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CALLISTA, cold, yet loth

A stroke of trade to miss, Obtained ten kids one day

From Damon for a kiss.


Next day—for markets change

He made a lighter bid, And from the girl he gained

Ten kisses for a kid.


Next day, more tender grown,

She gladly bargained this : That she herself should give

Ten kids for Damon's kiss.

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Next day, with all her kids

And goats, she'd fain have bought A kiss the graceless boy

Gave Lalage for nought.



'Good evening to thee, dear Moonshine !
How cordial is that glance of thine !
Now speak, nor tarry for more entreating,
But tell me at once my darling's greeting

That haply thou hast brought!'

' How can I greetings bear to thee?
Thy darling is not aloft with me;
And as to what youths and poets prattle,
And women and girls about me tattle,

It enters not my thought.'

Discreetly said, my dear Moonshine,
And sage, her embassies to decline;

But then, is it fair to be looking ever
Deep into her eyes, as if thou’dst never

Encountered orbs so dear?'

Ye who this ditty would divine
Must know it was sung in full moonshine,
And people who read it by candlelight
May fail perchance to read it aright;

And yet I vow 'tis clear.


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