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out, forlorn, and wretched, ftung with the sharp upbraidings of condemning conscience ; an alien and an out-cast from your nearest friends; a sore grief to the mother that suckled you at her bosom ; an affiliating shame to your father's old age;

; burdensome to yourself, despicable to others; and speedily about to end a miserable existence, only to enter on an existence far more miserable! wretched, unspeakably wretched in this world; enllaved to the abominable service of the devil, whose only joy, is the misery of the human race; and who, for the most faithful service, hath only flames of hell and never-ending anguish to befcow !

And what if you had perished in this state? what if you had died and been lost for ever? Could any thing in this life have recompensed the loss of your soul ? Bless God, bless him ever more and more, that in much mercy he hath opened to you a door of grace ; that he hath put it into your heart to come beneath this hof- . pitable roof, which leads you as it were to the gates of paradise, and points out pardon, and peace, and never-failing joy! And can there be any thing tempting in the former state, that should move you to forfeit the bliss of the present, and to plunge again into the miseries of the past; plunge again, with a double weight of guilt and misery ; plunge again, never to emerge, never to be rescued more ! M


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For, consider, if ye return to vice, the knows

, ledge you have here had of duty, will aggravate your guilt ; you will be justly abhorred by all : nothing but the filth of vile prostitution awaits you; disease will again come on ; misery will again overwhelm you? ; a wretched outcast, without friends, and without hope, you will fink in infamy and distress; no eye to pity, no hand to relieve ; and worse than the worst of all, without excufe, and self-condemned, your loft and ruined soul must perish for ever in the flames of hell.

If you reflect one moment on this most cer.
tain consequence of a return to an abandoned
life, your soul will be filled with joy for your
escape ; and your utmost endeavours will be
exerted in the discharge of every duty which
your present happy state requires: a statė, how
different from that out of which Providence has
saved you!
Heaven now lies


you : everlasting comforts are prepared for you : the holy Angels are glad to tune their harps on your accounts ; for there is joy in Heaven, and before the Angels of God over one finner that repenteth : and the blessed Jesus, who died to save you, is ready to crown your sincere penitence, faith, and love ; is ready to bless your happý perseverance with immortality and glory. All the good and virtuous part of your fellow.creatures,


to whom you were before an abhorrence, be. hold you with joy; a joy especially pleasing to all the Supporters of this Charity, whose wish and travel of heart is for


salvation. And have not many of you tender parents ? have not many of you affectionate friends ? must not your hearts then feel a commendable delight on the comforts you cannot fail to give, fome to the father who begat her; and to the beloved mother who watched her infant wants ; some to the friends to whom you were dear, even as their own souls ; and who, lamenting your lost estate, can now say with the prodigal, She was dead, and is alive again : she was left and is found !

These things if you consider, you will be filled with exceeding comfort : we recommend it to you seriously to consider them ; and desire you to observe, that as, on the one hand, in the path we point out, present Peace, Heaven, and eternal Happiness, offer themselves to you : so in a deviation from it, on the other hand, are sorrow, shame, and disease, present and eternal misery

Choose therefore ; choose for yourselves : And the God of unexhaufted goodness and love incline all your souls to make a happy choice. This will be an unspeakable satisfaction to us, this will be an unspeakable comfort to yourselves.



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P R A Y E RS, &C.

Private Prayer for the Mirning.

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up mine

LORY be to thee, Lord God, moft

merciful, for all thy blessings vouchfafed 'to me, and particularly for thy pref:rvation of me this night paft. O Lord, I am not worthy to lift

eyes unto thee : my fins bear witness against me ; but there is mercy with thee, therefore shalt thou be feared : pardon and pity me for the sake of thy blessed Son, my Lord and Saviour.

I acknowledge my transgressions ;' and truly repent before thee : Oh give me thy grace, bleffed Lord, to perfevere in the right path, and grant that 'I may henceforth never depart from it.

To thee do I humbly dedicate myself, my soul and my body; earnestly beseeching thee, who hast created, redeemed, and preserved me, to fill my

soul with.gratitude and thankfulness for all thy mercies, and to enable me to walk worthy thy great loving kindness.

Let thine especial blessing be upon all my friends, and particularly on those who are en

gaged gaged in the government or support of this house: Oh make it a house of salvation, not only to mine, but to the souls of all its inhabitants !

Affist me chearfully to perform the duties of the day following ; and so possess me with an awful sense of thy presence ; of thy dear Son's sufferings ; and of that future account which I must shortly give ; that I may fear to offend thee, that I may continually strive to please thee : and let it be thy pleasure, Father of mercies, and God of all comfort, so fully to pardon all that is past, and so completely to direct me in all which is to come, that I may not fail of eternal happiness, through the merits and mediation of Jesus Christ, in whose holy words I further call'upon thee, saying,

UR Father, who art in heaven ; Hallowed

be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, As we forgive them that trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation ; But deliver us from evil. Amen.

Private Prayer for the Evening.

NTER not into judgment with thy servant,

O Lord'; for in thy sight Mall no fielh living be justified.



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