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He says,


That, when my work is finish'd ness of the honour put upon here,

him in the wonderful results he I may behold Thy face.

had been permitted to achieve. Lord, without Thee I could not

I can plodI can live,

persevere !He does not say, Without Thee fear to die;

as we hear too often now-aO, then, Thy blessed Spirit give

days, “I can always manage When my last hour draws nigh! to get along, and keep up with

my class in some way, without

much study. I can jump at “I CAN PLOD."

the meaning of my lessons; or HEN Dr. Carey, the I can catch up a trade without great pioneer of mission- years of hard labour,” but,

work in India, first “I can persevere ! ” Plodding proposed his plans to his father, boys, hold up your heads ! he said, “William, are you


may seem to be left bemad?” His discouragements hind in the race by smart comin first entering upon his work panions. But plod on: "the were very great.

What was

race is not"always" to theswift, the secret that enabled the nor the battle to the strong.” shoemaker's apprentice to become one of the most distin

CRUELTIES OF POPERY guished men of his age? What

IN BYGONE DAYS. brilliant gift 'raised him from an obscure position to one of N the 26th of February, honour and fame, as the author

1546, the Governor and of grammars and dictionaries,

Cardinal, with the Earl translations of the Bible, and of Argyle, Justice-General of other books ? He either trans- Scotland, condemned to death, lated or assisted in the com

and caused to be hung, four pletion of twenty-seven ver- honest men for eating a goose sions of Scripture, requiring a in Lent. Likewise they caused knowledgeof as many languages

a young woman to be drowned, or dialects. He tells us the because she would not pray to secret. In giving an estimate

our Lady” and other saints. of his own character, he speaks Such are the fruits of Popish of himself with Christian hu- teaching ! mility, but with full conscious

GOD'S KINGDOM. would answer, in right order,

“To the animal kingdom.” But KING of PRUSSIA, it she paused and coloured very is related, was once deeply, not knowing what to

travelling in his do- say. She feared that it would minions, and passed through a not sound respectful to answer pretty village, where he was to to a King that he belonged to remain an hour or two. The the animal kingdom, and she villagers were delighted to see puzzled her little brain for a their King, and had done their reply. Remembering the words utmost in preparing to receive in Genesis, where it says that him. The school - children “God created man in His own strewed flowers before him, and image, in the image of God one little girl had a pretty verse created He him,” she quickly of “Welcome” to say to him. looked up and said, “To God's He listened most kindly, and kingdom, Sir.” told her she had performed her The King stooped down and task well, which pleased her placed his hand upon her head, very much. He then turned to A tear stood in his eye. He the schoolmaster, and said he was moved by her simple words. would like to ask the classes a

Solemnly and devoutly did he few questions, and examine answer, “God grant that I may them in what they knew. be counted worthy of that king

Now there happened to be a dom.” A good answer. In large dish of oranges on the this respect, little children are table close by. The King took on a level with kings, for Jesus up one of these, saying, "To has said, “Of such is the what kingdom does this belong, kingdom of heaven." children?” “To the vegetable kingdom," replied one of the little girls. " And to what kingdom this?” continued he, SCATTER YOUR CRUMBS. as he took from his pocket a gold coin. " To the mineral

MIDST the freezing sleet kingdom," she answered. “And to what kingdom do I belong,

The timid robin comes; then, my child ? ” inquired he, In pity drive him not away, expecting of course that she But scatter out your crumbs.



the "

And leave your door upon the latch some work, and wanted to leave For whosoever comes ;

it for an employment which she The poorer they, more welcome liked better; but as soon as her give,

Mamma told her that she wished And scatter out your crumbs.

her to finish her present task All have to spare, none are too poor, first, she cheerfully and without

When want with winter comes ; a murmur gave up her own The loaf is never all your own, way. Then scatter out the crumbs. Mary Alice was fond of wild

flowers, and had made herself acquainted with many of them,

knowing well when and where to YOUTHFUL BIOGRAPHY. look forthem. She would quickly

fix upon the spots where the first ANY of the readers of violets were to be found; and

Early Days” are her hand was sure to pluck the ministers' children, and early daisy, primrose, woodfor them especially this little anemone, and wild rose. These account of a minister's daughter seemed to be regarded by her is written.

