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INVOCATION.—The Ear of Youth solicited to a Tale of Shipwreck.—The Rescue of a

Pair, Redeemed by Love, promised.—The Gathering Storm.-The Ship.-Her Company.--Shortening Sail.—The Gale.— Terror of the Passengers.—The Prayer of Fear.

— The Hour of Trial.— The Path of Life.— The Ship in Distress.—Yearning for the Land.-Man forgetful of God.-His Presumption. The Gale Abates.—The Gallant Ship.-Making Sail.--Sunset at Sea.-Beauty of the Ocean Night.—The Booby.The Wanderer.- Natural Sympathies.-ORLANDO.-His Character.—The Barterers of Truth. Their Depravity.-The PatrioT.-The Arnold Test.-A Digression.-Pursuit of Fortune.-The World Unequal.-Wealth and Luxury the Bane of Intelligence.—Desire of a Competence.—Poetic Repose.— The Sisters.— The Miser Fool.Virtuous Industry honored of Heaven.-The Refined Man.—The Children of Sorrow.-Digression.-Humbling Reflection.—The Seven Transgressors.—The MoneyChangers.-Farewell to the Venal Tribe.—The Wandering Muse.–Fated to Error.Soothing Spirit of Poesy.—The Lordly Entail.–Satan Exciting Wedlock.—The Missing Chance.-Vice of Swearing.-May, and the Lost Bride.-Fate of the Destroyer.Apostrophe to Love.-HYPERIA.—Her Personal Charms.-Her Character.—The Garden of the East.-Cultivation of Flowers.-Floral Scenery an Inspirer of the Tender Passion.-Music of the Spheres.-Beauty of Creation.—Maiden Piety.–Female Equestrianism.—Queen Victoria.—The Well-matched Pair.—Impropriety of Females attending Executions.-Sweet Sixteen.-Jealous Nature.—Thanks to the Muse.-Courting Applause.—The Falling Curtain.—The Midnight March in Heaven.

Canto First.

I court the ear of Youth, and wake the lyre (1)
To notes of wild dismay, despair and woe!
Shipwreck I sing, and those whose vital fire
Shall quench in ocean ere the morrow's glow,
Submerged in death on coral beds below.
Peace to their manes !—I touch the chords once more
To softer strains, and gentler measures flow;

While from the wreck the Goddess shall restore
A Pair, whom Love redeems, in safety to the shore.

For them the elements shall cease to rage,
And sea and sky their mildest aspect wear;
The waves subside, the blustering winds assuage,
And grateful zephyrs fan the sultry air,-
The clouds roll back their fleecy volumes fair,
And Heaven again on the blue waters smile;
While watchful spirits hover round the Pair,

By day, by night,-of dread and grief beguile,
And guide their fragile bark to some green Tropic Isle.
The morn had risen upon the mighty deep,
Whose troubled bosom drank the effluent ray;
The moaning winds were waking from their sleep
In the Æolian chambers, where they lay,
Full soon to lead the terrible array
Of battling elements. The wild alarm
Spreads far and wide-above, below, midway,-

While the fierce spirits of the tempest arm
At His command who rides the Monarch of the storm.

A gallant ship, with canvas pinions spread,
And swift-revolving wheels on either side,
Urged by the force of steam, from ocean fed,
Ploughed the broad billows of the briny tide :-
Like Jove's free bird, in conscious strength and pride,
Without a seeming effort, onward flew
Over the vast abyss, as she defied

The Ocean King, cleaving his surges through,
As though the frowning swells were playful drops of dew.

Rich was the freight the stately vessel bore,
Jewels of hope, intelligences rare;
Forms, the lost days of honor might restore,
Were Chivalry now vassal to the Fair:
Beauty, the peeress of a world, was there,
Aspiring genius and experienced sage,
And cherub innocence, unknown of care,

Maternal grace and patriarchal age :
A noble company as e'er trode being's stage.

Blooming in youth, and buoyant with delight,
Life, to one circle, seemed an endless charm;
Bathed in the vernal morn of being bright,
Each eye was brilliant, and each heart was warm :
The present was all bliss,—hope did disarm
The future of all woe, and strewed with flowers
Life's lease, whose transient term stirred no alarm.

For them the morning woke the joyous hours, Thoughtless, as they were still reclined in sylvan bowers.

How thrilled their bosoms, when the vaulted blue,
In sable curtain hung, gave note of woe !
When from the clouds th' ethereal chargers flew,
And drove pale Terror o'er the realm below!
When flashed the lightning with a lurid glow,
And Heaven's artillery shook the wide-rent air!
While the lone ship, rude driven to and fro,

Seemed like a helpless victim, quivering there,
Tossed by the winds and waves in wild and mute despair.

The Captain gives command to shorten sail :-
" Ease tacks and sheets !-to'gallants furl, and sway!

up the courses now, the spanker brail,
In stu'nsail booms, and lower the yards away!
Topsails close-reef-well there!-sheet home-belay !-
Conductors rig, and see all clear below :-
Close hatches down,—the boats securely stay,-

Set the storm-staysails 'fore and aft!"-The blow Strikes the good ship prepared,—“Up helm, and let her go!"

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