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the ingul Shomas (Barton (Bengted Annals of the church and parish of Almondbury. [With] Charles Augustus Hulbert

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Local Books.

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HAWORTH PAST AND PRESENT : A History of Haworth, Stanbury, and Oxenhope. 20 Illustrations. 38.

“ Mr. J. Horsfall Turner has here given us & delightful little bistory of a place which will always have an interest for the student of English literature. Wo have not space to deal with it es lengthily as it deserves, but we can say that all should read it who care to know anything of the liitle village made memorable by the Brontë's fame. It may be obtained of the author, Idel,

Leeds, and is ridiculously cheap."- Graphic, Jan. 31, 1880. NONCONFORMIST REGISTER of Births, Marriages, and Deaths,

1644-1750, by the Revs. 0. Heywood and T. Dickenson, from the MS. in the Congregational Memorial Hall, London, comprehending numerous notices of Puritans and AntiPuritans in Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cheshire, London, &c., with Lists of Popish Recusants, Quakers, &c. Five illustrations, 380 pages, 68.

THE REV. 0. HEYWOOD, B.A., 1630-1702 : His Autobio

graphy, Diaries, Anecdote and Event Books, illustrating the General and Family History of Yorkshire and Lancashire. Three volumes, 380 pages each, illustrated, bound in cloth, 68. each.

A partial idea of their genealogical and historical interest may be

formod from the “Lives" of Heywood, by Dr. Fawcett, Rov. R. Slato, and Rov. Joseph Hunter, F.8.A.

INDEPENDENCY AT BRIGHOUSE : Pastors and People, 4 Illus

trations. 38.


LEGE, 10 illustrations, (autotype portraits of Rev. J, Dawson, Founder of Low Moor Ironworks; Rev. W. Vint 8.T.P.), &c. 38.

LOCAL BOOKS-continued.


logical History for Halifax Parish. Two volumes, 380 pages, with Portraits, 68. each.

Vol. I., nearly ready, will be a reprint of half of Mr. Watson's "Halifax," that is, such chapters as the Halifax Worthies, Vicars, Benefactors, &c. This volume will

, , thus serve a double purpose, as it will be a literatim reprint.

Vol. II. will be an original compilation, noting the Families and Worthies for six hundred years.

LIFE OF CAPTAIN JOHN HODGSON, 1640-83. Illustrated, 18. 3d.

This is a reprint of the 1806 publication, said to have been edited by Sir Walter Scott. The

narrates his exploits in the Warr, at Bradford, Leeds, Lancashire, Isle of Man, Scotland, &c., and the troubles that followed on his settlement at Coley Hall, near Halifax, bis imprisonment in York Castle, &c.

Nearly ready for the press :TÜKLEY, ANCIENT AND MODERN: By Rev. R. Collyer, D.D.,

New York, and J. Horsfall Turner ; with Chapters on the Pre-historic and Natural History, by John Holmes, Esq., J. W. Davis, Esq., F.G.S., F.S.A., &c., Messrs. Clarke and Roebuck, and Dr. Arnold Lees.

P.O. Orders payable at Idel, near Leeds.

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