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So finally to the wind I went,

But found in him another scorner;

For he puffed the dust full into my face,

And whistled me fairly round the corner.

ADOLPH BUCHHEIM.-Schlimmer Trost



SINCE you ought to regard as your dad Whomsoever has married your ’ma,

I'll suppose that a licking I had

Long ago was bestowed by papa.
Says he, 'You young scamp,
You have no business here;
There is sixpence for beer,
And decamp !'

Go a-head''s all I said

Go a-head !'

Now sixpence, as all the world knows,

Will take a confiding young man

Anywhere ; so, forgetting my woes,
With a hop and a skip off I ran.
But, next day, I scarce missed
Being starved, when a bob,
Introduced to my fob,

[blocks in formation]

Like every true guardsman, I tried,
As soon as the battle was o'er,
To succour the wounded, nor spied

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My daddy, one day, having got
Rather down in his luck, asked my aid ;


It is true he had left me to rot,

And might now in kind be repaid;
But he didn't ask twice,

[blocks in formation]

After twenty years' toil, I repose ;
But I still keep my uniform bright ;
And, while in my garden the rose
Is blooming, a laurel 's in sight.
If the Queen wants me out,
As I take up my ground,
To the younkers around

I will shout :

Go a-head till you're dead

Go a-head !'

EMILE DEBRAUX.-Fanfan la Tulipe,

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