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vice is a judgment upon the yet with a good conscience subscribe Church.' It is to teach that the the Thirty-nine Articles of the Church Romish “ritual was a precious pos- of England.25 session"l1_and that the mass-book It is to put the visible Church in the is “a sacred and most precious mo- place of Christ, by teaching that“ she nument of the apostles.

alone is that true hiding-place into It is to assert that “ Scripture is which the servants of God


flee not the rule of faith"15_—that “the for refuge and be safe.” It is to oral Tradition of the Church is a fuller put the sacraments in the place of exposition of God's revealed truth”14 God, by declaring that they “ are the -that the Bible placed without sources of divine grace.' note or comment in the hands of uninstructed persons is not calculated, in ordinary cases, to make them wise unto salvation”l5—and that only per- We can perceive no unfairness in

disclaiming the right of private the manner in which these extracts judgment in things pertaining to are taken from the Tractarian authors, God are members of the church of and given in their proper sense toChrist."16

gether, from the scattered and attenuIt is to teach that “ baptism and

ated forms in which they appear in not faith is the primary instrument of the originals. While men slept, the justification”:17—that we are not to enemy sowed tares. Error is gene“neglect the doctrine of justification rally specious, insinuating, and tacked by works”:18—and that “the prevail- on to truth for its better deceitfulness ing notion of bringing forward the and its easier currency. The great doctrines of the atonement explicitly doctrines of regeneration and all the . and prominently on all occasions, is proper work of the Spirit, the spiritu

evidently quite opposed to the teaching ality of all true religion, the office of of Scripture."19

faith in our salvation, our justification It is to assert that in the Lord's freely by his grace, through the reSupper “ Christ is present under the demption that there is in Christ Jeform of bread and wine”20—that he is sus, the divine purposes in saving “then personally and bodily with men, and the conservation of the us”21—and that the clergy are “in- saints as kept (as with a garrison) by trusted with the awful and mysterious the power of God through faith unto gift of making the bread and wine salvation ; these and kindred truths, Christ's body and blood.”22

constituting the very vitals of ChrisIt is to maintain the lawfulness of tianity, are avoided, suppressed, or prayer for the dead 23—to make a dis- denied, as well as the genuine doctrine tinction between venial and mortal of the atonement of our Saviour on sins 24__and to assert that a person

the cross. Added to all which, they may believe that there is a purgatory,

hold the doctrine of exclusiveness, that relics may be venerated, that excluding and denying all the reformsaints may be invoked, that there are ed churches of Christ: the result of seven sacraments, that the mass is an their super-eminent folly of the sucoffering for the quick and dead for cession of lineage, or that all • authothe remission of sins, and that he may rity' in the Church of Christ comes

in the way of a chain from the first 10 Froude's Remains.

Pope, down to Gregory XVI. and the 11 Tracts for the Times.

Archbishop of Canterbury, and down 14 Linwood's Sermons. to any and all of the other legitimates

thereto appertaining, in England and 17 Newman on Justification.

her colonies, in America and her ter18 Linwood's Sermons.

ritories. 19 Tracts for the Times. 20 Linwood's Sermons.

25 Tracts for the Times, No. 90 21 Tracts for the Times.

26 Linwood's Sermons.

27 Tracts f the Times. JUNE-1845.

12 Id.

13 Id. 15 Id.

16 Id.

22 Id.

23 Id.

24 Id.

2 N


Who sees not that all this is Popery of the Lord shall lift up a standard disguised? It is anti-English, anti

against him.” Protestant, anti-Christian. Let it

WICKLIF AND LUTHER. only spread in silence, and its leaven will leaven the whole lump of society, and we shall all be prepared to yield, we and our children, before we know it, to the organized and antiquated oppressions of Rome; whence the

Sir, I had purposed to enter yet sword and the keys united will sub

more fully into an examination of the due our liberties, and we shall fall

strangely unsound, unscriptural, and victims to the worst form of despotism un-Church-of. England opinions, so ever seen in our land. The Inquisi- rashly advanced in Mr. Ward's tion will be restored with all its beau- book. But it has really become unties and its blessings!


