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4 Then all my servile works were done

A righteousness to raise ;
Now, freely chosen in the son,
I freely choose his ways.

5 What shall I do, was then the word,
That I may worthier grow?
What shall I render to the LORD?
Is my inquiry now.

6 To see the law by CHRIST fulfill'd,
And hear his pard'ning voice,
Changes a slave into a child,*
And duty into choice.

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SIN enslav'd me many years,
And led me bound and blind;
Till at length a thousand fears

Came swarming o'er my mind:
Where, I said in deep distress,
Will these sinful pleasures end?
How shall I secure my peace,
And make the Lord my friend?

*Rom. iii. 31


Friends and ministers said much,
The gospel to enforce ;

But my blindness still was such,
I chose a legal course:
Much I fasted, watch'd, and strove,
Scarce would shew my face abroad,
Fear'd, almost, to speak or move,
A stranger still to God.

Thus afraid to trust his grace,
Long time did I rebel;
Till despairing of my case,
Down at his feet I fell :
Then my stubborn heart he broke,
And subdu'd me to his sway;
By a simple word he spoke,
"Thy sins are done away."



1 HOLY LORD GOD! I love thy truth,
Nor dare thy least commandment slight;
Yet pierc'd by sin, the serpent's tooth,
I mourn the anguish of the bite.

2 But though the poison lurks within,
Hope bids me still with patience wait,
Till death shall set me free from sin,
Free from the only thing I hate.

3 Had I a throne above the rest,
Where angels and archangels dwell,
One sin, unslain, within my breast,
Would make that heav'n as dark as hell.

4 The pris'ner, sent to breathe fresh air, And bless'd with liberty again,

Would mourn, were he condemn'd to wear One link of all his former chain.

5 But oh! no foe invades the bliss, When glory crowns the Christian's head; One view of JESUS as he is,

Will strike all sin forever dead.



1 THE new-born child of gospel-grace,
Like some fair tree when summer's night,
Beneath EMMANUEL'S shining face,
Lifts up his blooming branch on high.

2 No fears he feels, he sees no foes,

No conflict yet his faith employs ;
Nor has he learnt, to whom he owes
The strength and peace his soul enjoys.


But sin soon darts its cruel sting,
And comforts sinking day by day,
What seem'd his own, a self-fed spring,
Proves but a brook that glides away.

4 When Gideon arm'd his num❜rous host, The LORD soon made his numbers less; And said, lest Israel vainly boast,* "My arm procur'd me this success."

5 Thus will he bring our spirits down

And draw our ebbing comforts low,
That, sav'd by grace, but not our own,
We may not claim the praise we owe.



I O GOD, whose favourable eye
The sin-sick soul revives,
Holy and heav'nly is the joy
Thy shining presence gives.


2 Not such as hypocrites suppose,
Who, with a graceless heart,
Taste not of thee, but drink a dose
Prepar'd by Satan's art.

3 Intoxicating joys are theirs,

Who, while they boast their light,
And seem to soar above the stars,
Are plunging intò night.

Judges, vii. 2.

A a

4 Lull'd in a soft and fatal sleep, They sin and yet rejoice;

Were they indeed the Saviour's sheep, Would they not hear his voice?

5 Be mine the comforts that reclaim
The soul from Satan's pow'r;
That make me blush for what I am,
And hate my sin the more.

6 'Tis joy enough, my All in All,
At thy dear feet to lie;
Thou wilt not let me lower fall,
And none can higher fly.



I THE LORD receives his highest praise From humble minds and hearts sincere, While all the loud professor says Offends the righteous Judge's ear.

2 To walk as children of the day,
To mark the precept's holy light,
To wage the warfare, watch and pray,
Shew who are pleasing in his sight.

3 Not words alone it cost the LORD'
To purchase pardon for his own;
Nor will a soul, by grace restor❜d,
Return the Saviour words alone.

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