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· LEMPRIERE'S Classical Dictionary for Schools Patience, a Tale, by the same. and Academies, containing every name, and all that

Self Denial, by the same. is either important or useful, in the original work.

Lessons for Children, by Mrs. Barbauld, with six enScripture Prints, with explanations in the form of familiar dialogues, by Mrs. Sherwood, containing 20 gravings and four original iales. pages lithographic prints.

Ditto, bound, without plates, for the use of Schools. Peter Parley's Tales about the State and city of New- Adventures of Don Juan de Ulloa, in a voyage to York, illustrated by a map and many engravings, for Calecut soon after the discovery of India, by Vasco de the use of Schools.

Gama, illustrated with 24 engravings.
Feter Parley's Book of Mythology, for Youth, con- Scenes in Africa, for the amusement and instruc-
taining descriptions of the Deities, Temples, Sacrifices, tion of little Tarry-at-home Travellers, by the Rev.
and Superstitions of the Ancient Greeks and Romans, Isaac Taylor, with 64 plates and a map.
adapted to the use of Schools.

Idle Honrs Employed, or the New Publication- &
Peter Parley's Tales about Ancient and Modern | selection of Moral Tales, with 24 engravings.
Greece, illustrated by a map and numerous engravings,

The Relics of Antiquity exhibited in the Ruins of adapted for the use of Schools.

Pompeii and Ilerculaneum, with an account of the Peter Parley's Book of Quadrupeds for Youth, em- destruction and recovery of those celebrated cities, by bracing descriptions of the most interesting and re- the author of “ Fruits of Enterprise," 12 plates. markable quadrupeds in all countries, with particular

Variety, or Stories for Children, with 24 engravings. notices of those of America, illustrated by numerous engravings.

The Fruits of Education, or the Two Guardians, by

Mrs. Cameron, author of Emma and her Nurse, " Pierpont's Introduction to the National Reader, a

Margaret White,'' &c. selection of easy lessons, designed for Schools.

Grandpapa's Drawer Opened.
Flora Maitland, by the author of Harriet and her

Principie and Practice, or the Orphan Family.
The Red Book, and the story of Mary Anne, by Mrs. Holi_lay Tales, a Juvenile Forget-me-Not for all

Stories of Cominon Life, 6 plates.

A Sister's Gist, consisting of Conversations on Sacred Stories about Dr. Franklin, designed for the instruc- the younger branches of her family on Sundays.

Subjects, intended for the instruction and amusement of tion and amusement of Children. The Ecclesiastical Catechism, being a series of Thinking, by the author of " Elizabeth de Bruce" and

Diversions of Hollycoit, or the Mother's Art of Questions relative to the Christian Church, stated and

Clan Albin." answered, with the Scripture Proofs, by Alexander M'Leod, D. D.

Christmas Token, or New Testament Scenes, by

the author of Green Mountain Annals, with 12 wood An Economical Atlas, for the use of Families and cuts. young persons, containing thirty-four colored maps, &c.

Lessons on Shells, as given in a Pestalozzian School, The History of the Merchant's Widow and her i at Cheam, Surry; illustrated by ten plates drawn from Young Family, by Mrs. Hofland.


Alphabet of Botany, for the use of Beginners, by
The History of the Clergyman's Widow and her
Young Family, by the same.

James Rennie, M. A. Professor of Zoology, King's

College, London. Revised and corrected for the use The Stolen Boy, an Indian Tale, by the same. of American Schools, by Miss A. Clark, Principal of

Alicia and her Aunt, or, Think before you Speak, Fem. Depart. Mec. School, New-York. by the same. The Blind Farmer and his Children, by the same.

Meadow's New French and English Pronouncing

Dictionary, on the basis of Nugent's, with a selection William and his Uncle Ben, by the same.

of Idiomat phrases, by George Folsom, A. M.



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