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o God blessed the seventh day and sanc. L. M. • tified it.”—Gen. ii. 3. ANOTHER six days work is done,

Another sabbath is begun; Return, my soul, enjoy thy rest,

Improve the day thy God hath blest.
2 Come, bless the Lord, whose love assigns

So sweet a rest to wearied minds;
Provides an antepast of heaven,

And gives this day the food of seven.
30 that our thoughts and thanks may rise

As grateful incense to the skies;
And draw from heaven that sweet repose

Which none but he that feels it knows. 4 This heavenly calm within the breast,

Is the dear pledge of glorious rest,
Which for the church of God remains,

The end of cares, the end of pains. 5 In holy duties, let the day

In holy pleasures pass away;
How sweet a sabbath thus to spend,
In hope of one that ne'er shall end.

“ Fight the good fight of faith.”-
1 Tim. vi. 12.

C. M.
ARE we the soldiers of the cross ?

The followers of the Lamb ?
And shall we fear to own his cause,

Or blush to speak his name?

2 Now must we fight if we would reign;
Increase our courage,

Lord !
We'll bear the toil, endure the pain,

Supported by thy word.
3 Thy saints in all this glorious war

Shall conquer, tho' they're slain ;
They see the triumph from afar,

And shall with Jesus reign.
4 When that illustrious day shall rise,

And all thy armies shine
In robes of vict'ry thro' the skies,

The glory shall be thine.
13. th They shall be abundantly satisfied with

C.M. • the goodness of thy house.”—Ps. xxxvi. 8. ARISE, O King of grace, arise,

And enter to thy rest; Lo! thy church waits with longing eyes,

Thus to be own'd and bless'd. 2 Enter with all thy glorious train,

Thy Spirit and thy word;
All that the ark did once contain,

Could no such grace afford.
3 Here, mighty God, accept our vows,

Here let thy praise be spread ; Bless the provisions of thy house,

And fill thy poor with bread. 4 Here let the Son of David reign,

Let God's anointed shine ;

Justice and truth his court maintain

With love and power divine.
5 Here let him hold a lasting throne;

And, as his kingdom grows,
Fresh honours shall adorn his crown,

And shame confound his foes.

I have given him for a Leader to the

S. M.
people.”Isa. iv. 4.
ARISE, ye saints, and praise ;

Jesus our Leader is;
The foe before his banner flies,

For victory is his.
2 Behold, he leads the way,

We'll follow where he goes ;
We cannot fail to win the day,

Since he subdues our foes. 3 Lead on, Almighty Lord ;

Lead on to victory;
Encourag'd by the bright reward,

With joy we'll follow thee. 4 Arise, ye saints, and praise,

Jesus our Leader is ;
The foe before his banner flies,

For victory is his. 15.

L. M. “ Thy kingdom come.”—Matt. vi. 10. AS SCEND thy throne, Almighty King, And spread thy glories all abroad;


Let thine own arm salvation bring,

And be thou known the gracious God. 2 Let millions bow before thy seat,

Let humble mourners seek thy face,
Bring daring rebels to thy feet,

Subdu'd by thy victorious grace. 3 O let the kingdoms of the world

Become the kingdoms of the Lord ;
Let saints and angels praise thy name,
Be thou thro' heaven and earth ador'd.

"As he sat at meat with them he took 16.

bread.”—Luke xxiv. 30.
AT thy table, dearest Lord,

Here we meet with one accord;
As thy children here we come,

May we find thy house our home.
2 Jesu's flesh and blood we view,

While we keep this feast anew;
Hung'ring, thirsting, here we come,

May we feel ourselves at home!
3 From the world's wide arms we flee,

Leaving all to dwell with thee;
O thou precious Saviour! come,

Thy kind presence makes our home.
4 May we all now meet with God,

All rejoice in cleansing blood;
Join to sing of joys to come,
Sing of heav'n, our final home.


“They sing the song of Moses, and of

S. M.
the Lamb." - Rev. xv. 3.
A WAKE, and sing the song

Of Moses and the Lamb!
Wake ev'ry heart, and ev'ry tongue.

To praise the Saviour's name. 2 Sing of his dying love,

Sing of his rising pow'r;
Sing how he intercedes above,

For those whose sins he bore. 3 Sing on your heav'nly way,

Ye ransom'd sinners sing;
Sing on rejoicing ev'ry day,

In Christ th' eternal King.
4 Soon shall ye hear him say,

• Ye blessed children come;' Soon will he call you hence away,

To take his wand'rers home.

“ He hath covered me with the robe of

18. righteousness."'Isa

. Ixi. 10.

C. M.
A WAKE, my heart, arise my tongue, ,

Prepare a tuneful voice:
In God, the life of all my joys,

Aloud will I rejoice.
2 'Tis he adorn'd my naked soul,

And made salvation mine; Upon a poor polluted worm

He makes his graces shine.


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