who is artful, insolent, selfish, pragmatical, rapacious, mischievous, and tyrannical: that man is a monkey to all intents and purposes; with the addition of reason, which makes his character much worse; and the loss of religion and conscience, which is worst of all; for without these reason is rather a disadvantage; as no monkey can possibly be managed but by being kept continually in fear, so all laws, restraints, and penalties, amongst mankind, are made for those who are most like to monkies.


Printed by R. GILBERT, St. John's Square, London.

Works recently published by C. and J. Rivington.

(Continued from Vol. III.)

XXIV. An INTRODUCTION to the STUDY of MORAL EVIDENCE, or of that SPECIES of REASONING which relates to MATTERS of FACT, and Practice. With an Appendix, on Debating for Victory, and not for Truth. By JAMES EDWARD GAMBIER, M.A. Rector of Langley, Kent ; of St. Mary-le-Strand, Westminster ; and Chaplain to the Right Honourable Lord Barham. Third Edition enlarged, 8vo. Price 8s.

XXV. A NARRATIVE of the CONVERSION and DEATH of COUNT STRUENSEE, formerly Prime Minister of Denmark. By Dr. MUNTER. Translated from the German, in 1774, with an Introduce tion and Notes. By THOMAS RENNELL, B.D. F.R.S. late Vicar of Kensington, and Prebend of South Grantham, in the Church of Salisbury. Second Edition. 8vo. Price 8s.


XXVII. The PŘÍMER ; a BOOK OF PRIVATE PRAYER, needful to be used of ALL CHRISTIANS : which Book was authorised and set forth by Order of King Edward the VIth. to be taught, learned, read, and used of all his Subjects. Edited by the Rev. HENRY WALTER, B.D. F.R.S. late Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge. 12mo. Price 3s.

XXVIII. The SUNDAY MORNING and EVENING LESSONS, taken from the Old TESTAMENT; with Short Notes. To which are subjoined, the proper Psalms for particular Days. Handsomely printed on fine paper, and in large type. 8vo. Price 8s. 6d. in boards.

XXIX. The PARABLES of OUR BLESSED SAVIOUR, Practically Explained. Selected from the larger Commentary of the Pious and Eminent GEORGE STANHOPE, Ď.D. late Dean of Canterbury. By the Rev. C. M. MOUNT, A.M. late Fellow of Corpus Christi College, Oxford; Rector of Helmdon; Minister of Christ Church, Bath; and Chaplain to the Most Noble the Marquess of Ormond. 12mo. Price 4s. 6d. in boards.

XXX. SERMONS or HOMILIES appointed to be read in Churches in the Time of Queen Elizabeth, of famous Memory. Neatly and uniformly printed, in one large volume, 12mo. Price 6s. in boards.

They may be had also in separate Tracts.

Works recently published by C. and J. Rivington.

XXXI. LECTURES on the EVIDENCES in favour of CHRISTIANITY and the DOCTRINES of the Church of ENGLAND, intended for the Use of Young Persons, and particularly as preparatory to their first

partaking of the LORD'S SUPPER. By the Rev. HENRY WALTER, B.D. F.R.Š. late Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge. Second Edition, revised and corrected. 12mo. Price 38.

XXXII. An HISTORICAL CATALOGUE of the SCOTTISH BI. SHOPS, down to the Year 1688. By the Right Rev. ROBERT Keith. Also, an Account of all the Religious Houses that were in Scotland at the time of the Reformation. By J. SPOTTISWOODE, Esq. A new Edition, corrected and continued to the present Time. With a Life of the Author. By the Rev. M. RUSSEL, LL.D. In 8vo. 11. ls. in boards; or on royal paper, 1l. 10s.

XXXIII. INSTRUCTIONS for the USE of CANDIDATES for HOLY ORDERS, and of the Parochial Clergy, as to Ordination, Licences, Institutions, Collations, Induction, Reading in, Resignations, Dispensations, with Acts of Parliament relating to the Residence of the Clergy, and Maintenance of Curates ; to Mortgages in Cases of Buildings and Repairs; to laying out Bounty Money appropriated to a Benefice, in the Purchase of, or to defray the Expences of Building a Glebe House; and also to Exchanges of Parsonage Houses and Glebe Lands, with the Forms to be used. By CHRISTOPHER HODGson, Secretary to his Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury. Third Edition. 8vo. 8s.

XXXIV. The LIFE of the Right Rev. THOMAS WILSON, D.D. Bishop of Sodor and Man. By the Rev. Hugm STOWELL, Rector of Ballaugh, Isle of Man. With a Portrait of the Bishop. Second Edition. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

XXXV. ATOUR through the UPPER PROVINCES of HINDOSTAN, comprising a Period between the Years 1804 and 1814; with Remarks and authentic Anecdotes. To which is annexed, A Guide up the River Ganges. By Mrs. DEANE. With a Map. 8vo. 9s.

XXXVI. The MISCELLANEOUS WORKS of the Right Hon. EDMUND BURKE, comprising his celebrated Pieces on the French Revolution and on the Sublime and Beautiful; an Abridgment of English History, &c. &c. In Ten Volumes, 8vo. Price 31. 14s. in boards.

Also Volumes Eleven to Fourteen, (on India Affairs.) 21. 2s., in boards.

* A few Copies of Volumes Four to Seven in Quarto, may be had to complete the Edition in that Size ; and the Eighth and concluding Volume is now in the Press.

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