He has broken his own And all this, as temporal disaster, bubble, and it has vanished. The is infinitely less than the spiritual inconsistency of his ascetic preferdamage it will do to our souls. It is

ences with the known habits of the another gospel-which is not another. man did create a little stir and sur“Every plant,” says Jesus Christ, prise; but he has kept on the even “which my heavenly Father hath

tenor of his way, he has followed his not planted, shall be rooted up." own natural devices, and has at Tractarianism and Popery, and all length practically refuted his unquatheir kindred anomalies, are such poi- lified praise of a system of self-denial, sonous plants. And shall the English about which he could talk volubly, as soil yield them a harvest? Are they he does of more things than he really. here to be propagated, in this country considers, and left his wondering of the pilgrims, in this land of Pro- readers to conclude that he intertestants, in this nation of freemen?

prets ascetic dogmas in a non-ascetic Have our fathers of the Revolution

The young man may probabled in vain, or our ancestors of the bly in after years both feel and exReformation suffered and burnt in

press regret that his uncurbed vanity vain? Let Christians arouse from led him so boldly and intrusively to their supineness, and be aware of the assert opinions, and so readily to remost formidable pest of the age. nounce them. It is a painful thing, Already do they deny the existence of however, to have to carry through the churches of the Reformation, life the consciousness of having been holding them as mere synagogues of publicly branded with a silly if not a apostacy from their chain of the suc- dishonest notoriety. It would far cession, consigning them to the more become him now, instead of covenanted mercies of God” that

disputing technicalities with the uni. never saved one soul, and denouncing versity, perpetuating strife, and keeptheir wisest, holiest ministers, whom ing his smutched name before the God has so abundantly owned and public, to retire into the solaces of blessed in preaching the Gospel, as that domestic life which he professed no ministers of Christ, as

to scorn, and to the private privileges postors," intruders, usurpers, and of that Church which, if he could, he traitors “ to the Church”—by which would have wounded. God grant they mean themselves and their party. that he may find it possible to be

Let Christians look to God for his Scripturally holy in connubial happi. countenance and his arm against this ness, and to mingle the tears of a late flood of abominations. “ Lift

up a repentance with the cheerful smiles standard for the people. So shall of a peaceful hearth. He would they fear the name of the Lord from really do well to make a real and the west, and his glory from the ris- natural bonfire on his first-born's ing of the sun. When the enemy birth-day, of the unsold copies of his shall come in like a flood, the Spirit non-natural and non-ascetic Ideal!




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This would be a praiseworthy sacri. remain, such manifest deficiency in fice to insulted common sense and the first principles of morals will do literary honesty. If he were seen, far more to damage their own theonot only to contradict his book in so. logy. ber practice, but in so many words to At such times, however, it is well admit his hastiness and folly, the not to be backward in the advocacy Christian community would readily and support of this undoubtedly pardon, as the airy flight of an aca. Scriptural and blessed system of demic youth, even those planetary mercy. And there are some thoughts retrogradations which no system of on the subject that I would fain subvortices, not even the Newmanian, mit to the consideration of Christian can ever explain and harmonize. readers through your Magazine. But

Let us, however, now turn our first, let us look for a moment at the back upon him. There is import. teaching of our Church in the apant work before us, in the midst of pointed language of her homilies. which the names of such tergiversat- The Homily on Salvation, believed ing youngsters may well be for- on good grounds to have been writ. gotten. The party to which he be. ten by Cranmer, says, in a quotation longs, in their vain regard to the from Ambrose, “ This is the ordinance efficacy of human merit, have grossly of God, that they which believe in misrepresented and calumniated the Christ should be saved without works, grand characterizing truth of the by faith only, freely receiving remis. Church whose bread they eat-the sion of their sins. Consider these prominent feature of that Inspired words diligently; without works, by Record which they profess to rever- faith only, freely we receive remis. ence the doctrine of Justification by sion of our sins.

