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M-415 The York and Flushing R. R. Co., V-45, which
F-218 The Flushing R. R. Co., V-47

M-458 The New York Bay Extension R. Co., V-28
M-420 New York and Jamaica R. R. Co., V-31

470. The New York Central and Hudson River R. Co., VI-23, which


The New York and Harlaem R. Co., VI-11

M-285 The Hudson River R. Co., VI-24

M-624 The Spuyten Duyvil and Port Morris R. Co., VI-25
M-439 The N. Y. and Putnam R. Co., VI-32, which

F-434 The N. Y. and Northern Ry. Co., VI-29, which

[blocks in formation]

M-726 The Yonkers Rapid Transit Ry. Co. (N. Y. Div.) VI‐31

497. The N. Y., New Haven and Hartford R. Co., VI-3, which
M-430 The New York and New Haven R. Co., VI-4
L-268 The Harlem River & Port Chester R. R. Co., VI-1
513. N. Y., Westchester & Boston Ry. Co. (No. 2), VI-9, which
M-512 New York, West Chester & Boston Ry. Co. (No. 1), VI-10
M-438 New York and Port Chester R. Co., VI-8

545. Pennsylvania Tunnel and Terminal R. Co., V-55, which

M-543 Pennsylvania, New York and Long Island R. Co., V-56 640. The Staten Island Rapid Transit Ry. Co., VI-37, which F-639 Staten Island Rapid Transit R. Co., VI-38

638. The Staten Island Ry. Co., VI-40, which F-637 The Staten Island R. Co., VI-39

117. Bush Terminal R. Co., III-40

[blocks in formation]

PART II. TUNNEL AND RAPID TRANSIT RAILROADS 282. Hudson & Manhattan R. R. Co., VI-82, which

M-281 Hudson and Manhattan R. Co., VI-83
M-423 New York and Jersey R. Co., VI-81, which



The Hudson Tunnel Ry. Co., VI-77, which
M-287 Hudson Tunnel R. R. Co., VI-74, which

M-286 The Hudson Tunnel R. Co., VI-73
M-291 Hudson Tunnel Ry. Co., VI-79, which
M-289 The Hudson Tunnel R. Co. of New
York, VI-78, which
M-288 The Hudson Tunnel R.
Co., VI-76

298. Interborough Rapid Transit Co., II-6, which
Manhattan Ry. Co., II-7, which
M-485 The New York Elevated R. Co., II-5, which
F-710 West Side El. (Patented) Ry. Co. of N. Y.
City, II-2, which

C. N. 708 West Side & Yonkers Patent
Ry. Co., II-1

M-368 Metropolitan Elevated Ry. Co., II-9, which
C. N.-242 The Gilbert Elevated Ry. Co., II-8
M-650 The Suburban Rapid Transit Co., II-11, which
M-486 N. Y., Fordham and Bronx Ry. Co., II-10
(steam) and

487 The N. Y., Fordham and Bronx Ry. Co. (R.
T.) II-13

M-425 The New York and Long Island R. R. Co., II-12

482. New York Consolidated R. Co., IV-19, which M-590 Sea Beach Ry. Co., IV-14, which


The New York and Sea Beach Ry. Co., IV-16, which
F-446 The New York and Sea Beach R. Co., IV-18

L-495 New York Municipal Ry. Corp., IV-36

M-122 Canarsie R. Co., IV-78, which

F-58 The Brooklyn and Rockaway Beach R. Co., IV-81
M-112 Brooklyn Union Elevated R. Co., IV-68, which


Brooklyn Elevated R. Co., IV-62, which

M-678 The Union Elevated R. Co. of Brooklyn, IV-64
F-88 Brooklyn Elevated Ry. Co., IV-67, which
C. N.-90 Bklyn. El. Silent Safety Ry. Co.,

F-592 The Sea Side and Brooklyn Bridge El. R. Co., IV-65
M-318 Kings County Elevated R. Co., IV-69, which


The Kings County Elevated Ry. Co., IV-70, which
M-234 The Fulton Elevated Ry. Co., IV-71

[blocks in formation]


15. Belt Line Ry. Corporation, I-24, which

F-127 The Central Park, North and East River R. Co., I-25

56. The Brooklyn and North River R. Co., II-17

99. The Brooklyn Heights R. Co., IV-33, which


The Brooklyn City R. R. Co., IV-24, which


Brooklyn Crosstown R. Co., IV-21, which

C. N-81 The Bklyn. City, Hunter's Point and Prospect
Park R., IV-20

[blocks in formation]

