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I. Each number contains 30 pages, large duodecimo, published on th Monday of every month, stitched in a neatly printed cover; all numbers 1 to reach their destination shall be made good at the expense of the Editor. II. It costs $2,50 per annum, or $2,00 within six months.

III. Agents are allowed 10 per cent. for obtaining subscribers and for ec ing and remitting subscriptions.

IV. All who obtain and pay for five subscribers, within six months subscribing, have one copy gratis.

V. Persons who subscribe at any time within the year will be furnished the volume from the commencement; and no person, unless at the discreti the Editor, shall be permitted to withdraw until all arrearages are paid.

VI. All who do not notify their discontinuance to our agents in such that we may be informed a month before the close of each volume, will be sidered subscribers for the next.

Address A. CAMPBELL, Post-Master, Bethany, Brooke county, Va.


Greatly desirous to increase the number of our readers, we offer the follo liberal proposals for 1849:

To any club of subscribers remitting to us $5 00, we shall send 3 copies.

$ 8.00,
$10 00,
$15 00,

5 copies. 7 copies.

11 copies.

16 copies.

It is expressly conditioned, and shall be so understood in all cases, that the m must be received here before the Harbinger shall be sent to such clubs. Pre subscribers can take advantage of these terms by paying up all arrears, and re ting to us before the first of March next, as new subscribers for 1849. Volu for 1847 and 1848 shall be forwarded on the same terms.

A few individuals, from whom we have received clubs of new subscril warrant the conclusion that a very considerable increase of new readers in alr all towns and cities, as well as in populous vicinities in the country, could secured by a few hours' attention on the part of our friends who are desirou extending our influence. A single individual, in a day or two, where the I binger has always been read, obtained no less than 32 new subscribers could wish to say with effect to every friend, "Go thou and do likewise."


INDIANA.-BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, Milton, Wayne County; H. R. PRITCH Falmouth Fayette County; JOHN O. KANE, Connersville, Fayette Coun EDWARD AUSTIN, Columbia, Fayette County; W. B. FLINN, Rushville, R County; H. ST. JOHN VANDAKE, Union County.


W. F. M. ARNY, General Agent for Bethany College and Millennial Harbin is now in Illinois. We hope our agents and subscribers will be ready to sel with him.


Persons knowing themselves indebted to this office for Harbing or books, will please remit by mail. Direet ALE R. CAMPBELL, PO Master, Bethany, Brooke county, Va., and see that it is marked FR when put into the office. If persons do not know the exact amount their accounts, let them remit whatever they may think proper; and show there be any balance for or against, they will be informed of it.



THE 16th session will commence May 1st, 1849.

The advantages proposed in this Boarding School, are remarkable healt ness, secured by great elevation; contiguity to the city, and yet all desi seclusion; the cultivation of a sense of moral obligation as the means of go ment; and moderate charges.

TERMS-for the regular studies, which are as full as in any Female Semi Board, Washing, &c., sixty-five dollars, in advance, for a session of five mon Piano. Guitar, French, Painting, Wax Fruit, Wax Flowers, &c.; Shell W Artificial Flowers, as taught in Paris, Embroideries, &c., taught at mod charges.

SUMMER UNIFORM.-Pink and Blue Lawns, and White Mull Sun Bonnets. COMMON WEAR.-Dark Plaid Ginghams.

Omnibusses leave the United States Hotel and Galt House, Cincinnati, m ing and evening. Applications should be addressed, as soon as possible per l D. S. BURNET, Princip Mount Healthy, Ohio



THE regular spring and summer session of the BLACK ROCK FEMA SEMINARY will commence on the first Wednesday in May next, and tinue twenty-two weeks, under the direction of Mrs. C. M. STEELE, as Princi who will be aided by competent assistant teachers.

This Seminary is pleasantly and healthfully located on Niagara street, al one mile beyond the limits of the city of Buffaloe, at a point that overlooks L Erie and the Niagara River. The buildings are sufficiently commodious to af a comfortable home for a large number of pupils.

Pupils are received at any time during the session, and are only charged fi the time they enter the Institution.


For board, washing, and tuition in all the the English studies, 112 dollars annum. The extra charges are, for music on the Piano, 10 dollars per quar on the Organ or Harp, 15 dollars; on the Guitar, 8 dollars; the German or Fre Language, 7 dollars and 50 cents; Drawing and Painting, 5 dollars.