What can be spoFaith. For this sublime dogma of ken more plainly, than to say that revealed religion, this grand and freely, without works, by faith only, glorious mystery which is alone the we obtain remission of our sins?" support of the fallen soul above the Surely, this threefold repetition of fathomless abyss of a lost eternity, the idea makes the view of the no language has been in their estima. Church very distinct and specific! tion too abusive, no scorn too bitter. But observe again: “ The Apostle The very doctrine as affirmed in so toucheth especially three things which many plain and literal words both in must go together in our justification. the deliberate decrees of the Church Upon God's part, his great mercy and the pages of holy writ, they have and grace; upon Christ's part, jusdenied and vilified, as if their signa- tice; that is, the satisfaction of God's ture had been against it and not for justice, or the price of our redempit; as if, according to the morals of tion by the offering of his body and the new school, they signed in a shedding of his blood, with fulfilling non-signing sense; as if it were a the law perfectly and throughly; matter of indifference to append a and upon our part true and lively name deliberately to a system of faith in the merits of Jesus Christ, doctrine, as pledged solemnly to which yet is not ours, but by God's maintain it, and then, from the ad. working in us; so that in our justifivantage of position which that signa- cation is not only God's mercy and ture gives, to use every artifice of grace, but also his justice, which the practised intellectual manœuvre, to Apostle calleth the justice of God; discredit, and stain, and insult the and it consisteth in paying our ransom subscribed system.

To men who and fulfilling of the law; and so the have lost their simplicity in the mazes grace of God doth not shut out the of casuistical dispute, this may not justice of God in our justification, but appear in its true colours; but they only shutteth out the justice of man: may rest assured that wherever hon- that is to say, the justice of our works, esty and godly sincerity, and a respect as to be merits of deserving our jusfor straight-forward truth-speaking tification. And therefore St. Paul

declareth here nothing upon the be- feelthatthey cannot risk theirlittle dighalf of man concerning his justifica- nity by too large and ready concession. tion, but only a true and lively faith, It is a becoming act for one who is as which, nevertheless, is the gift of benevolent as he is powerful and holy. God, and not man's only work with. And if in his mysterious providence out God.” Here every part of the he suffers a created race of moral whole idea of justification by faith is beings to fall into disobedience and brought out so vividly, that it mani. corruption, it is worthy of himself to festly presents itself broadly in every accomplish their restoration, not by part to the malediction of these inno- any circuitous process, in which hu. vating theologians.

man energy might be suspected to Let one other passage be added to bear a part, and might claim to divide these, to show what the Church the glory of the deliverance; but in thinks of those who contravene this a way of direct and unequivocal plain statement. “This faith the Holy mercy, in which nothing shall be Scripture teacheth. This is the more manifest than that the whole strong rock and foundation of Chris. redeemed host shall owe their holiness, tian religion. This doctrine all old their peace, their safety, their life and ancient authors of Christ's Church throughout eternity, exclusively to an do approve. This doctrine advanceth

act of grace, which at once pardons, and setteth forth the true glory of sanctifies, and restores. This chaChrist, and beateth down the vain racteristic, against which the proud, glory of man. This whosoever impenitent heart rebels, is the grand denieth is not to be accounted for a and essential feature of the system. Christian man, nor for a setter-forth Like our planetary system, in which of Christ's glory, but for an adversary all the light which the various orbs to Christ and his Gospel, and for a receive and reflect is central and solar, setter forth of men's vain glory.” it is evidently the purpose of the

It is hardly conceivable that a man Sovereign Ruler to save by a mode in a sane state of mind can have de- which shall make it unequivocally liberately assented to the correct- certain that all good is in him and ness of these statements, and also from him, and that an innumerable affirmed that justification by faith host redeemed shall simply receive alone is a soul-destroying heresy." that redeeming power and influence

