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From yonder bird a lesson borrow :

Encaged, bereft of both his eyes, Yet lives he on-lives on in sorrow,

And hark, how sweet a song he tries !

Now—wouldst thou treat him more unkindly-

Go near and cut the captive's wings : He lives, he hops his prison blindly,

Only a sadder strain he sings.

And so 'twill fare with me, thy lover;

Robbed of the vision I held dear,

Too weak upon my wings to hover,

Yet I shall live-0 never fear !

And so some ditty broken-hearted

I'll sing, to serve my turn instead
Of pinions clipped and light departed :

I shall survive—be comforted !

7. G. SEIDL.-Abschied.


Two chambers hath the heart;

Within them

Dwell Joy and Grief apart.

When Joy wakes in her own,

In the other

Grief slumbers on alone.

O Joy, precaution take!

Speak gently,
Lest Grief perchance should wake!


FATHER, I call on thee !
Closer the cannon-clouds gather and thicken,
Leaping athwart them the red flashes quicken;

Ruler of hosts, I call on thee!
Almighty, lead thou me!

Almighty, lead thou me !
To death, or victory-thine to decide it-
Thine the arbitrament, mine to abide it;

Whither thou willest, lead thou me!
God, I acknowledge thee!

God, I acknowledge thee! As in the murmur through summer-woods stealing, So in the thunder through battle-fields pealing,

I can alike acknowledge thee.

Father, look down on me!

Father, look down on me!
Into thy hand my soul I deliver;
Thou canst retake it, thou art the giver :

In life, in death, look down on me!
Father, I honour thee!

Father, I honour thee!

This is no struggle for plunder and booty;
Drawn are our swords at the summons of duty ;

Victor, or slain, I honour thee,
My God, accept thou me!

My God, accept thou me!
When Death shall hail me with thunder-greeting,
When from my bosom the life is fleeting,

Then, O my God, accept thou me!
Father, I call on thee !

KÖRNER.1-Gebet während der Schlacht:

Killed, fighting for his country, near Gadebusch, August 26, 1813, in his 22nd year.

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