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I pre-ordered an audiobook copy of this book, so I started listening to it the day it was published. The book was okay, but a bit of a let-down. When the book is being touted as a "tell-all" story, I ... Read full review

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Oh the dribble. Terrible book, only cements and increases this couples unpopularity.
Lucky they are rick and pretty, because they are unlikely to make money on being leaders.

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Great 5 stars we get to see why we need to get rid of the monarchy harry and meghan did the right thing as that buck house is filled with snakes trying to undermine the only black person in that family Omid did a great job

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Meghan and Harry used their puppet from the SoHo house..Omid Scobie to write this book and denied any knowledge of doing so.. , if you keep that in mind, you'll know exactly what to expect. I did not think they would stoop as low, as to speak about the royal family in such a hurtful spiteful way, ( William and Kate have been Harry's rock for most of his life) Meghan is jealous of Kate ..whilst trying to emulate Princess Diana. That's how Meghan sees herself. Unfortunately for her, not many others see her in the same way. She has no friends left, her family has been dumped ( except Doria) and is a very lonely bitter person, who enjoys throwing other peoples money around, trying to force us to like her. This book is just a vanity project. Save your money! Harry and Meghan are the authors of their own demise. 

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