But now, taking these passages as as an emanation from him ; and in à developement of the Church's all the graciousness, and purity, and teaching on the subject, and, of peace of after life, shall acknowledge course, of what she believes to be the

their own native and original darkteaching of the inspired Word, I ness, and only reflect—and willingly, would make two observations which, and thankfully reflect—the radiant if considered, may seem to commend holiness, within whose attractive, and this vilified doctrine to the affection illuminating, and genial agency they of Christians.

have been mercifully brought. It is 1st. Such a scheme of mercy is one of the universally admitted axioms worthy of an Almighty Sovereign, of common life, that we are utterly and,

dependant upon God for the origin 2nd. It was absolutely necessary and continuance of all our vital both for the glory of God and the powers. Natural life is his sovereign restoration of man.

gift. How strange it is that we It is worthy of an Almighty Sove. should rebel against the admission reign to extend a free pardon to his that for all the higher blessings of a guilty creature, contingent only on moral and spiritual assimilation to the creature's acceptance of the boon, our God, a lifting up and restoration and the power of acceptance itself unto holy life, we are indebted to the graciously provided for.

This sa- same power! Now to make this vours not of the niggard barter and manifest and unequivocal, to shut up bargaining needful to beings in the the human soul to the inevitable consame category of finite power, who sciousness and grateful avowal of it, is the grand intention of this mode of act of special grace, made to feel yet deliverance. “Of him are ye in Christ more strongly than others the deJesus, who, of God, is made unto pendance of the creature on the us wisdom, and righteousness, and Creator, and brought in the humiliasanctification, and redemption, that tion of a total and acknowledged he that glorieth may glory only in emptiness to the treasury of blessing, the Lord.” It is of the essence made to receive there all the gifts of the rescuing machinery, that the that pertain to life and godliness, creature shall be shown to be all through a channel which shall secure emptiness, and darkness, and iner- the absolute and grateful avowal, tion, and need; and that God, in that they are not of man, or by man, his own way of manifestation, is all but of and from God only. fulness, and light, and activity, and And thus is the mystery developed blessing. Man may be jealous of of that prayer—" Father, glorify thy God's all-absorbing portion in the Son, that thy Son also may glorify work, and petulantly thankless of the thee; as thou hast given him power boon proffered; he may receive over all flesh, that he should give grudgingly the light by which he eternal life to as many as thou hast shines ; but let him once really feel given him.” and comprehend the blessed power If we can rise to this view of the of that sole and central influence specific object of a justification which animates, attracts, directs, con- through faith in a given testimony, trols, regulates, enlightens, vivifies, and that faith itself a gift; if we can and warms, and it will be his delight comprehend how it thus works for the to acknowledge, to the glory of his Creator's glory, and for the bringing Maker, that grace alone has given of the creature into that renovated him a position and a portion in this state in which he should rejoice in movement of heavenly harmony; that that glory; how we must pity the in the very highest sense of which his darkness and sensuality of a mind nature is capable-"in Gud he lives, which can dwell on the thought only and moves, and has his being”-and to pervert and revile it? How we that this mode of justifying the soul, must sorrow for him who imagines solely and simply by faith in the that he can see in it nothing but Redeemer's righteousness, was to danger to man and dishonour to his make this very conviction the eternal Maker; and who marks his position joy of his heart, and the great with this patent and melancholy moral lesson of the intelligent uni. inconsistency, that his virulence averse. If it is the glory of the Great gainst the doctrine stands in close First Cause to pour forth from his juxta. position with a subscription to fathomless resources the infinite sup- the strongest and most distinct terms plies that he has made necessary for

in which the calumniated dogma can all the orders of beings that he has possibly be expressed. formed, then is it still more pecu

LATIMER. liarly and essentially a Divine glory,

P.S.--I will resume the subject in that any fallen part of the universal family should be singled out by an

another letter.



nued and extended among the natives.

When I visited Mangakahiah in the

Feb. 1844. latter part of November, I took my SINCE my last letter, Dec. 15, 1843, principal Kaikohi Teacher with me, the goodness of God has been conti- who had been under very deep con

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