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world, and also in that which is to come, the same I s all those who love Christ, so as to keep his commandne:

If thou seest meet, thou mayst read what followsa. close of your meeting on a first day, which meeting II you keep up in order to worship God in Christ's name to such as meet in his name, he hath promised to be the midst of them, wherever they so meet; the whi he hath graciously fulfilled at many times.

Dear friends, it is in my mind to visit you wid salutation of brotherly love, in our holy Lord h Christ, and may let you know, that though I have be long absent from you in body, yet have I been c present in spirit with you, and you have been oftenie: mind, with prayers to the Lord for your growth holy truth, which he hath been pleased to make he to you, and many times I have desired the Almizthat he would be pleased to preserve a seed in your that should serve him, and be accounted to him ir generation. I have also desired that the Lord visit your young ones, and bring them to the kar edge of his truth: and I pray God, that the tender is ation that was on divers of them, when I was presens you, may by them never be forgotten, but that they be plants of righteousness, of God's own right in planting

And, dear friends, forsake not the assembling of selves together, in the name of Christ, remembering you have been visited with the heart-melting power

, the sweet presence of the Most High, in your silent F. ing on, and worshipping him in his holy spirit and toas well as when you have been vocally visited by the isters of Jesus.

Such worshippers (as our Lord said to the woma Samaria) the heavenly Father seeketh to worship b' · and those whom God finds under such exercise

, s find him to be unto them all in all; he is unto them dom, righteousness, justification, sanctification, anda demption.

Oh! dear souls, Jook to him (who is invisible to outward eye) who is God over all, and is blessed forex

and may you, if this comes to you, feel the divine life and spirit of Christ, in the reading of this little epistle of brotherly love.

Live in love, for God is love, and all those who dwell in divine love, they dwell in God; wherefore love one another, that thereby ye may be known to be Christ's disciples: “For, (says he) by this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another;"> or, “if you love one another;" as one of the evangelists hath it.

And keep low in mind, and humble in spirit; for the humble God will teach of his ways, and the meek he will guide in judgement, and those whom hệ teaches, are taught the mysteries of his kingdom, which mysteries he teaches to spiritual babes and sucklings, (glory to his holy name!) He often hides those holy mysteries from the wise and prudent, and reveals them unto such men, women and children, as are little in their own eyes, and despised by the wise in natural wisdom, or the wisdom of this vain world.

Oh! mind your heavenly guide, dear friends, let me entreat you; for he leads out of all sin, and out of all vanity and evil, of what kind soever; and as our Saviour saith, into all truth. When Christ comes by his grace and spirit into the heart, then he opens the soul, and en, lightens the understanding, even in our common conversation; and much more (at times) in our solemn meetings, when we meet together to worship and serve him ; so that it is good to wait upon the Lord, and to seek him with the whole heart.

Dear friends, though my heart is full of love and good will to you at this time, as at many other times also, I must now conclude, and commit you into the holy arms of him who is all divine love, begging the God of love and peace to keep you, and preserve you to his heavenly kingdom ; to whom be all glory, and praise, might, majesty and divine dominion, through his dear Son, and the Holy Spirit, for ever more.










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