M-254 The Greenpoint and Williamsb. R. Co., IV-22
The Brooklyn City and Ridgewood R. R. Co., IV-25

M-118 The Bushwick R. Co., IV-26

M-253 Greenpoint and Lorimer St. R. R. Co., IV-28
M-396 The New Williamsburgh and Flatbush R. Co., IV-30, which
F-718 The Williamsburgh & Flatbush R. R. Co., IV-27
M-119 Calvary Cemetery, Greenpoint and Bklyn. R. R. Co.,


M-246 The Grand Street and Newtown R. Co., IV-31

M-611 South Brooklyn Street R. Co., IV-32

[blocks in formation]

L-558 Prospect Park and Coney Island R. Co., IV-57, which

Prospect Park and South Brooklyn R. R. Co., IV-55
M-256 Greenwood and Coney Island R. Co., IV-56
L-411 The New York and Coney Island R. Co., IV-58
M-540 The Park Avenue R. Co., IV-59

106. Brooklyn, Queens County and Suburban R. Co., IV-9, which



The Broadway R. R. Co. of Brooklyn, IV-3, which

M-721 Yates Avenue and Flatbush R. Co., IV-5
Broadway Ferry and Metropolitan Avenue R. Co., IV-7

F-71 The Bklyn., Bushwick and Queens Co. R. IV-8, which
North 2nd St. and Middle Village R. R. Co., IV-10,


[blocks in formation]


The Metropolitan R. R. Co., IV-4

L-113 Brooklyn, Winfield and Newtown Ry. Co.,

IV-2, which

C. N-62 Brooklyn and Winfield Ry. Co., IV-1

M-303 Jamaica and Brooklyn Road Co., IV-13, which

M-302 Jamaica and Brooklyn Plank Road Co., IV-11
M-306 The Jamaica, Woodhaven and Bklyn. R. Co., IV-15, which
F-178 East New York and Jamaica R. Co., IV-12

146. The Coney Island and Brooklyn R. R. Co., III-38, which
M-559 The Prospect Park and Flatbush R. R., III-37

The Brooklyn City and Newtown R. R. Co., III-33, which
M-231 The Franklin Avenue R. Co., III-34a, which


The Grand St., Prospect Park and Flatbush
R. R. Co., III-34, which

F-104 The Brooklyn, Prospect Pk. and Flatbush
R. R. Co., III-35

0-164 DeKalb Ave. & North Beach R. Co., III-36

148. Coney Island and Gravesend Ry. Co., IV-54

166. The Dry Dock, East Broadway and Battery R. Co., II-22


The 42nd St., Manhattanville and St. Nicholas Ave. Ry. Co., II-23

338. Long Island Electric Ry. Co., (2) III-22, which

C. N-436 New York and North Shore Ry. Co., III-21, which
M- 337 The Long Island Electric Ry. Co., (1) III-23

350. Manhattan and Queens Traction Corporation, III-8, which
F-621 South Shore Traction Co., III-5

354. Manhattan Bridge, Three-Cent Line, II-35

361. The Marine Railway Company, III-39

379. Mid-Crosstown Ry. Co., Inc., I-29, which


The Twenty-eighth and Twenty-ninth Sts. Crosstown R. Co.,
I-26, which


Twenty-eighth and Twenty-ninth Sts. R. Co., (1) I-28,


C. N-669 The 28th and 30th Sts. R. Co., I-27

390. Nassau Electric R. Co., IV-47, which

M-686 United R. Co., IV-41, which


F-72 The Brooklyn Cable Company, IV-39
The Atlantic Avenue R. Co., IV-45, which

F-50 Brooklyn and Jamaica Ry. Co., IV-44, (Wm. Richardson)
F-74 Brooklyn Central and Jamaica R. Co., IV-38

M-491 Brooklyn & Jamaica R. Co., (steam

charter), IV-37

M-75 Brooklyn Central R.R. Co., IV-43

M-66 Brooklyn, Bath and West End R. Co., IV-42, which


Bklyn., Bath and Coney Island R. Co., (2) IV

40, which

F-64 Bklyn., Bath and Coney Island R. R.
Co., (1) IV-35, which

M-9 Bath and Coney Island Bridge
Co., IV-34

M-607 South Brooklyn Central R. Co., IV-46, which


S. Bklyn. and Park R. R. Co., IV-49, which
F-45 Bklyn. and Canarsie R. Co., IV-50,


M-604 South Bklyn. and Bergen St.

R. R. Co., IV-53

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