as so many acquaintances that MARY ALICE HOLBREY was she was to meet with in her the only child of her parents, rambles; and when she first and a very loying and lovable

saw them each year, she hailed She was born at them with delight, as if they Botesdale, in Norfolk, May 12th, were old friends who had come 1860, and died at Retford, in Not- back again. tinghamshire, April 17th, 1873. This dear little girl had been From the time she was quite an early taught about Jesus, and infant she was taken to chapel, His great love to her. She was and when there never caused very fond of singing hymns, any trouble to her friends, or and when she came to live at any disturbance to others. She Retford, could play nicely on was like a sunbeam in her the piano. One of her favourite home; and her cheerful, loving pieces was a little hymn in the obedience to her parents was “ Children's Friend,” which I just such as a Christian child will copy for you, as I have not ought to show. I remember seen it in the “ Early Days," well one day she was doing or in either of our Sunday

child she was.



School Hymn-Books. It is at the close of the lesson, an called,

appeal was made to the scholars on the duty of giving them

selves at once to the Lord. I love to hear the story

When the class was over, Mary Which angel voices tell,

Alice was asked by the teacher How once the King of Glory whether she had given her Came down on earth to dwell ;

heart to Christ. She replied, I am both weak and sinful,

“ Yes, I think so;

" and her But this I surely know,

conduct showed the truth of her The Lord came down to save me, Because He loved me so.

She was very devout, and “I'm glad my blessed Saviour would never omit prayer, morn

Was once a child like me, ing and evening, or leave her To show how pure and holy room without reading a portion His little ones may be :

of Scripture. Affectionate and And if I try to follow

generous, she delighted to give His footsteps here below, He never will forget me,

pleasant surprises to her friends Because He loved me so.

by bringing them presents of

work which she had done for “ To sing His love and mercy,

them in secret; and she would My sweetest songs I'll raise, request that some delicacy might And though I cannot see Him, be bought with her money, that

I know He hears my praise ; it might be her own gift to the For He has kindly promised sick. That I shall surely go

But this dear child's work To sing among His angels, Because He loved me so.”

was early done. In November,

1872, she was taken alarmingly When she was between ten ill, and days of great suffering and eleven years of age, she came, when she could do little joined a week-night Bible-class but sit quietly listening while for little girls about her own friends read to her, or walk out age, and a very pleasant, in- just a short time when the telligent scholar she was. Her weather was fine. Very gentle answers to the questions given, and patient she was, thankful for to be found during the week, all that was done for her, and were always carefully prepared, always having a bright smile of and very correct. One evening, welcome for us when we went

her with us.

much worse.

to see her. Now and then, when calmed and comforted by prayer the days were very fine, she was being offered for her, and at its able to ride out, but in a little close asked for more. She was while this had to be given up, much concerned for her father and she could not leave the and mother, and said, “It is house. Easter Sunday was her not that I am afraid to die, but last day downstairs. She was I don't want to leave you; you very weak andill, and we saw that will be so lonely." we should not much longer have On Wednesday evening she

On Monday she seemed a little easier, but as could not rise, and was evidently night came on she became ex

After the doctor ceedingly restless. Once she said, had been she said, “Does he “O, the pain is so bad!” A friend think there is immediate dan- who was beside her replied, ger?” She was answered that Is it, love ? Let us ask Jesus perhaps Jesus intended to call to make you better;" and when her to Himself; and was re- a short prayer was offered, she minded of His love, and told to added, as well as her weakness ask Him to forgive all her sins, would allow, “For Christ's and make her happy. She sake, Amen." As morning replied, “I have.”

broke she seemed to be still After this she spoke but sel- more uneasy, but after a while dom, but it was evident that fell into a doze. When she she was resting on the loving awoke her friends words of her Saviour. The change in her look. Her eye line

brightened, and a beautiful

calmness overspread her face ; “My dear Jesus is the Good

and so, without a struggle, she Shepherd,”

passed from earth to heaven, was quoted in her hearing, when there to sing among the angels, she added, “ Yes, and He laid because Jesus “loved her so." down His life for the sheep.” Now, dear young readers, let When reminded that she would this record of a little one like soon have the “white robe," yourselves serve to lead you to and " crown,” and

harp,” give your early years to the she said with emphasis, “ Yes, Saviour. Try, too, to be as and I shall sing.”

our little Alice was, the joy of restless and uneasy, she was your earthly homes; so when



When very

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