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Anthem for the Ufe of the Magdalen Chapel.



ET the folemn organ blow;
Loud the grateful tribute pay;
Britain's Queen demands the fong;
Royal CHARLOTTE claims the lay.
Britain's Queen, as good as great,

Who delights to save and bless;
Hail the facred honour'd name!
Hail our Royal Patronefs!
Though exalted on a Throne,

-Her fuperior merit's due-
Those beneath, with pity's eye

Scorns fhe not benign to view : Reaches forth her fcepter'd hand,

Aid and mercy to bestow; Wipes the tear from forrow's face, Sooths the wretchednefs of woe.


Sound we then her praises loud,
Wand'ring finners now no more;
Happily from fhipwreck fav'd

On this hofpitable shore !
Parents, lov'd, and reconcil'd,

With your daughters, found and bleft,
Join the ftrain, and mix the tear,
Language of the feeling breast.

Royal CHARLOTTE, virtue's pride,
Deigns our forrows to relieve :
Sorrows, Lord! too well deferv'd:

-But how godlike to forgive !—
Royal CHARLOTTE, mercy's boaft,
Deigns to pardon, deigns to blefs;
Pointing to our raptur'd view

Parents, heav'n and happiness !
O thou everlasting God!

Hear the truly grateful strain :
Penitent and contrite fouls

Ne'er with thee can sue in vain.


Hear and every gift impart

Mortals moft fupremely prize,
To the royal Queen whofe mind
Speaks her kindred with the fkies!
Hear! and blefs her confort Lord,
GEORGE, the well-belov'd and good;
Blefs him with his heart's defire,
All his wifhes be bestow'd!
Then his people will be bleft
All, with us, fhall join the ftrain:
This, and works of equal praise
Shall immortalize his reign :
Full of honours, full of days,


Happy in their people's love, Late, from giving joys below,

Bear them both to joys above! Then, upon Britannia's throne,

Till the Sun fhall ceafe to fhine,
Patterns of their virtues place

Kings of their illuftrious line.
Now the folemn organ blow;

Loud the grateful tribute pay;
Britain's King demands the fong,

Royal CHARLOTTE claims the lay. Britain's fovereigns, good as great,

Who delight to fave and blefs: Hail the facred GEORGE's name ! Hail our Royal Patronefs !

An ODE, for the Magdalen Chapel.


Rateful notes and numbers bring,
While Jehovah's praise we fing;
Holy holy! holy! Lord!
Be thy glorious name ador❜d.

ift Gal.]

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ift Gal.] Men on earth and faints above,
2d Gal.] Men on earth and faints above,
1ft Gal.] Sing the great Redeemer's love.
2d Gal.] Sing the great Redeemer's love,
Chorus.] Sing the great Redeemer's love.
1ft Gal.] Lord thy mercies never fail;
2d Gal.] Lord thy mercies never fail.
Chorus. Hail! hail! Celestial goodness hail!
Hail! hail! Celestial goodness hail!

Air.] Tho' unworthy, Lord! thine ear,
Our humble Hallelujahs hear;
Purer praise we hope to bring,

Chorus.] When with faints we ftand and fing.
Air.] Lead us to that blissful state,
Where thou reign'ft fupremely great:
Look with pity from thy throne,
And fend thy Holy Spirit down.
While on earth ordain'd to ftay,
Guide our footsteps in thy way;
Till we come to reign with thee,
And all thy glorious greatnefs fee.


Chorus.] Then with angels we'll again,
2d Gal.] Wake a louder, louder, strain
Chorus.] Wake a louder, louder, ftrain !
1ft Gal.] There in joyful fongs of praise,
We'll our grateful voices raife.
2d Gal.] There in joyful fongs of praise,
Chorus.] We'll our grateful voices raise.
Solo.] There no tongue fall filent be,
There all fhall join fweet harmony:
That, thro' heav'ns all fpacious round
Thy praife, O God! may ever found.

Chorus.] Lord! thy mercies never fail
Lord thy mercies never fail.
Hail! hail! Celestial goodness hail!
Hail! hail! Celestial goodness hail !


Verfes by a MAGDALEN.


NOME, fifter Magdalens, your voices raise,
And join with me, to found our patrons praise :
This is a theme, each grateful heart must love,
For all who hear the actions, must approve;
So noble, generous, and fo tender too,

That none can speak the praise which is their due.
For when our wretched forrows they beheld,
Their fouls humane were with compaffion fill'd;
Their breafts foon glow'd with thofe immortal fires,
Which godlike charity alone infpires.

And straight they brought us from the paths we trod ;
From vice, from woe, to happiness and God.
Oh may we study to deserve their care,
And bless that goodness we fo freely share.
May every heart with gratitude o'erflow,
For, next to heav'n, to them our thanks we owe.
May them and theirs the fource of bounty bless,
And crown their good endeavours with fuccefs.
May every penitent in this bleft place,
Adore their Saviour, and improve in grace:
And tho' the way to paradise be straight,
In the fure path may he conduct our feet.
That so, when the dread trump of God fhall found,
We may with glory and with joy be crown'd;
While to the Lord eternal thanks are giv❜n,
From death who refcu'd us, and rais'd to heav'n.

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HE Prefident, four Vice-Presidents, Treafurer, and Committee of twenty-one, are annually chofen ; and five of the committee go out yearly.

2. All the officers are chofen annually.

Of the TREASUrer.

1. He receives all benefactions; keeps an account of all receipts, and payments; and accounts at the four quarterly general courts, or oftener, if required.

2. The furplus money remaining in his hands at any of the faid courts, more than fufficient to defray the current expences, he is to lay out in fuch government fecurities, as the ma

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