Circular pamphlets containing further particulars may be obtained by apply to the Principal or either of the Trustees.

Black Rock, February, 1849.



of the English language, is, confessedly,


The entire work, unabridged, in one vol. crown quarto, 1452 pages, with pi trait of the author, revised by Professor Goodrich, of Yale College.

Price $6

"The most complete, accurate, and reliable Dictionary of the language," is t recent testimony given to this work by many Presidents of Colleges and oth distinguished literary men throughout the country.

Containing three times the amount of matter of any other English Dictiona compiled in this country, or any abridgment of this work, yet

"Its definitions are models of condensation and purity. The most comple work of the kind that any nation can boast of."-Hon. Wm. B. Calhoun.

"We rejoice that it bids fair to become the standard Dictionary to be used the numerous millions of people who are to inhabit the United States."-Sig by 104 members of Congress.

Published by G. & C. MERRIAM, Springfield, Mass., and for sale by LEWIS COLBY,

No. 122, Nassau street, N. Y, at publisher's prices





No. III.



WE design this Tract especially for the most uneducated portion of the reading community, embracing in its details the whole subject, action, and design of baptism. We, therefore, adopt the method of Question and Answer as most instructive and impressive; only premising that our answers shall always be those, and those only, which the Holy Scriptures, history, and human experience authenticate and sustain.

Query 1. Who was the first Baptist? Answer. John, the harbinger of Christ, called "John the Baptist.”

Q. 2. From whom did he receive authority to baptize? A. Not from men, but from God. He was sent by God to baptize, and did not institute it himself, nor learn it from the Jews. John i. 33.

Q. 3. Where did he baptize? A. In the Jordan, and at Enon, "because there was much water there."

Q. 4. Did those he baptized make confession? A. They "were baptized by him in the Jordan, confessing their sins."

Q. 5. Were they led or carried to his baptism? A. "There went out to him Jerusalem and all Judea and all the region round about the Jordan, and were baptized by him in the Jordan."

Q. 6. Who was the most distinguished person whom he baptized! A. The Saviour of the world.

Q. 7. For what purpose was he baptized? A. Neither for confessing his sins nor for receiving remission of them; but "to fulfil all righteousness," or to honor the righteous institutions of God. “Thus,” said he, "it becomes us to fulfil all righteousness," or observe every divine institution.

Q. 8. How old was Jesus when baptized? A. About thirty years old.

[blocks in formation]

Q. 9. Had Jesus been circumcised when an infant? A. He was circumcised the eighth day.

Q. 10. Had all those that John baptized been circumcised? A. Yes; they were all Jews.

Q. 11. What do you infer from this fact? A. That baptism did come in room of circumcision, else no Jews would have been bap


Q. 12. When was Christian baptism introduced? A. Not till John the Baptist had been beheaded, and Jesus Christ crucified, almost four years after the baptism of John.

Q. 13. Where was it instituted? A. On a mountain of Galilee. Q. 14. By whom? A. By the Saviour in person.

Q. 15. In what words? A. "Go, teach all nations, baptizing them into the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you;" or, according to the Evangelist Mark, "Go ye into all the world; preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved, and he that believeth not shall be damned."

Q. 16. To whom was this commission given? A. To the Apostles of Christ.

Q. 17. When and where did they begin to act under it? A. On the first Pentecost after the ascension of Jesus into heaven, and in the city of Jerusalem.

Q. 18. How many were there and then baptized? A. Three thousand souls.

Q. 19. What qualification was required by the Apostles acting under this commission? A. Repentance.

Q. 20. Repeat the words. "Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of the Lord Jesus."

Q. 21. Any other indication implying whether none but professed believing ponitents were baptized on that occasion? A. "They that gladly received his word were baptized." Acts ii. 41.

Q. 22. Are infants capable of understanding, believing, and gladly receiving a preached gospel? A. Not such as we have in this age of the world.

Q. 23. What, then, would you infer concerning the first three thousand persons baptized by the Apostles of Christ? A. That there were no infants nor families having infants baptized by the Apostles in establishing the first Christian church ever planted on earth.

Q. 24. Had all the males baptized by the Apostles on this occasion

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